Houston Texans(2-4) 31 Jacksonville Jaguars(1-5) 20

Not Even If Released

I Say Again

How That working For You Davie

Bortles  2 INTs 1 Pick Six

TKS Sage  Where are the Fans

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  1. Sage says:

    Also from Twitter:

    Mike Tiscione ‏@mjtiscione 2h2 hours ago
    The @Jaguars have won 10 games since Jack Del Rio was fired.

    Jack Del Rio was fired five years ago.

  2. Danny says:

    In the meantime, the “sages” at BCC have the knives out for Bradley and some even for Caldwell.

    Some are surprisingly still in Blake “Pick 6” Bortles and Caldwell’s corner. Sometimes it makes me think that Bortles and Caldwell troll those boards and post positive things about themselves.

    I sense that Khan is not a football guy and has put misguided trust in Caldwell. Caldwell is one of those guys that employers hate..they see a superstar on resume and turns out to be a dud when the real work begins.

    Mr. Khan. Tebow is available, in game shape and ready to go! Give him the keys, and he will be a winner for you. He will help pack out your stadium, sell merchandise and promote goodwill in Jacksonville. Give him the ball! This has to be an embarrassment for you Mr. Kahn to see your investment turn into a perennial loser.

    Or, you can adopt the new Jaguars mission statement:

    Oh well, “there is always next year”.

    • Sage says:

      People will be deceived by Bortles for a long time to come. They’ll see some crisp passes, some TDs, and even some good plays with his feet. Throw 3 TDs and the 3 INTs get overlooked.

      It’s so easy to say it’s the defense’s fault, or the coach’s fault.

      Leadership is hard to see, as is its absence.

    • ck says:

      Looks like Mr. Conn (aka Kahn) is on a roll…Well said, btw, Danny.

    • David Oliver says:

      Mr Kahn is a Muslim, and thus may not be too sympathetic, to Tim Tebow’s
      Unashamed Faith and Visibility for his Lord and Savour Jesus Christ!
      And thus having Tim Tebow, be the Face of his team, no matter how successful that would make his team, may NOT be a Priority to him!

      Buzzy Says : Now that is a little Gem.

      • brandi says:

        I think it has much less to do with that and much more to do with Shad Khan listening to the voices in his head. Those voices have been saying 1) Tebow’s no good. 2) His “following” is way over-rated. 3) He won’t bring more than some jersey sales and maybe a filled stadium for 2 or 3 Games then they’ll lose interest, meanwhile we’ve lost all that time where we could be building on something that works. 4) His Fans will never let you get rid of him no matter how bad he Plays

        You get the drift.

        The Anti-Tebow Crowd has had a couple simple strategies. 1) He never “Won” anything. A few fluke Games mean nothing and we saw what happened when Teams “figured him out”. (Never mind what really happened at the end of the year was the Broncos saw what happens when you’ve finally put enough Practice Squad Players on the Field because you ran out of everyone else.) So 2) Everyone saying “He Won Games” are just blind idiots who don’t know what they’re seeing 3) All Unprovable negatives. ie, you can’t Win with Tebow…not if he doesn’t Play you can’t. His Fans will only show up for a few Games then all you get are the “negatives”. They’ve shown up everytime so far. His Fans won’t let you sit him down no matter how bad he Plays…

        NOBODY doesn’t want Tim Playing if he isn’t succeeding more than his Fans. They don’t want that to be the lasting image.

        Like I said, revising history, saying history didn’t really happen and foretelling a version of the future that fits their agenda.

        These are the voices in Shad Khan’s head. Every day.

      • ck says:

        David O.: Well, that just about sums it up tbh and now that I know he is a you know what, believe he is even more of a “con job”!:(

  3. ck says:

    The Jags must be doing pretty good compared to last year? ROFL!

  4. ck says:

    Too bad the Gators didn’t win and they could have…still believe Grier was the “ticket” as QB! Oh well,

  5. KingSolomon says:

    Buzzy—-do you have any info as to whether ANYONE is thinking about giving Tim a look????
    Buzzy Says : Doing a Tebow Report so far all Teams are NEG.

  6. Bigfan says:

    All we have is hope. With November around the corner, when the season really starts, Timmy had better be picked up or totally focused getting better at his broadcaster skills.

    Oh and this current who he is “Seeing” not the one!

  7. lex says:

    Mr. Khan is getting a big tax write-off with the financial losses of this team. No fans in the stadium…
    Buzzy Says : Sorry Lex but all the owners make the same profit all Ticket and other income goes in one pot and is cut up 32 times

    • brandi says:

      NFL Owners don’t get the same Tax Treatment that MLB Owners enjoy. (It’s not like they haven’t tried. But it’s same as with Blanket Anti-Trust Protection Baseball gets but Football keeps getting told “No” about. The NFL’s business practices keep coming back to haunt it in the biggest ways.)

      As for boosting the franchise’s financial situation, it’s definitely to their advantage. Jaguars don’t do well in Boxes, Sponsors and other ways that send tens of millions straight to the Franchise’s coffers, bypassing both League Revenue Sharing and Revenue Sharing with the Players. BUT the people around Khan who talk the loudest keep saying any Tebow Bump will be small and not lasting. (Never mind it brought the Broncos back from the brink of financial ruin and the Franchise having to be sold to someone with deeper pockets.)

      Standing back, either Shad Khan takes some very bad advice. OR he’s quite happy to have a reason to move the Team.

    • Danny says:

      Yeah, see the picture above of the “Bortles Bump”.

      Anyway, I found this link on the Jags financials from Forbes:


      Interesting profile in the link:


      The Jaguars have racked up the worst record in the NFL over the past three seasons with only nine total wins against 39 losses (the Raiders are second worst with 11 wins). The small corporate base and poor showing on the field makes selling tickets in Jacksonville difficult. The 45,000 person season ticket base was one of the lowest in the NFL in 2014 and the season ticket renewal rate was 83%, while most teams are north of 90%. Owner Shahid Khan has poured more than $100 million into sprucing up Everbank Stadium since 2013 to attract more fans. (Danny’s note: You could have spent just a few million on Tebow with a considerably better ROI). Khan made his billions building auto parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate. He also owns EPL club Fulham F.C.

      Also I believe that in the NFL the gate is split 60-40, with the home team receiving the 60%. I’m fuzzier on the way the luxury boxes are broken down…my thinking is that there is a base ticket price for the boxes (which would be shared 60-40), then in addition the cost of leasing those boxes (100% to home team as Brandi stated above).

      I also think that national TV rights are spread out evenly over the 32 teams, but radio rights are local and retained by the local team. Perhaps Buzzy or Brandi can confirm the details.

      • brandi says:

        I’ll do an article on it. The formulas are a little less than straight-forward, mostly because the CBA is very specific on revenues that much be shared with the Players and those percentages are untouchable. In addition there are fairly significant revenues that go to the league but don’t get distributed back to the Teams. (Again, to keep them out of the pool shared with the Players) The new Revenue Sharing Formula kicked in Season before last and the Owners set up a $100 Million pool to be drawn on by Franchises whose Owners didn’t have the cash to carry losses. But the Players complained it was a CBA Violation (which it is). My estimates when the CBA was signed were that under the current RevSharing Formulas as many as a dozen Franchises a Year would lose between $30-50M a year. The only Team that actually announced a projection was the Dolphins and they projected a $42 Million loss for last year.

        BUT, again, there’s money that goes to the League that doesn’t get distributed back. So in one sense, the Owners STILL have that money. It’s just not going back to the Franchise Operations.

        This is just the tiniest of glimpses. As I said, it takes a whole separate article to go into all the detailed breakdowns and even at that, huge parts are cloaked in darkness. The closest we get to guessing is the annual report by the Packers.

        A couple SportsBiz Journals have estimated roughly 30% of total revenues across the NFL are local and stay local, not falling into ANY Revenue Pools.

      • ck says:

        Very interesting and thanks, Danny.

    • Danny says:

      Certainly under that formula, visiting teams HATE to come to Jacksonville because the take is pretty small comparable to other cities. I imagine the visiting players don’t mind it as Florida doesn’t have a state income tax and therefore keep more of their game check.
      Buzzy Says No they cut up the total income of all the teams after the NFL gets theirs 32 teams get an equal amt.

  8. Shaztah says:

    Go GIANTS!

  9. lex says:

    Thank you Buzzy & Brandi for your explanations.

  10. Danny says:

    All is NOT well in Eagle nation:


    Even a few Tebow comments in the comment section. Some are even positive!

    This is the text of one of the comments:

    Kelly will pay for the QB situation, Bradford is Bradford , a good solid back up QB not the leader Kelly needs by a long shot!
    Sanchez is another great back up QB,nothing better. Great idea? Fire, Tebow who reeks of leadership skills and versatility,, .Sure Tebow would have lost 4-5 games but he does mature into his role as he has proven. Maybe Kelly got a lot of heat from upstairs to play Bradford and is just waiting for Tebow to be resigned when it becomes apparent Bradford is NOT playing to the expectations.. That opens the door for Tebow to come in get acclimated, learn , practice leadership and skills .

    Another QB other than Tebow? Sure there are dozens of good looking wannabees out there ,none with Tebows experience and Desire! RFG is cuckoo meat,,San Fran may give the Can to another Bradford look alike, etc etc.Any way you slice the cake ,, Tebow packs stadiums,, makes money , when can eagle management stop taking stupid pills,
    Any day of the week,, i’ll take Tebow over Romo if Tebow was playing for Dallas–

    Onward , ever onward to bigger mistakes eagles , no wonder Vick got out !!

    • ck says:

      Now that is a “KEEPER” and thanks.

    • Sage says:

      I’m a strong believer in Tim. With management behind him and full preseason, he’s the kind of player who could lead to 13+ regular season wins.

      It’s a pity that some of his best learning years are past. With the strength and athleticism he had in 2012, he could have changed football history.

      • brandi says:

        Tim Tebow is exactly what the NFL needed when it needed him most. But in an odd way that may have bitten him. The NFL is an arrogant organization that may say things like the Domestic Market has saturated and is slipping backwards, it needs to crack the International Market or risk losing in the Domestic Market as well, Off-Field issues are a black eye that hurt the league’s images and will eventually hurt its bottom line, etc.

        NFL Commish, Owners, Execs say many of the right words…including “Tim Tebow is good for the NFL”.

        But when it comes down to backing their words with action, it just doesn’t happen. And I think part of it is the attitude “We’re the NFL! The King of Sports.” Buying into that unsinkable juggernaut attitude is like a drug for them. Truly admitting it needs Tebow is like really believing all of those statements that show the NFL juggernaut really isn’t as unsinkable as it would like to think it is. That’s tough for an ego-driven league to swallow.

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