Tim Tebow vows celibacy; can he resist rumored girlfriend Olivia Culpo?

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Tim Tebow

Former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tim Tebow has always been open about his Christian views, and recently, made a comment regarding Seattle Seahawk’s Russell Wilson’s decision to stay pure with girlfriend, singer Ciara.

In a report from TMZ, a video of Tebow was posted in which he was being interviewed at Los Angeles International Airport last Sunday and was questioned about Wilson’s public statement about no sex before marriage.

The reporter asked the 28-year-old quarterback on what advice he could give to Wilson when it comes to celibacy, to which Tebow answered with quite a short, straightforward response:

“I just wish both of them and everybody all the luck, and God bless man.”

Tebow himself declared publicly that he is committed to staying pure until after marriage back in a 2009 conference.

The football celebrity, who was 21 years old at that time, was asked if he is waiting until he’s married before he gets into a physical relationship with a woman.

And being the Christian that he is, Tebow answered “Yes I am.”

Will Tebow be able to stay true to his words, especially with the rumors about him dating beauty queen Olivia Culpo?

Tim Tebow is rumored to be dating Olivia Culpo

Tebow may be in for a big challenge as the Miss USA 2012 revealed her plans for this year’s Halloween party in which she’s expected to wear some sexy costumes, as reported in E! Online.

However, she might be less tempting for Tebow if she goes to Halloween as Justin Bieber or Hillary Clinton — two of her many costume ideas.

Tebow and Culpo have been rumored to be in a relationship but neither of them has confirmed the news.

However, a source for E! Online exclusively reported that the two have been dating for a month now but are trying to avoid the public as much as possible.

Culpo dated Nick Jonas for two years and according to the source, she “had a hard time after the break up” with the Jonas brother but is definitely “in a great place now.”

The source also revealed that Tebow and Culpo’s relationship is still in its early stages, but it seems that the football star is just captivated by her beauty.

Although they have been spotted together, as reported in Terez Owens, no photographs of them together have surfaced.


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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow vows celibacy; can he resist rumored girlfriend Olivia Culpo?”

  1. Andrea says:

    I thought Olivia Culpo’s 15 minutes of fame were up. I guess I was mistaken.

  2. David says:

    I’m not totally convinced that they are dating. You’d think that Tim would go for a more athletic woman, but, they say that men marry women that remind them of their mothers. This lady has dark hair and a petite build like Tim’s mom. Tim has said that he wants a wife with a caring nature when talking about marriage. Mrs. Tebow home schooled her kids and is a missionary, so he may be looking for that type of person.

  3. RICK says:

    I cant resist go for it Timmy!

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