Jacksonville Jaguars(2-6) 23 New York Jets(5-3) 28

Not even if Released

How is  it going for You Davie

Another INT cost the game the QB is real good.

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5 Responses to “Jacksonville Jaguars(2-6) 23 New York Jets(5-3) 28”

  1. jp says:

    Another 4_12 season fans deserve it.. Should have risen up like Denver

  2. Danny says:

    Bortles throws two picks today, fumbles twice (loses one of those). Now the rest of the team has to play absolutely perfect to even have an opportunity to win.

    Yes jp, a trip to the BCC forum certainly confirms that!

  3. ck says:

    It’s GREAT to be a JAG FAN LOL!!! Looks like Buzzy was right all along…

  4. Danny says:

    Consensus among the fanboys at BCC:

    Caldwell=walk on water
    Opinion not conventional wisdom=see you later
    rest of team=under-performing, better coaching needed

    There’s way too much Caldwell love out there; suspect that there might be some paid posters out there.

    and…another season of 4-12 at beat in a WEAK division!

    David “Even if he’s released” Caldwell…not good enough

    • Sage says:

      I can see why people might think Bortles has special talent, and if given a decade to prove himself (like Tony Romo) he might even be a top player some day.

      People just don’t seem to appreciate that the team throwing more interceptions loses 80 percent of the time. A QB with a penchant for throwing pics is like a leaky boat — not taking you anywhere.

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