Fans of Tim Tebow Please Just Stop It

Posted by :brandi On : October 21, 2015


Even if I didn’t write about Sports I know enough to realize there’s rarely any great joy in being able to say “I told you so.” This isn’t one of those rare times.

For years I battled with some of Tim Tebow’s biggest Fans over what to do about the “Blacklisting”. My position was and remains the same. Whatever you do DON’T play the NFL’s game. NOBODY ever Wins at it except them.

The National Football League is and has always been full of hot air and full of itself. It can’t even compete. The NFL has faced exactly two real challenges. First from the American Football League and second from the USFL. The former they ended up merging. The latter, they brought out their dirty tricks squad to make things difficult on the Business Playing Field because they were losing on the Football Playing Field. The USFL was signing a disproportionately large percentage of the Top Players out of College (almost a third of the Top-100 Ranked Players signed by far fewer USFL Teams than the NFL had). It was a Player’s favorite. 133 USFL Players went to the NFL after the USFL folded and they didn’t like it one bit. If you doubt that, go to the archives and read their comments. They were Winning the Fans.

But a key Owner got seriously ill, Donald Trump came in to buy the New York Team and without a competing voice became the force among USFL Owners and ‘The Donald’ convinced them to make some really dumb decision. Including shutting down Playing and trying to Win their fight with the NFL in Court in an Anti-Trust Lawsuit. They did. And because having shut down they couldn’t show how the NFL’s unfair practices impacted them so they were awarded $1. Yep, one whole dollar that was automatically tripled to three because it was an Anti-Trust case.

And the USFL folded.

They beat themselves. The NFL had once again that when it comes to providing Football content they couldn’t compete. In fact, other than bullying, the NFL does almost nothing right and rarely has. That rarely doesn’t include anything in the last several decades. It’s a really bad Sports League across the board. Bad product. Bad Business Practices. Bad Relationships with everyone from the Networks who carry the Games to the Sponsors who are always having to deal with the fallout of the NFL’s scandals. To the Players who are looking at anything and everything they can find to sue the league over. To the fans who the NFL sees as nothing but numbers on a Financial Statement and Ratings numbers.

To Fans of Tim Tebow.

Galaxy of Tebow don’t feel alone. The NFL screws everybody over and they have for a very long time.

Which is why I said and continue to say…if your goal is to see Tim Tebow Playing on NFL Fields, do not, do not, do not play the NFL’s game. Because if they gave a damn he’d have been Playing Football all along.

Galaxy of Tebow you don’t matter to the NFL. But don’t get angry about it as though you’ve been singled out. Nobody else does either. THAT is what you should be mad about and should have been mad about all along. The only difference between the Fans of Tim Tebow and everyone else is that there are enough of you to do the only thing that ever gets the NFL to respond.

Beating them until they decide to merge.

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  1. Sage says:

    The fact that people are cutting the cable is great. John Notle discusses how the cable empire has fueled the growing political correctness in ares such as ESPN sports.

    It’s appalling how not one of the 100 leading NFL pundits has the independence of thought, or the courage, to speak assertively about Tebow’s value to the NFL.

    Even the likes of Ditka feel the need to qualify their positive statements about Tebow. Take a look at the blooming numbers and Tim’s value at QB ought to be obvious to all but the most obtuse. When nearly all are willfully blind, something is wrong. I’ll have to read Toqueville someday. I think he understood this phenomenon.

    Why do I gab like this here? Because I like to, and it’s too quiet anyway.

    • Sage says:

      I’ll also have to learn to spell Tocqueville. It’s got to be easier than Nietzsche.

    • Shaztah says:

      I still remember the tweet that Kurt Warner posted the day the eagles cut Barkley he said “Congrats Tim, The NFL just got a whole lot better having you in it”. Too bad Chip couldn’t see that. There are so many selfish players who can’t stand the love and admiration that Tim garners no matter where he goes and it is a darn shame because there are millions of us who desperately want to see him play. I say this everyday to anyone who will listen “It’s the hardest thing in the world to be a Tim Tebow Fan”.

      • Danny says:

        That’s what made TT’s release from the Eagles so bizzare..Warner and others were tweeting their congratulations to Tim. They thought it was a done deal too like most of us here.

        Indeed it should have been.

      • ck says:

        Shaztah: “It’s the hardest thing in the world to be a Tim Tebow Fan” and that IS THE TRUTH!

    • ck says:

      Hey, u r not the only one that likes to “GAB”, lol!:)

  2. Shaztah says:

    Look like ESPN is feeling some fury….The betting on football and the fantasy leagues are what the so called fans care about. Rich Eisen posted this today….

    Rich Eisen
    7 mins ·
    I’m crestfallen to hear about the layoffs at ESPN. Scores of talented people lost their jobs today, including several who were there for so long that they produced me and helped me when I arrived in Bristol 19 years ago as a 26-year old SportsCenter anchor in need of help and producing. It’s always gratifying when people tell me how much they enjoyed SportsCenter and ESPN in general during the years I was there, especially the years I sat next to Stuart Scott. Please know that many, many people who made those shows possible and helped make them as memorably enjoyable for you as they were for me to be a part of lost their jobs today. And, because of how much they poured into the place, lost a large part of their identity with it. Keep them in your thoughts. And even though you may not know them, know how much pleasure you got and have gotten in your sports TV because of them. I cherish my time with them every day, even now 12.5 years removed from the place. Thank you all. You know who you are.

    I have boycotted the NFL, I cancelled my Sirius sports package and I do not and will not buy any NFL merchandise. You have to hurt them in their wallets and obviously someone has hurt ESPN pretty badly in theirs.

    • David Oliver says:


      AMEN !!

    • brandi says:

      1st, my apologies everyone for the poor editing of this article. I wrote it very early this morning and got so busy I didn’t get back to clean it up after I got some coffee in me and a clearer head.

      OK, you’re right about the problems at ESPN. But in many ways they had it coming. Motley Fool wrote in January that the single biggest threat to Disney Shareholders is Roger Goodell. Since then the Commissioner and the NFL has just gotten worse and angered more people. ESPN has taken alot of hits for how often it has covered for the NFL’s mess-ups and turned its head at its dirty deeds. Even the NFL’s treatment of Player Health. Two ESPN Reporters did a pretty good job of laying it all out and then after being pressured by the NFL, ESPN refused to air the series “League of Denial” and it ended up on PBS instead.

      If anything sums up the NFL and the Media that covers it, it’s that the biggest story about the NFL had to be carried on PBS and the NFL’s most damaging scandal, the handling of the Ray Rice elevator incident, had to be shown by TMZ. Mainstream Sports Media has given the NFL pass after pass even as it harmed their own audiences. Anything for the NFL who obviously has never appreciated any of it. That’s the NFL’s nature. They actually expect everyone to cover their backsides, usually paying for that dubious privilege, are never grateful for anything and always demand more.

      Now ESPN and its Parent company Disney are facing serious financial prospects.

      And you can bet all the NFL will do is shrug its shoulders and demand more.

    • Danny says:

      Thank you for posting that Shaztah!

      The mighty ESPN is starting to crumble, has been for some time.

      My TV has been off cable and satellite for years, much of the reason being ESPN and a whole host of channels that I refuse to watch for various reasons. The HD off terrestrial antenna is far better than HD from cable or satellite anyway!

      • Sage says:

        It’s amazing how many things we need to boycott these days. Sometimes I’ll just patronize a culprit because there are so few institutions left that are worthy of respect. Gotta eat somewhere, gotta read some publication, etc.

        • ck says:

          Find myself in the same predicament these days and mostly refuse to watch any programs that are not something I would wish to waste time on…oh well,

      • ck says:

        Danny: Would like to take the plunge, only have a bundle w/internet and phone (supposed to be cheaper, haha?!). Very commendable and probably makes a lot of sense economically. 🙂

        • Danny says:

          ck: “Cutting the cord” has been a great decision over the years. It was based on an economic hardship at first, but now I really don’t miss having the non-network channels. Last year we got Netflix and Roku and between that and the free to air tv, it basically covers anything I want to watch.

          The savings has turned out to be thousands of dollars over the course of time. Well worth it from a pocketbook standpoint, and I’m not giving my hard earned $$ to ESPN!

          More and more people are moving off cable and satellite…it’s really hurting channels like ESPN. I think I read somewhere ESPN gets $6.00 per subscriber from the monthly subscriptions. Insane! No wonder people are moving away from paid TV.

    • ck says:

      Shaztah: You are absolutely positively 100% correct and glad the boycott is doing what it was intended to do…get their attention via lost revenue. Maybe they will listen at some point and we will get our long time dream of seeing “our favorite” play QB on a legit team all the way to the SB, I hope! Thanks for always taking action and having an effect that requires great effort on the part of Tebow’s millions of loyal fans who are NEVER GIVING UP B/C THEY ARE WRONG AS WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
      NO FANS = NO SPORTS!!!!
      (Wanted to buy a Jersey twice…once when he was w/Patriots and once when he was on The Eagles; glad I waited and then found out he was not given a roster spot in spite of having done EVERYTHING REQUIRED—NO $$$ TO THE NFL FOR THAT WRONG DECISION ON TEBOW!!!) Tisa had a great idea too and that is donate $$$ instead!!

  3. andrea says:

    As for me, Turner Classic Movies is the only thing worthwhile on cable these days.

    As for ESPN – I tuned them out when they crucified Tebow and supported the liberal agenda (gay football players for example) That planned gay kiss on Draft Day was the start of ESPN’s demise if you ask me.

    Good riddance ESPN.

    • ck says:

      Agree w/u Andrea and they dug their own pit w/that “G” Agenda! They certainly did not do Tebow any favors either…so much for PC CR–!

  4. Sage says:

    Anybody watch Seahawks 49ers? I saw a few plays, and Kaepernick was getting sacked a couple of times.

    Skep Bayless tweets that Kaep is no longer making plays with his legs.

    Honestly, I think many coaches would prefer punting to first downs made with the quarterback’s legs. Is that hyperbole? I don’t think so.

  5. ck says:

    Just checking, as this site is quirky of late when posting or “am I missing something”?

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