Buzzy Says : Doing a Tebow Report _11/25/15 Maybe=0 No=32

Talking to a Asst Coach , Player or FT Office personal

And 8 out of 32 thought I was Nuts for Asking.


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17 Responses to “Buzzy Says : Doing a Tebow Report _11/25/15 Maybe=0 No=32”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Not good news on that front.

  2. Adam says:

    I think it is over this year…the Baltimore situation tells us that. Is there hope for Tebow next season?

  3. Danny says:

    An open letter to Chip Kelly,

    Chip Kelly, you had your opportunity for greatness. It could have been Kelly/Tebow, just like Belicheck/Brady. You had the right idea and the right guy to run with that idea. Tebow would have moved mountains for you.

    Now it’s come to this…

    and you’ll never know for sure what could have been. You could have been the next Bill Walsh, introducing the new generation of football strategy.

    Deep in your bones you have to know.

    You have to know that Tebow was your guy.

    Now you know that Sanchez and Pat Shurmur were feeding you lies all along.

    You lost this one Coach. Tebow is still shining brighter than ever.

    • Sage says:

      He’s a smaller man than I first believed. Imagine coming unglued because a hard-working NCAA legend and philanthropist gets a standing-O.

      • David Oliver says:

        Danny.. Sage..

        Good summary on Chip Kelly, who let his “Fear” and “Pride”
        turn him against Tebow, such that he would LIE and Deceive ALL
        about his 180 degree “SHOCKING TURNAROUND” against Tim Tebow.

        He is NOW facing the consequences of these “Dark-Side Choices”,
        much to his dismay.. but justice HAS come home to roost!

  4. TheMascotArmy says:

    I had a dream last night that I convinced Chip Kelly to resign Tebow. Only Sanchez and some dude who couldn’t speak complained.
    I’ll never forgive the NFL for squandering such an opportunity. I don’t even know if it’s “not forgiving” as much as having lost all respect for them, realizing they’re halfwits who are only football “experts” in a relative sense due to the fact that bright people go into other fields.

    • Sage says:

      With the excitement Tim generated in 2011 and at Florida and Nease, I think of Tebow as the Babe Ruth of football. And so-called football experts are depriving us of that. They probably are not worthy of hate, so I’ll hold them in contempt, scorn, and ridicule.

      The only positive I draw is the lesson that mankind are fools. Better to be less deceived about that. When someone rises above that state, we are lucky.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        Yeah, they are depriving the game and fans of the babe ruth of football. They just want to run out the clock until he’s too old, and that’s getting closer.
        He should just tear it up in Canada. And for all I care, stay in Canada…I dont give a crap about the multiply concussed former meathead morons running the NFL.

  5. jp says:

    There is no support for TT in Phil. Strange fans… they are calling for Kelly head but they settle for Bradford Sanchez…. Chgo settles for Cutler and no playoffs for years and actually praise Cutler. Many more teams with stories like these two

    • Sage says:

      The Patriots dominate the league because most other clubs are timid and stupid.

      Of all the sports fans, Chicago’s are the dumbest. I’ve known that since they tried to blame a fan for not winning the world series, and since they thought getting Cutler was a steal.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        Yup. Cutler is a textbook example of the difference between what the “experts'” consider a good QB and a winning QB. They all missed Brady until he started winning championships, and now they pretend they can all find Brady caliber guys. so bad.
        Buzzy Says : Hey Cutler and Co. Beat GB Last Nite.

        • Sage says:

          As I recall, Brady had won his 2d Super Bowl and 3rd AFC championship and pundits were still saying he was a game-manager type. And then during the second week of a 2-week layover before the Super Bowl, the obviousness became too great, and the pundits started saying he is a pretty good quarterback. I was watching, and that’s how it happened.

      • jp says:

        You know chgo fans

    • David Oliver says:

      Our Major Football Universities and The NFL have NO Moral or Character Standard for their Football Players: Thus Tim Tebow and HIS ILK are THUS an “anomaly” – while the “Special Protections” given to these “Dark Side” individuale are evidently considered “NECESSARY” – despite the consequence for the VICTIMS OF their Crimes: Per the Hunting Ground Sexual Predator Documentary by CNN ” NEGATIVE” Feedback by FSU:

      Why Critiques of the Campus Rape Documentary – The Hunting Ground Only Prove its Point!

      We respectfully but emphatically disagree with your criticisms of our film The Hunting Ground. Instead of making unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks on the film, we urge you to take a leadership role in addressing the problem of sexual assault that exists on your campus and far too many others.
      We are completely accurate in our depiction of Ms. Kinsman’s account, and in our depiction of how her case was handled by Florida State University.
      You say there are distortions and glaring omissions, but you are not able to state a single fact error in our film. That is because there is none.
      Your assertion that the film did not mention Jameis Winston’s Title IX investigation, or its outcome, is not true. Both are mentioned in the film.
      You say FSU is a “model” when it comes to handling sexual assault. The truth is that your school is being investigated by the Department of Education for its mishandling of sexual assault cases, and many media outlets including The New York Times have detailed how your school covered up sexual assault allegations against its former star quarterback.
      In an interview on January 16, 2015, you said FSU has been “aggressively” working on a “scheme” regarding the negative publicity FSU has received about how they mishandled Title IX complaints. Rather than “scheming”, we believe FSU students are better served by efforts to make their campus safe.
      You claim FSU “ did everything appropriately” in regard to Erica Kinsman’s Title IX complaint. We believe the facts show otherwise:
      • December 7, 2012 – Kinsman immediately reported her rape to the Florida State University and Tallahassee police within hours of the assault. She was taken to a nearby hospital where a rape kit was administered and bruises were noted in her medical record. FSU police did not report the assault to the FSU Title IX Coordinator as required by federal guidelines.
      • January 22, 2013 – Florida State Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher learned that Jameis Winston has been accused of sexual assault but did not report the assault to the FSU Title IX Coordinator as required by federal guidelines.
      • For the next eighteen months, FSU did almost nothing to investigate this report of rape even though the FSU school policy and the Department of Education presumes that any accusation of sexual assault will be investigated and resolved with 60 days.
      • November 12, 2013 – Despite being on notice that another woman had reported being sexually assaulted by Winston, FSU stated in an email that no disciplinary proceedings against Winston were going to take place for either of the reported assaults.
      • November 14, 2013 – Kinsman dropped out of school, fearing for her safety because of retaliation over social media from FSU students and fans.
      • December 14, 2013 – Winston was named winner of the 2013 Heisman Trophy.
      • January 6, 2014 – FSU’s football team won the BCS National Championship.
      • January 23, 2014 – More than a year after FSU officials were made aware that Winston was accused of rape, FSU finally called Winston in for an interview regarding the accusation. Winston refused to answer any questions. After the interview, FSU sent a letter to Winston stating they were not going to investigate the case because Winston refused to talk to them.
      • In the spring of 2014 – FSU, in violation of the victim advocate privilege, gave a copy of Kinsman’s privileged victim advocate file to its outside legal counsel.
      • December 5, 2014 – Nearly two years after the report of rape, FSU finally held a hearing about the accusation. The FSU hearing officer found Winston not responsible despite the fact he refused to answer every question put to him by the hearing officer except three while Kinsman answered all 156 questions asked of her.
      • January 7, 2015 – Six days after his final football game, Winston withdrew from FSU and made himself eligible for the 2015 NFL Football Draft.
      I would strongly encourage you to respond to the crisis on our campuses in the spirit that Harvard President Drew Faust did. In a letter dated September 21 to the Harvard community, she said: “The prevalence of sexual assault represents a deeply troubling problem for Harvard…but the difficulty and severity of the problem make it all the more important that we come together to address it.”
      FSU students are best served by an administration that acknowledges past mistakes and focuses on the very real problem of sexual assault on its campus.

      Best Regards,

      Kirby Dick, Director;
      Amy Ziering, Producer;
      “The Hunting Ground”

  6. Danny says:

    Thanks Buzzy for checking around, I would venture to say that 1 of the 8 was Jacksonville.

    In other news CFL Grey Cup is today…unfortunately the evil E$PN has the rights to show the game. Since I don’t have cable/satellite, looking for a way to see it online, but not having a lot of luck right now.

    Anyway the game starts at 6:00 Eastern, so I have a little time to look yet.

    It has to be a better product than Roger Goodell and his minions are putting out these days.

    • David Oliver says:

      Danny – Amen!

      YES – Buzzy- Thanks for all the “Leg Work” You do – I would
      have not had the patience or proper attitude for going through
      that “Negative Arduous Process” and realizing a Perfect Unanimous
      response – again going so against Fairness and Common Sense to
      really border on the UNBELIEVABLE!

      OF course if you plug in the obvious reality of the “Owners/Media
      Tim Tebow NFL QB Blackball” then THE Truth becomes OUR REALITY!
      YES, SO, Buzzy – THANKS AGAIN !! Dave O.

  7. Jfire says:

    So do think the NFL dream is finally over for Tim? Teams are struggling out there, but no one seems to want to give him a shot. Was fun to watch him play, but looks we will never get the chance again.

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