WATCH: Tennessee channels Tim Tebow, converts jump pass vs. Florida

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35 Responses to “WATCH: Tennessee channels Tim Tebow, converts jump pass vs. Florida”

  1. ck says:

    Tebow predicted that if the Gators played w/heart then they would WIN AND WIN THEY DID…GREAT PREDICTION BY TEBOW AND WHAT AN EXCITING GAME!!!

  2. ck says:

    They said that Tebow was watching the game and bet he met the QB (Grier) while there…kinda reminds me of Tebow too! Starting to think this coach is just what UF needed. GO GATORS/TEBOW!!!

  3. ck says:

    Yes, they had a lot of trick plays and they must have practiced Tebow’s “jump pass” until the “cows came home”, haha!

  4. David says:

    The Eagles win 24-17 today. They got Bradford and Murray out of the way and the rest of the team won the game.
    Fitzpatrick had 2 TDs and 3 ints for the Jets. If Decker was in the game, they probably win.
    The Eagles defense (3 ints) and special teams (1 TD) and the backup running backs (125 yards 1 TD) won the game.
    Bradford threw 14 of 28 for 118 yards with 1 TD and 0 ints
    That’s 8.2 yards per completion and 4.1 yards per attempt with a 50% completion percentage and -2 yards rushing.
    The Eagles still don’t have a quarterback.

    • Danny says:

      You are absolutely right David, the key points of the same was the special teams TD and the three picks through by Fitzpatrick. The Jets losing the turnover this badly (-3) rarely wins football games at the NFL level. Despite all the Jets turnovers, the final score was a fairly close 24-17. The Jets still could have won the game if the Jets took care of the ball better.

      The fact that Matthews had over 100 yards rushing was a positive factor for the Eagles .

      You are correct about the Eagles; they still don’t have a quarterback. Amazingly he is still the best QB on the team.
      Buzzy says : I was rooting for the Jets one less TO and they would have won.

    • Danny says:

      Meanwhile per ESP, Bradford’s comments after the game:

      Bradford on struggles in the passing game: “We missed a few throws and I think we had a few drops”


      Bradford driving the bus and knocking over some of his receivers, backs and tight ends. How “classy”.

      • tawk2 says:

        Bradford all excuses and Kelley will find others to blame too!

        • ck says:

          Tawk2: Right about that and might be “LESSONS LEARNED” OR NOT, as they say…When he blamed others on the team for his shortcomings, it just shows you why SB is NOT MUCH OF A LEADER COMPARED TO TT IMO!!!

      • ck says:

        Danny: Guess they are playing the Redskins next and they have lost two so far just like the Eagles. Mr. “Class” might have to come up w/more excuses if they lose to them! Thought the Eagles would have lost this game against the Jets and like Buzzy stated above: “One less TD and they would’ve won”! Not the only one wishing…

        • Danny says:

          ck, a VERY contrasting quote from SF QB Kaepernick after the AZ game:

          “Today was 100 percent my fault,” Kaepernick said afterwards. “There’s nothing anyone could have done in that locker room to change that game today the way I played.”

          I’m positive from the SF side there was a LOT of blame to go around, but was an interesting contrast from SB’s winning effort yesterday: “We missed a few throws and I think we had a few drops” as SB was throwing his backs and receivers under the bus. Certainly not SB’s fault, right??????

          As far as the Eagles next game, this will probably be a close game being that both teams are both wasting what talent they have. Eagles didn’t score in the last 30 minutes of the Jets game. Nevertheless, the Eagles are still slight favorites on the road. It will probably by a 24-20, 24-17 type of game. I kind of think the Eagles will take this one, just because the Redskins are just that bad.

          Then again, after comments like that from SB, players are going to start to lose their edge when their own QB calls them out in the media.

          • ck says:

            Danny: Yes, believe The WA Redskins are probably worse only it would be GREAT to see them pull off a WIN!

          • Danny says:


            Hoping for a blowout…. the sound of 70,000 fans chanting:

            “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”
            “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”
            “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”

            would be absolutely phenomenal!

  5. tawk2 says:

    I see the Bears and John Fox not doing well, karma baby! The Bears fans want Tebow but I feel Fox won’t bring him in unless he forced to. The only reason Fox was sought out as a coach was because of what Tebow helped accomplish with the Broncos! I wanted the Eagles to loose, but the Jets did so I guess Karma chose her side today!

    • tawk2 says:

      I wonder if twitter is blowing up with bears fans who want Tebow?

    • Danny says:

      Yeah, Chicago threw up a goose egg on the scoreboard today, 26-0. Clausen was a very unimpressive 9/17 for 63 yards. It certainly dwarfs Russell Wilson’s performance of 20/30 for 235 yards and a TD.

      10 punts by the Bears punter! That’s a LOT of stalled drives!

      Fox CERTAINLY has to know that Clausen isn’t the answer. We all know who the answer is.

      Fox still has an opportunity to make a season out of this mess. Cutler won’t be the answer either. Deep down I think Fox knows it too.

      I’ll bet a LOT of fans want to see Tebow there. Why not? He would be a great fit. The Bears ran for 99 yards today WITH Clausen! Can you imagine what a Tebow led offense would look like? We got a sneak preview in the Eagles preseason.

      As the Eagles go, it wasn’t anything SB as it was a special teams TD by the Eagles and 3 picks by the Jets QB Fitzpatrick. No team in the NFL will win too many games with that turnover rate. Still the game was very close up to the end.

    • Danny says:

      Not to mention seven first downs for Chicago the entire game! WOW!

  6. ck says:

    Like the words of the day…”GOOSE EGG”!

  7. Andrea says:

    32 teams with 32 starting conventional quarterbacks and only 1 team with one conventional quarterback wins the Super Bowl. 1 out 0f 32 – lousy percentage if you ask me. Tebow would bring excitement back to the game and win a Super Bowl to boot. The stupidity of owners, GM’s and coaches is simply breathtaking.

    • Sage says:

      What I like about this year is that it’s given me more undertstanding and certainty. We’ve watched Tim play well (productively) in his opportunities during the preseason, and watched the league do back-flips to keep him out. And we’ve watched things like Jimmy Clausen scoring nothing while Chicago sinks to a record of 0 – 3.

      People can deny, but they can’t hide.

      • tawk2 says:

        Blackball is the word here, if only one coach would build the teams offense around Tim I have no doubt Superbowl rings would be on their fingers. These coaches/GM’s/Owners need to pull their heads out of their butts and get rid of their alter ego’s, and let Tim prove what we all know!

    • tawk2 says:

      They all are jerks and full of themselves, its not about winning anymore it’s about how many yards your qb throws for, lol. I always thought the end game was winning the Superbowl, guess I am dumb, lol

  8. Bigfan says:

    The more I see of the NFL QBs (every game yesterday), IMHO it is not Timmy’s play that keeps him out of the NFL…it is through no fault of his own…his “Rock Star Celebrity” the coaches do not want. i.e Timmy getting a standing ovation (Brady didn’t, Payton didn’t etc.) It can’t be his play, it just can’t!!

    • tawk2 says:

      People are questioning Brady’s/Patriots success because of cheating, and Peyton/Broncos still have not won a Superbowl, plus both qbs are boring to watch, but Tebow energizes the whole team and the fan base!

    • Danny says:

      I’m sure that Brady/Manning/Rodgers, et al. have had their share of fan adoration as well. Go to any board and see the worship these guys get.

      As far as player marketing themselves:

      How many commercials has anyone seen Rodgers in? State Farm?

      How many commercials has anyone seen Manning in? Plenty! Papa John, DISH/DirectTV and I believe Met Life are ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

      How many commercials has anyone seen Tebow in? None as far as I know. He’s endorsed certain things, but all the above mentioned have too.

      In short, I think the celebrity thing as much as people bring up is certainly overdone. If Tebow was in the league 2-3 consecutive years, the chatter would subside quite a bit, except for boards like these. It would just settle in just like anything else. Of course the NFL would market it like crazy, which confuses me to no end why Tebow isn’t playing.

      Tebow hadn’t been on an NFL field for 2 years and a lot of people were anticipating watching him play again. Kelly shouldn’t have cared about the attention; should have just been a hat tip to Tebow and then let him see what he could do.
      Buzzy Says T2 has been 10 or more commercials 2 or 3 of them at the Super Bowl. At Denver he did 3or 4 local ones.

      • Bigfan says:

        Put Timmy on the bench and see what happens…put him on the field and in the locker room for that matter…he draws attention like a moth to a flame.

        The more I see of what the majority put on the field behind center is a joke. There is a spot for Timmy not for “TEBOW” and there is the travesty!!

      • brandi says:

        TMZ made a big deal out of Tim being at a Bowling Alley in Jacksonville with a Woman…(maybe) Since then TMZ has been everywhere in Sports, especially the NFL.

        Elway said the NFL had (has) never experienced anything like Tim Tebow and the response. Floods of Media they had never heard from before.

        Tim polled higher than any Presidential Candidate.

        He is the only Player ever to Play in the NFL named the “Most Marketable Athlete in the World”. We make a big deal out of the NFL here. NOBODY does anywhere else in the World. Yet Tim has been popular all around the World.

        Just my opinion…but I think ANY effort to try to compare him to any other Athlete, especially NFL Player, is a complete waste of time. His popularity isn’t just rare. It’s been unique. It has defied every explanation anyone has made as to why it exists because it has transcended every demographic and interest category.

        He’s not a rare Athlete. He’s has his own category that noone has stepped into. Beyond his Faith. Beyond his Football. It’s not even Celebrity. It’s a Following.

        • Bigfan says:

          And there in is the WHY TEBOW is not in the NFL.

          Timmy on the other had should be!!!

          • brandi says:

            There is a myth about what the NFL is that many want to cling to no matter what. One is it’s “all about Winning”, which isn’t true. It’s partly about Winning. But it’s mostly about Control. The NFL Owners don’t have the guts to do what Baseball does and throw out the Salary Cap and Floor. Even though every indication is of all of the Pro Leagues, the NFL is in the best position to run without such strict Salary Controls, yet it is last among the Leagues in average Player Salary and size of Rosters only accounts for part of that.

            While Roger Goodell and several NFL Owners praise Tim Tebow NONE of them has been willing to step in when those below decide Tim brings too much extra work and…for them individually…no extra pay. So whether they can Win with him or not becomes secondary.

            Primary is that for NFL GMs Tim Tebow means more work. More visibility. Every step and mis-step magnified and placed under even more spotlights. And they don’t get a dime of that extra money that goes to the Franchise and the League.

            Teams were quietly saying that it’s Tim’s popularity and the Poo-Pooing Crowd said that was just more BS whining from Tebow Fans. Until Miami said it on the record and it was printed in the Palm Beach paper.

            Then the storyline became “Yeah well who wants the aggravation for a 2nd String QB?”…now it’s 3rd string. Tim’s Fans have played every game the NFL and its sycophants have wanted them to play and look where it got them and Tim.

            He has more Fans than the NFL does. IMO, it’s time to make certain the NFL realizes that. Again…JMO. The days of being nice about it are over. That’s 4 cheeks now slapped. Anyone have any more for the NFL to slap?

      • ck says:

        Danny: They can’t have him out competing the also rans and that is what was going to happen b/c then what excuse would they have other than extreme bias which only goes so far before the fans have had enough and demand differently; i.e., Broncos finally wining w/TT and Eagles w/standing O!

  9. Sherri says:

    Did everyone notice that all of a sudden the NFL is interested in a development league? It may be a coincidence, but it is a timely one, where new leagues with teeth are springing up and now there is something brewing on the NFL scene.

    That didn’t happen when that little football league in Detroit started up, did it?. Didn’t happen with the FXFL. A11FL isn’t the cause. They don’t scare the NFL. BRANDI’S LEAGUE DOES. Now, it may fail because it is different, but so what? At least she put her rep on the line for it.
    Buzzy Says : I remind you this is the TebowZone we will sell you an add.

  10. David Oliver says:


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