Details of Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin’s Nightmare Comes True:(TKS DO )


March 13, 2012, 11:26 am
Steelers coach Tomlin told Nantz he feared a Tim Tebow big play in OT

By David Krause
The Denver Post

What Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin feared the night before the Steelers played the Broncos in the AFC wild-card game became his nightmare at Sports Authority Field at Mile High back in January.
CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz, who is the subject of Thursday’s Denver Post “Fan Mail” that gets posted in full later this week, said Monday his favorite Tim Tebow play this season was the 80-yard overtime pass to Demaryius Thomas.
A lot of it is because Tomlin told Nantz the night before the game that he didn’t want to give the Broncos the ball first should the game go to overtime. Because of the new NFL overtime rule, both teams were guaranteed a possession in overtime, unless the team that got the ball first (in this case the Broncos) scored a touchdown.
“In our production meetings, I had asked John Fox on Friday about if this game goes overtime and you win the coin flip in overtime do you want the football or are you going to kick with the new postseason overtime rules. I had been very outspoken on the overtime rules for years and years. Of course they went into effect (for the 2010 playoffs), but there were no postseason overtime games. So, we’re waiting for that first postseason game with the new rules where the first possession had to be a touchdown to close out a game. Otherwise the other team is guaranteed a possession.
“So I asked John, are you going to kick or receive. He said, ‘oh no, we’ll take the football.’
On Saturday night we were meeting with the Steelers, who were staying near Boulder. I asked Coach Tomlin the same thing: What are you going to do? He said, ‘We’re taking the football. We’re not going to give them the football first.’
“I said, ‘Mike, wouldn’t you think twice about that? I mean after all, the Broncos’ last game they lost 7-3 to Kansas City. So if you kick the football to them, you know you are going to get a touchhback in the thin air, you’re gonna set up the Broncos at their own 20 and the odds are you’re going to get a punt and now all you have to do is going down and win the game with a field goal.’
“He said, ‘No way I am doing that. I’m not putting my whole season at risk giving the other team the football because if one guy busts an assignment or something else and one play they go 80 yards and a touchdown and my season is over. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m taking the football.’
“I said, ‘Come on. You gotta be kidding. The longest pass play of the season for the Broncos and Tebow was 56 yards against Kansas City.’ He said, ‘I’m not going to put my season on the line for a one-play, 80-yard touchdown pass.’
“The next day, overtime, one play, 80-yard touchdown pass. And that pass, by the way, was absolutely to the inch where it had to be. He threw it, it was a rocket coming in there, hit Thomas in stride and that stiff arm at the 50 and away we go.
“But it was exactly what Mike Tomlin had feared the night before when asked. To the letter. To the letter.
“I’ve never told that story publicly. … The night before he expressed concern about why he would not kick the football if he won the coin toss, because you just never know, you never. A one-play, 80-yard strike and your season’s over and that’s precisely what happened.”

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40 Responses to “Details of Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin’s Nightmare Comes True:(TKS DO )”

  1. Sage says:

    On Twitter, Brandi has speculated whether Elway and the Broncos would or should renew ties with Tebow. As always, I prefer to be optimistic. It’s probably not impossible.

    But in order to create that scenario, Brock Osweiler probably has to lay a really big egg. Tebow took over the Broncos mid-way through their 5th loss. From a 1-5 record, he helped them win the division and reach the 2d playoff round.

    This sets up an interesting test for Osweiler. He takes over a Broncos’ team that is 7-2. With their strong defense coached by Wade Phillips, they should coast easily to the playoffs. If they play so badly under him as to miss the playoffs, the contrast would become obvious. Such would be an environment where a whole lot of Broncos fans might see the contrast. Elway could then try to go on as an emperor without clothes, or he could do the popular thing and give Tebow a new opportunity.

    How good is Osweiler? By all indications, he seems to be both tall and a good athlete. The question is merely whether he has the leadership skills and the composure under pressure to make plays when it counts. We will see, I guess.

    • Sage says:

      By the way, Elway does care a great deal about being popular. So the scenario where he feels popular is probably the path of least resistance.

  2. Sage says:

    Looks like next week the Broncos play the Bears, in Chicago, which will be interesting. Fox is a good enough coach to get wins out of Cutler. Tebow helped the Broncos to beat the Bears in Chicago. Can Osweiler?

    I wonder what guys like Von Miller will be thinking if the Broncos lose.

    Then comes the Patriots, in Denver. My guess is Manning would like an “injury” excuse not to have to compete with the Pats again.

    Still remaining on the Broncos schedule after that will be Steelers and Bengals.

    The stage is set.

    • David says:

      Fox and Gase trained Osweiler and know him like the back of their hands. They should be able to pressure and dismantle him pretty fast. Rumors are starting that the Broncos want to draft Paxton Lynch next year. They probably can’t get him with their draft pick and so many needy teams ahead of them. Osweiler may have trouble. I still can’t believe that Dallas has gone 0-7 with their backups.

      • Sage says:

        Ya, and Brock has a penchant for the interception. He’s had a big paycheck and an easy job for sevaral years.

        Brock’s only hope is to avoid picks and move around like Jake Plummer in Kubiak’s offense. It took Plummer three seasons to perfect that, and he was an exceptional talent.

  3. Danny says:

    A little off topic: Now the NFL says that the Jags shouldn’t have been able to run the last play to kick the game winning field goal –

    Jeff Zrebiec ‏@jeffzrebiecsun 16m 16 minutes ago

    According to NFL spokesman Michael Signora, the officials erred on that final play, which should have not happened and Ravens would have won

    Said Signora: “The correct call in this case would have been to penalize the offense for a false start because all 11 players were not set,

    cont’d: “and whistle to stop the play. The ensuing 10-second runoff should have ended the game.”

    summary: The Jags were not set on final play. Should have been false start. 10-second runoff would have ended game w/Ravens winning 20-19.

  4. jp says:

    Don’t know how to take this.Champ is an all time great and one of my favorites… tis will show why sort sighted Elrot will not bring TT back

    • Sage says:

      Champ Bailey was so bad in big games that he NEVER won an NFL championship.

      He NEVER came close. Champ Bailey’s defense gave up 35 points in the first half to the New England Patriots while Tebow played with broken ribs and had a 90 QB rating.

      Champ Bailey was worse in big games than Tim Tebow ever was in practice. This is historical fact.

      I can only thank Champ Bailey for DROPPING that easy interception against the Steelers, which gave TIM TEBOW the opportunity to win the game in one play of overtime.

      I always knew there was something amiss about Champ Bailey. Champ, you aren’t anything like a champion. You were a quitter and an awful leader. You are a scumbag of a teammate.

      • jp says:

        Remember that missed inter. yeah I’ll take a big stage guy over a practice player…. Sage is the real sage… all these bad rappers never bring up 2006-to 2010… Orton was probably great in practice

    • Danny says:

      Colin Cowhead is a known Tebow critic and I’m sure he was salivating when Bailey told him the story.

      The win in OT in the playoffs was one of the top highlights in Broncos history and instead of living the moment, Champ took a cheap shot at Tebow.

      This is a picture taken at Champ Bailey’s only SB appearance. I only care about the opening picture in this story, says it all:

      In that Bronco Patriots playoff game, SIX TD passes by Brady in that Broncos game. Tebow and the Broncos didn’t stand a chance in that game. Where was Champ Bailey? No tackles, 2 assisted tackles, no forced fumbles, no interceptions. He probably spent the day chasing Patriot receivers around.

      • Sage says:

        Bailey was a good athlete, but little more. That he never won a championship in 14 seasons is no coincidence. He couldn’t hold up his end.

        Another thing that makes Tebow so special is that he can work beside lesser men without resentment, and he can even help them to raise themselves. By suppressing Tebow’s career, Elway, Rex Ryan, Chip Kelly and the likes of Jerry Jones are stealing from history. Instead of something as remarkable as a da Vinci work, we get to watch their clogged toilets.

        • jp says:

          Magahee… who knocked Tebow almost lost the Steelers game and then got cut a prime example….Fells a good guy…. Lance Ball …. TT made the
          offensive line better by avoiding sacks scrambling tiring out the defensive lines… the guys Zane and co. showed their appreciation and began teeing off… great leader and team player

        • Danny says:

          This preseason Tebow and the offense absolutely dominated their opponents. Tomlinson, Rasheed Bailey, Mongagui, etc. all looked great when playing with Tebow. Tebow just makes players around him better. It’s a great quality but discounted because his career completion rate is under 60%.

          Recently a commentator felt that he had to qualify the fact that Cam Newton’s completion rate is under 60% but can still be an effective NFL quarterback.

          Guess what, as of now the Panthers are still undefeated.

    • Danny says:

      Miami coaches told the practice squad players to take it easy on Ryan Tannehill. That was this season before the Miami coach got fired.

      Where’s that interview?

  5. Sage says:

    More media genius:

    “I said, ‘Come on. You gotta be kidding. The longest pass play of the season for the Broncos and Tebow was 56 yards against Kansas City.’”

    That play ended in the endzone, and with a long enough field could have gone for 3 miles.

  6. Sage says:

    I’ve got no problem with Kirk Cousins. In fact, I think I like this guy. He seems really focused. What a great day yesterday.

  7. Andrea says:

    Champ is a chump.

    Never heard of this Cowherd fella – reminds me of the slimy Jay Feely.

    I’ve been impressed with Kirk Cousins for a good while now. Class act and no criminal record. A Christian just like Tebow. Mainstream sports media hates him – but it will never come to the insane level of hate they bestow upon Tebow.

    • Sage says:

      I think I’ve found a team to root for, at least while Cousins is playing. The bonus part is that if the Redskins play well, they can prevent Philly or Dallas from reaching the playoffs.

  8. Larry says:

    I haven’t watched the vid, but this article about it gives a completely different impression than the sportsgrid article about it:

    “In an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show Monday, Champ Bailey — who played with Tebow in 2010 and 2011 — was asked for an example of a player who was a bad practice player but a good game player. Without hesitation, Bailey dropped Tebow’s name. He followed up with some entertaining details.”

    So Champ wasn’t just being asked who was a bad practice player, but who was a bad practice player, yet a good game-time player. Champ calls Tim a ‘gamer’. Doesn’t sound all that insulting to me.

    • Sage says:

      It’s good of you to investigate, whereas I just ranted.

      As a frustrated Tebow fan, I’m sensitive. Can’t believe we are missing his career.

      • Larry says:

        It’s understandable, especially w/you, since you lived the Tebowmania year there in Denver. But, after watching the interview clip, I really don’t think Champ meant this as an insult. His final sentence refers to the team not knowing what to expect from Tim during a game due to his awful practices, and then he says about Tim “but this guy’s a gamer & he’d just turn it on in gametime’. Doesn’t sound anti-Tebow to me.

        • jp says:

          It was a mixed bag…on one hand je says tt can not make it in tje nfl because of his passing… On the other
          He says he was a gamer..Sage instincts have some merit..would champ appreciate
          His playoff games under a micro and somebody saying he was a great practice
          Player but a lousy playoff player

  9. Andrea says:

    Champ should know better. If he says 100 great things about Tebow in that interview and one bad thing about Tebow – the mainstream sports media will only broadcast the bad thing about Tebow.

  10. David says:

    “The Cowboys went 0-7 without Romo, and a big part was because of the poor quarterback play of Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel. With Romo asset to be activated from the short term IR and returning to the field this week, the Cowboys released Weeden earlier today.

    The Cowboys failed to score a touchdown in three of the seven games they lost without Romo including their most recent loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cassel only threw for 186 yards in the ugly 10-6 loss. There is only person to blame for this losing streak, and that would the Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones. The Cowboys could have easily avoided losing seven games in a row if Jones just did what the world wanted to see anyway, and that would be signing Tim Tebow.”

    Cowboys waived QB Brandon Weeden.
    With Matt Cassel proving himself a “better” backup option and Tony Romo set to return from injured reserve-designated to return, there was little reason for the Cowboys to keep Weeden around. A first-round pick of the Browns in 2012, Weeden has started just 24 games in four seasons and has a 28-to-30 career touchdown-to-interception ratio. Already 32 years old, Weeden does not have any development upside, but he could land another backup gig. If there was any doubt before, this move almost guarantees Tony Romo will play this week. Nov 17 – 12:46 PM
    Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter

  11. David says:

    Sports Anniversaries ‏@SportsAnnys 11h11 hours ago
    On this day in 2007, Tim Tebow became the first in NCAA history to throw for 20 TDs and rush for 20 TDs in a season.

  12. Andrea says:

    The problem is a stupid owner like Jerry Jones cannot fire himself. Cowboys 0-7 since Romo was injured. I know the owner of the Colts inherited his money from daddy but I am not sure how Jerry Jones made his money. Or is he also a rich kid living of daddy’s money?

  13. Sage says:

    The Mascot Army ‏@TheMascotArmy

    @69WithTheAfro @RapSheet @NFL I think the smart GMs have tricked the dumb GMs that comp% trumps TD:INT so they’d start Weedens over Tebows.

    • jp says:

      Touche… Just think how Phil would be shaking in their boots lf they had to face Tebow in Dallas.. How about pitts the jets etc

  14. David says:

    Adam Schein ‏@AdamSchein 1h1 hour ago
    You poor people of Philadelphia. The 76ers are an embarrassment. And your football team turns to Mark Sanchez. @CBSSportsNet #T2S

  15. David says:

    A source familiar with the situation tells there’s “no way” Sam Bradford (concussion, shoulder) will be ready for the Eagles’ Thanksgiving game against the Lions.
    Bradford still hasn’t passed the concussion protocol, and his shoulder still has more than a week of healing ahead of it. With 17 days to heal up for Philly’s Week 13 trip to New England, Bradford’s absence will likely be limited to two games.
    Source: Nov 19 – 3:18 PM

  16. David says:

    Thursday Night Football is on tonight with Jaguars v. Titans. Eddie George reminds us of something.
    Use your cursor to turn on the sound.

    • jp says:

      One of the worst promos in history…. How many Shakesphere plays do you think George has seen?

      • David says:

        LOL. It was a stretch.

      • jp says:

        Two so called can’t miss NFL QBs who can run an “NFL Offence” who will probably never win a playoff game or even make the playoffs… will join other bust out HOF qbs Cutler Sanford and for all his notoriety
        ROMO et al

      • Danny says:

        Romo has been in the NFL since 2003.

        In 2010 he won his first playoff game.

        It took him until 2015 to win his second playoff game.

        Tebow? In his second year he won his first playoff game. He was on his way to winning many more. I would speculate that he would have made several playoff and perhaps Super Bowl appearances by now if he played every year like Romo.

        • Sage says:

          I agree with you, Danny, because Tebow is a leader who handles pressure exceptionally well. He’s a champion, not merely an athlete.

  17. Bigfan says:

    It’s an abomination!!!

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