Tim Tebow: the QB you deserve

By Campus Times · Published on September 17, 2015 10:59 AM · Editorial Observers, Opinions

After the first weekend of the NFL season, half of the teams will be entering the second week of the season with a losing record. This is expected. One other fact comes to mind when recapping the week—Tim Tebow did not play a down. Why? The Eagles had cut him. As someone who does not care much about football, I do not notice much. I notice wins, and I notice losses. At the end of the day, isn’t this what matters most? Who cares if a quarterback threw or ran for great yardage only for his team to lose a close one in the fourth quarter? As a not-very-dedicated fan of the New York Giants, I don’t. My knowledge of week one can be summed up in six words: the Giants lost to the Cowboys.

Knowing that half of the teams that played lost, I wonder why Tim Tebow isn’t on a roster. You Tebow haters probably will say something dismissive about his passing ability or general skills, but this is subjective. I agree that he is not the QB you want. But, with a winning record in his pocket, he’s the one you need. How many QBs get the starting job year after year with minimal wins?

I have a theory about why Tebow isn’t given a chance—he’s too perfect off the field and too mediocre on it. From week to week, we love hearing about some ridiculous performance on the field. Tim Tebow will never provide statistics worthy of these reports, mostly because he will not have the opportunity.

When he made Sportscenter as an athlete, it was primarily so commentators could critique his average throwing form or comment on how he will not be a quality starting player. Additionally, off the field, he was a coach’s dream. Rather than hearing stories about him committing crimes (RG3 or Big Ben) or him potentially cheating (Tom Brady), we heard about him going down on one knee to pay respects to his lord. That’s a subpar story to gossip about. His building a hospital in the Philippines is heartwarming, but even this does not seem to provoke as much emotion as a superstar setting a poor example.

Moving forward into the season, fans will continue to be upset as many teams will not make the playoffs. Fans will complain about their quaterbacks. Coaches will be fired. Next year, the same. A constant in this situation will be Tim Tebow the commentator; Tim Tebow the player will have remained unrewarded. Even after leading a playoff run for the Broncos, the closest to a full-time starting position he was offered was a puppet position to create drama and a ridiculous claim for Rex Ryan to discuss. Tebow will not be a QB in the NFL, but this is because of his on-field performances.

As teams continue to lose, I note that Tebow will never provide what you want in a QB. He will not be a part of unreal highlights. He will not break passing records. But he will bring something to a team that any fan would love—he will win.

Kuhrt is a member of the class of 2017.

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7 Responses to “Tim Tebow: the QB you deserve”

    • ck says:

      The guy writing this is obviously anti-Gators/Tebow and just wanted to dish the dirt…remember him being this way a lot and he needs to be sidelined due to his negativity! So glad that Tebow and Meyers (think Cooper was included in not interviewing too) did not give an interview b/c he STINKS IMO!!!

  1. jp says:

    Appreaciate the article however I argue The T highlight real wit the Brocoes is one of the most impressive of that year

  2. ck says:

    When it is all said and done, only thing that means anything is having a PROVEN WINNER! PEOPLE WILL SPEND MONEY TO SEE WINNERS NOT LOSERS…RIDICULOUS!!!

  3. brandi says:

    I LuvMe some Timmy Tebow. But that’s not why I write about him or anything else I’ve done to advocate for him. One of the very first things I wrote about Tim was an article titled “Can Tim Tebow Save Football?” NOT the NFL. The Game of Football itself.

    I have had alot of polls and surveys and as I’ve pointed out here many times try to keep up on others done. The most comprehensive survey done on people’s attitudes about the Major Pro Sports Leagues (Plus NASCAR) was taken last May and June by Street & Smith. It got little coverage because of two reasons. 1) When it’s initial findings were released only the Sports Business Media picked it up because everyone else was busy with the Ray Rice incident. 2)Because it was extremely unfavorable for the NFL and NFL Media and most of the Sports Media in general stays as far away as it can from anything that’s unfavorable for the NFL unless it’s a big juicy scandal they can entice people with.

    The NFL was/is far and away those least trusted Pro Sports Organization. For all the continuing talk of Steroids in Baseball the public still trusts MLB 5 times more than the NFL. But that’s just where it starts. 48% (and 61% of the highly prized Millennials)called the NFL “sleazy”. Those numbers have to be MUCH worse now after all the scandals and now more of Tim’s Fans finally having decided the NFL will never do anything but try to simultaneously use and mock him and them.

    The NCAA is marked not just by the Penn State scandal but by how many thought they came down “too hard” on PSU and then even let them back into Bowl Contention earlier than they’d said. The most disgusting 2 decades of treatment of children most can remember in all of Sports History in the US and treating it like Players getting free tattoos was the NCAA “overstepping its authority” and being too harsh?

    Football went from being a Game saved by Teddy Roosevelt from being completely outlawed because he thought it built “Men of Character” to a Game that creates the most Characterless Executives, Coaches, Players and Fans of any Sport on the planet. And noone exemplifies this more than the NFL.

    And noone one exemplifies as much a polar opposite of that than Tim Tebow. He IS that “Man of Character” Teddy had in mind when he fought to save the Game existence. And hundreds of millions of people around the World know that.

    And THAT is why I fight for Tim. (And sometimes yell that his fans should NOT Play the NFL’s Game. Beat on them for all the right reasons. Not joust over the dumb numbers or mechanics, etc. that those who have no use for Tim want every Tebow discussion to be about.)

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