Chip Kelly should resurrect that Tim Tebow idea

Sep 3, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA;   Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow (11) rushes for yardage against the New York Jets during second half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Chip, you’ve still got Tim Tebow’s phone number, right?

Your offense is broken. It gained 320 yards in a 23-20 loss to the Redskins Sunday and managed to have the ball for all of 18 minutes and 52 seconds. Which left your defense to play far too many snaps prior to a final drive during which it was wholly incapable of handling …. Kirk Cousins.

Sam Bradford, the guy you traded for and dubbed the right QB to lead your vaunted offense, has been fine. He threw three touchdown passes and no interceptions. He looked less confused, in general, but still completed only 15-of-28 passes. Your team converted only four of 12 third-down attempts and had only 14 first downs compared to 25 for the Redskins.

Bradford was too often imprecise with his throws, even when he wasn’t under duress. Which was a lot: The Redskins finished with five sacks and numerous hurries. Your rebuilt offensive line just has not been good enough, and was the main reason Sunday that high-priced running backs DeMarco Murray, Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles rushed for just 73 yards.

Your big people are getting beat up by other teams’ big people and it is not good for your average-sized people.

(Brad Mills, USA TODAY Sports)

(Brad Mills, USA TODAY Sports)

There’s nothing novel about your offense right now. Not the speed of it or the design of the plays. Oddly, this is your influence spreading — and making your methods less effective. But you also don’t have the personnel needed to retain that reputation as a genius.

A major reason for that is that Bradford is absolutely no threat to run. Not with those knees. The read-option is gone, and so is the moment of hesitation it can create in even the most disciplined of defenses. You’ve become predictable. Last year you’d at least let Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez lumber forward for a few yards now and again; that hasn’t been the case with Bradford, whose athleticism seems to have survived multiple ACL injuries but not his bravado. He seems to understand he should stay put.

Bradford is good when he has time and his receivers find space, but he doesn’t often throw receivers open or squeeze the ball into tight windows. He also does little to create chaos for a defense, which means that defenses can concentrate on not allowing him to have time while also covering his receivers.

Tebow, who spent training camp auditioning for your team, is sort of the opposite. Give him time and wide open receivers and he’ll do a below-average job of completing passes. Have him run a little bit of Wildcat, though, and he can move the ball fairly well and sometimes that opens up pass plays for him.

(Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports)

(Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports)

You’re already resorting to trick plays — like the double reverse to Nelson Algohar that resulted in a fumble in the first half — to mask how bad the offense line is. Why not go ahead and consider the plan you mulled over in August, where Tebow runs 10 plays a game simply to give defenses something else to prepare for and worry about?

It made sense to give up on it when you did. Bradford was brilliant against basic defensive schemes shown to him in preseason games. It hasn’t translated.

The NFC East is wide open and full of flawed teams. You’ll probably stay the course and hope that a squad you hastily rebuilt comes together. It might. Bradford is going to get better. He finally showed an ability to throw deep Sunday, a huge development.

But moving the ball methodically is important in the NFL, and Bradford hasn’t shown the accuracy needed to do it consistently with the short passing game. The run game isn’t dynamic or powerful enough.

Follow your instincts and go against what common sense might dictate.

Bring Tebow back.

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20 Responses to “Chip Kelly should resurrect that Tim Tebow idea”

  1. Bigfan says:

    There are 93 QBs in the NFL. When you split those 93 into thirds certainly Timmy has a place based on talent and record in the very least. Now when you look at the 32 QBs on the field weekly and split that into thirds Timmy has a place their. That would put Timmy in the top third of the 93 wouldn’t it.

    Having said that why is he not in uniform? I can not believe the conspiracy manusha but I can believe that the “Tebowmania” those chants for “Tebow,Tebow”, and the media hype, is way more than any team wants. If there was some how, some way Timmy could divest himself of that? Timmy would be in an NFL uniform for all of us to see and enjoy!!

    • brandi says:

      If you stand back for a minute and examine what you jut said at face value the absurdity of this leaps out. NEVER in US History has an Athlete been ostracized by any Sports Organization at any level, let alone Professional, because He or She is “too” beloved by the people.

      But the NFL has been such an abusive Organization for so long not only is this absurdity not questioned, it’s actually accepted by many of Tim’s own Fans.

      If his popularity is uncomfortable for the NFL so what? SO WHAT? This should NEVER have been allowed to become Tim’s or his fans problem. Making it so is saying the NFL isn’t doing something patently WRONG.

      Tim Tebow has more Fans than the NFL and they should have stood in unison years ago and told the NFL this type of lunacy will not be tolerated. The NFL might not care. NFL Media might not care. But you can bet every Business that uses the NFL to ingratiate itself with potential Customers sure would have and that means every High Dollar Box, every Sponsor, Advertiser any Business that sends all those many millions that go directly in the Owners’ pockets bypassing revenue sharing with the Players in the CBA.

      But instead Tim’s Fans have listened to the Media, League and that cadre of NFL Fans who don’t want him around.

      • Bigfan says:

        I have been following Timmy since Niece, that’s just what I do with quite a few kids. It is a sorry state of affairs that have spawned from his popularity. A lot or players have followings but none before or currently like Timmy. His light shines bright and makes folks feel good. That base that want to bask in the glow of Timmy that seek it out has morphed into “Tebowmania”.

        When Timmy took the field for the Eagles this pre season he got standing “Os”. I can still see the look on Kelly’s face. The only possible time he may have seen that before was when some injured player was carted off the field? This was the first time feeling the rush of “Tebowmana”. Timmy’s fate was sealed right then and there (just look at who Kelly picked up after being cut. Timmy could play rings around them)!!!!!

        I will say it again it is not Timmy who is not in the NFL it is his fans! If Timmy was on the Eagles it would be DejaVu/Orton all over again. No coach has the cajones to take “Tebowmania” on.

        I haven’t given up hope that a team will pick him up we will just have to wait and see if it happens sooner that later.

        • Sage says:

          Among other things, it shows that the NFL is not a genuinely competitive league. People in the league would rather risk loosing than standing out too much. The NFL is merely reality TV, with a bit of ad lib amidst plot outlines approved by the producers.

          Contrast this to the financial markets, where there are always contrarians who try new things and thrive.

  2. Andrea says:

    Sorry – the media hype of Tebow is here to say. The media can’t stand Tebow and their method of treating Tebow as a circus has worked so far – so why stop now?
    The mainstream media will never forgive or forget Tebow for making that Super Bowl ad.

  3. Sage says:

    Rex Ryan is 2 and 2, probably on the way to another 7-9 season. Bradford is still searching for his 20th win after 5 seasons. Jags loose to Hasselback. Chip Kelly unlikely to climb above 500 this year.

    Broncos riding high, but this is because of Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak, two decent guys who I don’t hold responsible for Tebow. They are winning in a way much more interesting than the old Manning arial machine.

    • Danny says:

      Yep, this is very typical performance of Manning and the Broncos. Rocking the regular season, struggle in the playoffs. It’s going to happen again this year.

      ManningMania in Denver!

    • Danny says:

      In other words, a very poor rate of return for Denver considering all the money that the Broncos paid out for Manning.

      Manning can’t finish the job as advertised.

      • Sage says:

        I’d prefer the Broncos not prosper while the likes of Manning, Elway, DT, and Vonn Miller are there. But the Broncos are more likely to perform in the playoffs with their present model than with the one that was dominated by Peyton’s passing.

        Zone blocking will open up big holes on the ground that the RBs will learn to use.

  4. Danny says:

    Other than not recognizing the overall improvement of Tebow’s passing game, the article brought out a lot of good points.

    Sometimes teams have their “favorite” media outlets that they start “planting” stories. Perhaps this might be the beginning of something going on.

    The odds are still long, but you never know.

  5. Danny says:

    Here’s my Chip’s “to-do” list for today:

    1. Fire Schurmer as OC
    2. Take over as HC/OC dual roles – happens a lot more often than you think
    3. Sign Tebow
    4. Give him the offense to run
    5. Let it roll!

    A VERY productive day indeed!

  6. David says:

    Did you know that Tim Tebow scored more often per pass attempt than Peyton Manning did in 2010? It makes you wonder how he took his job since Tim also scores more often rushing. They were only looking at completion percentage.
    In his first 16 games, Tebow threw 47.3% and scored 19 TDs in 177 of 374 attempts with 9 interceptions. He scored every 9.3 completions and every 19.6 attempts.
    In 2010, the last year that Manning played before joining Denver in 2012, Manning threw 66.3% and scored 33 TDs in 450 of 679 attempts with 17 ints. He scored every 13.63 completions and every 20.57 attempts.

    How was Tim Tebow more efficient at scoring with the pass with a completion percentage that was 19% lower than Peyton Manning’s? Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion and Manning averaged 10.4 yards per completion. Tebow threw the ball 32% farther on every catch and scored more often per attempt and per completion with fewer interceptions per attempt. Tebow’s passing game is as aggressive as his running game. The completion percentage bias in the NFL rewards QBs that dink and dunk (10.4) and penalizes QBs that throw aggressively (15.3) and score more often.
    Tebow scored 32 TDs and 2 two point conversions in 549 touches as a first time starter
    Manning scored 33 TDs in 697 touches in 2010 as a 13 year veteran.
    Tim Tebow was more efficient at scoring.

  7. Sage says:

    Philbin gone. Another casualty who could have saved his job by relying on Tebow.

    At the end of the day, not many guys want to live with pressure and responsibility. Tebow is one of the few.

  8. lex says:

    Sage- you are so clever. your comments have me chuckling:)

  9. David says:

    Deion Sanders talking about what is wrong with the Eagles’ offense.

    He says that the QB, Bradford, is not suitable for this offense and that there is no vertical passing game with Bradford. The Eagles defense was on the field for over 40 minutes in the Redskins game.

    Sanders, in 2011, talking about how Tebow made the Broncos better.

    Tebow increased the average running yards in Denver to 199 yards per game and had low turnovers which increases time of possession and keeps the defense off the field. Tebow had just played the Vikings with a QBR of 149.3 and the pundits were still struggling to accept Tebow’s style of play and even said that Tebow’s success was a problem for Elway.

    • ck says:


  10. David says:

    Tim Tebow vs Tyrod Taylor, aka #culture vs talent

    There are some good comments below this article.

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