The Jaguars Treadmill

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been a tough Team to root for. I don’t mean this year. Any year most people can remember.

Is that a product of having actually started off pretty well as an Expansion Franchise?

That first Season the Jaguars had one of the highest Attendance levels in the NFL. Not long after that they had runs that made them look like they’d have a pretty bright future. Two trips to the AFC Championship Game in the Franchise’s first 5 years. Think that sounds pretty good?

Well folks it was the best start of any new Team in NFL History.

And it cost Tom Coughlin his job. Why? Because the Jaguars have the most unrealistic Fans in the entire NFL and among the worst in Sports. What’s worse, those Fans are considered the Franchise’s bedrock. It’s solid base. A base that got a chip on its shoulder years ago and blamed everyone for it. The Jax Dangerfields I called them. The Jaguars just don’t get no respect and somebody’s gonna pay.

The last few years it’s been Tim Tebow and his Fans. Before that it was “those Hicks”. And always Florida Gators Fans. Jaguars Country has been every bit as cliquish and cultish as it’s cracked up to be. But what’s been most wild is watching that Core Group that’s center of the biggest Jaguars Blogs & Forums and nothing short of an extension of the Jaguars Marketing Department pride itself on how obnoxious it can be to anyone who isn’t them. This past Sunday it was Bucs Fans in Tampa. Anytime year-round year-after year it’s anyone who thinks they might want to be a Jaguars Fan who is unwilling to be part of their clique. Or disagrees with them about anything. And I do mean anything.

Every Team in every Sport in every City has them. But the Jaguars have managed to somehow let them turn into a force that has hampered the Franchise for much of its existence.

I point this out because the same attitude that convinced Wayne Weaver to fire a Head Coach who had taken an entire Franchise from nothing and turned it into the best start of any in NFL History still exists today. The same impatience. The same arrogance. The same know-it-allness. The same pride in obnoxiously making enemies while standing on a pulpit made of fallen cards.

When the Caldwell Regime so arrogantly came in I said the Jaguars would be in two years what they were two years before. A 5-Win Team. Before that 2nd season began I downgraded them to a 3-Win Team and that’s what they ended up being. This year I said they might finally hit that 5-Win Mark. Or fall just short at 4. 5 Weeks in they have 1 Win after having lost to those lowly Bucs. The equally lowly and hugely disappointing Texans come in next. Maybe the Jaguars will get that 2nd Win. If not it’s going to be the beginning of the Hot Seat for Gus Bradley.

I think that’d be wrong. But this is what must be understood about the attitude around DUVAL! Somebody’s gotta pay and it’s almost certainly not going to be the Jaguars’ GM. Unless some other Team signs Tebow for the long-term or he says he’s hanging up his helmet Dave Caldwell won’t hear a disparaging word because it’s assumed he won’t sign Tim. And right now that crowd has Tebow and his Fans to blame for why Jacksonville isn’t Chicago or even Atlanta. Not the Football teams, the Cities themselves. Hence the shoulder chip for Jacksonville not being on any list of prized Metropolises. To the Dangerfields Tim Tebow and his Fans give the City a black eye and ABT, Anyone But Tebow, is their Social Salvation.

These are the same folks who spat the name Blaine Gabbert as the next SuperStar reason to never sign Tebow.

Welcome to the DUVAL! Jaguars in all their glory.

That’s just how this Franchise has been. Now more than ever. A reflection of the worst traits of their worst Fans. And always on a treadmill as each next magic bullet turns out to be one more blank.

Maybe Shad Khan has had time to really see what he’s got on his hands and some smart decisions will be made. But so far that’s not been the path taken. One that might actually lead somewhere instead of circling right back around again and again.

As a Franchise it’s not going anywhere until it gets its Tebow problem sorted out. As a Team? Well after Sunday we’ll see if it’s wait till next year.

To Win 5 Games. 5 stinkin’ lousy Games.

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19 Responses to “The Jaguars Treadmill”

  1. Danny says:

    Seems about right.

    I went out to the BCC (Jags forum) a few weeks ago and the love for David “Even if he’s released” Caldwell is intense out there. The hatred for Tebow is just about as intense. Gabbert was just “someone who didn’t work out” and they are all in with Bortles.

    Jags fans (at least the hard core base) are certainly the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

    Gus Bradley was interviewed for earlier this week. He knows there’s something wrong but publicly not getting to the real truth.

    Caldwell – not good enough

    • Sage says:

      Bortles is scoring great fantasy points, which creates an illusion that is intensely difficult for the likes of Jags fans to see through. Falling far behind and then coming back 75 percent is enough to keep many fans and GMs deluded for years.

    • ck says:

      Danny: They need to clean the “INSANITY’ HOUSE @ JAX TBH!!!

  2. Sage says:

    The Jags play the Texans Sunday. Ordinarily, a Jags loss is my first priority. But the Texans need a QB too.

    Also, I root against the Texans because in the same season where Gary Kubiak had a stroke on the sidelines, owner Bob McNair fired him in a nasty way. Kubiak is a rare classy person in the NFL, and a knowledeable coach. McNair said it was losing 2x to the Jaguars. It would thus be fitting for the Texans to lose to the Jags again, to go 1-5.

    Hard to say which team I want to lose more. I’d say the Jags, except Jags fans are going to be enamored of Bortles and Caldwell for at least another season and a half.

  3. Sage says:

    Drudge says the “Mannings Go Jeb.” As if I needed another reason to loathe Jeb Bush.

  4. David says:

    Tim Tebow jump pass and two QBs: There’s some Florida in Urban Meyer’s Ohio State right now.

    • ck says:

      I saw that actually and, yes, they mentioned Tebow when it was noted! Ohio State won it! If only, Meyer was in the NFL then he would KNOW WHAT TO DO REGARDING TEBOW AS IN SUPERBOWL WIN!!!:)

    • ck says:

      Thanks, David, for posting and it was GREAT seeing VINTAGE TEBOW WINNING GAMES W/MEYER AT UF!

  5. Sage says:

    Is it just me, or does Blake Bortles have a lot of pick-6s?

    Buzzy Says : Last Year in 13 games 3TDs 16 INTS some were Pick Sixes

  6. Sage says:

    Jaguars are up and comers. Played with the Texans for nearly 3 quarters.

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