Tim Tebow: Quarterback ‘With a Heart’ Can Change a Football Team and Define Success

Are the Bears next for Tim Tebow? <br/>USA Today Sports

Are the Bears next for Tim Tebow?


In the 2000 American sports comedy film The Replacements, Washington Sentinels coach Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman) was asked by a reporter what does the team needs to win their final game of the season after trailing 17-0 at halftime. McGinty replied “miles and miles of heart” meant as a message to Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves), the replacement quarterback.

Falco hears him say this and comes to the game during halftime and won the game for the Sentinels.

In an interview with the AL.com, Heisman Trophy-winner and former Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Tim Tebow reiterated that a quarterback with a heart and determination could define a team’s performance and eventually change a football team.

“People look at a position and you’re supposed to respect the quarterback position as a leader,” Tebow said. “They respect heart, and they respect passion, and they respect determination way more than they’ll ever respect a position. And I think when he shows plays like that, he wins over guys on his team.”

Tebow was referring to Alabama quarterback Jake Coker who is known for his toughness and running style. Because of Coker, Alabama is a “way better football team.”

Asked to comment about Coker’s style of play, Tebow commented, “I love that. I love that about him last week. He’s done it a few times this year. I think that’s important for him to do. He doesn’t have to do it all the time, but when you’re trying to win over a football team — which I think the last couple of weeks, he’s been trying to win over…and honestly this year he’s been trying to win over to get them to believe in him because I think that’s really important.”


Tebow described Coker as a quarterback who brings passion in his every game and is respected by his teammates because of his attitude.  He continued, “I think when he (Coker) shows plays like that, he wins over guys on his team. More so than him just hitting somebody, but it’s what it does for the rest of the guys that look at him. And they believe and feed off of that. That’s the biggest thing that he can bring to the table, and that’s what he brought last week when he showed that effort and that heart. They say, ‘OK, we’re going to rally around this guy,’ and it changes a football team.”

He added that how a quarterback play could determine the race in the SEC and said a quarterback can actually define the outcome.  Tebow said, “A quarterback gives the team a few easy touchdowns and field positions. It’s going to be really tough to overcome that when you’re playing with such a good defense like Alabama and LSU and the running game. Quarterbacks can win the game, but the consistency factor of not losing it is more important.”

Early this month, reports have surfaced that Chicago Bears fans have been flooding the social media with request to replace Jay Cutler as the starting quarterback with Tim Tebow.  Indeed, some of these fans are wanting Tebow to be the starting quarterback even after Jay Cutler returns.

Apparently, a recent report from NFL.com had the governor of Texas reportedly campaigning for the Dallas Cowboys to sign Tebow, in order to replace the injured Tony Romo, who is planned to miss about eight weeks of the regular season due to his fractured collarbone.


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25 Responses to “Tim Tebow: Quarterback ‘With a Heart’ Can Change a Football Team and Define Success”

  1. brandi says:

    The same people who defend Tim Tebow not being in the NFL defend everything else the NFL does, including putting guys like Greg Hardy back on the Field just as fast as it can.

    I have noticed Media Outlets like Sporting News saying the major reasons People still watch the NFL have nothing to do with it being anything worth watching or a league worthy of anyone’s respect. Citing everything from People just being in their social routine on Sunday to watching because the NFL is so dysfunctional it’s like watching a train wreck.

    Maybe eventually things will change. But it’s hard to see that happening without NFL Owners feeling the Financial crunch. Even their big show about Off-Field Violence has been nothing but that…a big show…and the problems there had Goodell in the hot seat and at least one major Sponsors, Campbell’s Soup, distancing itself. But that didn’t stop them from Drafting Jameis Winston #1 Overall and defending even Greg Hardy’s recent Sideline outburst.

    I have no response to those who say the NFL has become a league that aggrandizes thugs. Football exists today because Teddy Roosevelt kept it from being outlawed because he thought it built “Men of Character”. I can’t find one shred of character anywhere in the NFL today.

  2. Bubbaelvis says:

    I know Tim would never blow his own horn but this sounds like a “Hey NFL, this is what I bring to the table”. Tim Tebow knows and believes in his own ability to lead. NFL coaches greatly under estimate this intangable. There are a lot of QB’s with passing ability but no leadership ability and their team suffers for it. Does anyone really believe that the Eagles players respect Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez? The problem with the Bradford’s and Sanchez’s of the league is that they are in it for themselves. They want the stats and the big contracts. Tim plays his heart out and loves the game and loves his team mates. That is why he is so fun to watch and it is a rare quality. The NFL is a boring game without Tim.

  3. Andrea says:

    I can’t place 100% fault on the NFL. If I remember correctly Greg Hardy was suspended 10 games by the NFL and the criminal union (players union) went to court and had it reduced to four games.

    Shortly, we will see the player’s union defending a football player who is a child molester.

  4. Shaztah says:

    Well I see the Texans cut Ryan Mallett for his lack of commitment (for lack of a better word). They have one QB now Brian Hoyer. HMMMM!!! They will probably sign another scrub.

  5. Danny says:

    In the meantime, Houston has officially released Mallett. This is a perfect situation for Tebow to step in and start.

  6. KingSolomon says:

    BUZZY—-any news on Tim now that mallet is cut??? Use all of your powers to get us some scoop!!!!!

  7. David says:


    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 3h3 hours ago
    The #Texans informed QB Ryan Mallett of his release, as @McClain_on_NFL said. They’ll sign/trade for a veteran to back up Brian Hoyer

  8. Danny says:

    Hoyer is just a back-up in a starting role. It’s time for the Texans to make the right choice.

    Tim Tebow.

  9. Danny says:

    The Texans signed TJ Yates to replace Mallett.

    A QB that has a career 70.3 QBR with 3 TD’s and 7 INT’s.

    Passed over was Tebow, same age as Yates.

    Wow, but very typical. Just a pattern that seems to be a common thread in the NFL.

    Comparing the two QB’s in some key areas:

    Tebow – 75.3
    Yates – 70.3

    Total Touchdowns:
    Tebow – 29
    Yates – 3

    Total INT’s
    Tebow – 9
    Yates – 7

    Total Passing Yards:
    Tebow – 2422
    Yates – 1164

    and on and on….

    Acceptance of mediocrity, plain and simple.

    • David says:

      Career totals
      T. J. Yates – 4 TDs 10 Ints
      Brian Hoyer – 30 TDS 22 Ints
      Tim Tebow – 32 TDs 9 Ints
      So they hired Yates so that Hoyer would not feel insecure. The Sanchez Syndrome.

    • Danny says:

      Just within the last few weeks we heard about Tannehill’s hurt feelings that the practice squad was making plays on Tannehill. The now former coach told the practice squad players to take it easy on Tannehill.

      I’m still positive that Sanchez had something to do with what happened to Tebow. Who knows, maybe Hoyer had input in the recent decision to hire Yates.

      Yates sure didn’t win the job based on performance.

  10. TheMascotArmy says:

    I freaking hate the boring-ass NFL; they’re absolute fools.
    I don’t think Tebow will ever get another shot.

    Tebow has the worst agent ever.

    I really hope he goes to Canada so I can watch football again.

    It’s so mind-boggling, that I can imagine a time traveler having come from the future and meeting with the NFL owners to warn them that letting Tim play in the NFL leads to some horrible future catastrophe that somehow hinges on his playing. The owners all agree to make the sacrifice to save the future of mankind by blackballing him.

    • brandi says:

      That makes as much sense as any excuse that’s been used as to why he’s not playing this weekend.

      Actually when you realize nobody associated with the NFL or the Media that covers it are at all shy about blaming his huge popularity and acting like that’s a rational reason to back off your explanation sounds much more sane. A Pro Sports League lives and dies on its popularity. A League, the Media that covers it and many of its Fans that are so lost Popularity is considered a rational fear is something Twilight Zone wouldn’t have put on because it wouldn’t be seen by the audience as plausible. Now, a Soviet-Bloc Athlete that was so popular it put a fear in the Sports Authorities that he/she might inspire the People to rise up against oppression? That would be considered so plausible it would be a widely popular movie.

      The Tim Tebow NFL saga is the 1984 Apple Super Bowl Commercial. Tim’s Fans running into the theater shouting Wake Up and throwing a hammer at the screen of Big Brother NFL telling them it is right and good to never question Big Brother NFL.

      Buzzy Says : The reason T2 wont get pick up by a NFL team is The Distraction from the Fans/Media and the effect on the rest of the team , Even in Denver when he won 6 in a row the Fans and the Media went crazy with praise for tebow tebow tebow and Fox had to fight and pump up the rest of the team to back T2 up they went to play the bills and then KC and the team laid down on Tim Because of the green Man and all the media BS As i said at the Beginning it was A Distraction and in hard to fight on any team And that is what most GM and Coaches Say.

      • Danny says:

        Well if that’s the case Tim will never be able to play team sports ever again.

        How on earth did Florida have all the success they had when Tebow was quarterback? That HAD to be an immense distraction in itself!

        OK, here’s a list of distractions that Tebow has been a part of:

        2006 – Nease 4A Florida High School Champions
        2007 – BCS Champions – Florida
        2009 – BCS Champions – Florida
        2007 – Heisman Trophy
        2008 – Heisman runner-up

        Also he set many records as the Gator’s QB.

        All his teammates and coaches must have been exceptional men because there was INTENSE distractions with all that…somehow by a miracle everyone around him overcame all that Tebow attention.

        Sarcasm alert –> How Urban Meyer can even STAND to talk to Tebow after all that????? How about Riley Cooper?

        Given that, the NFL must be full of fragile egos and can’t stand success unless it’s the “NFL way”.


      • brandi says:

        I get that Buzzy. And the NFL will never be Major League because of it. The resentment among other Players was visible at the time. As I’ve said here before, EVERY Pro Sports League has faced this. Every one. And none of them liked it. None. But they realized that the good it did for their Leagues, having a Player “Bigger than the Game” outweighed the problems. ONLY the NFL decided differently and because it did, it sealed its own fate as a League that will be crushed by Leagues that have Global Popularity the NFL will never achieve.

  11. David says:

    This is an article describing what is wrong with the Eagles. It sounds like a listing of everything that was right about Tim Tebow in Denver and in the preseason. I don’t think that the author realized that he was describing Tebow’s strengths.

    • Sage says:

      Interesting link, David. Thanks.

      Serious question: Does anyone still talk of leadership anymore? Since I’m boycotting cable and other sports media, I only see the occasional snaps while at a restaurant, etc. The Grantland article didn’t even broach the subject of leadership — just stats. I’m curious whether any of the broadcasters or commentators still recognize leadership as a thing. Perhaps they view it as imaginary, and think that statistics tell the whole story. That would be so misguided.

      • David says:

        They talked about it a lot when Tim was playing because it was on full display. I enjoyed the comments that Tim made about the Alabama QB having leadership qualities.

  12. Bigfan says:

    Timmy knows.

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