Tim Tebow Rumors: Jaguars, Browns and Redskins Should All Give Tebow A Chance In 2015 [VIDEO]

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  1. brandi says:

    IMO the Team that should be most interested in Tim Tebow is the Houston Texans. They could and probably should be a Playoff Team this year. Their Defense is strong but it can’t be on the Field all the time nor can it keep being placed in bad situations by Offensive Turnovers.

    Brian Hoyer was replaced by Ryan Mallett in their game against Kansas City today. He did better than Hoyer which will make him The Man. Or as most in Houston see it, until about Week 3.

    Arian Foster could be back as early as next week. Though Week 3 looks more likely. Houston is a Rushing Team. If the Passing doesn’t complement the Rushing they go nowhere this season. But put Tebow behind Center and you have a Team that can pound the Ball down the Field, complement it with timely effective Passing, a tough Defense and a QB whose reputation for late Game drives is so solid the 2-Minute Drill was named after him.

    It’s the perfect set-up for a Team that wants low to low-mid scoring in a controlled low scoring Game and the added bonus of being able to Win Games late. In a relatively weak Division.

    Houston is a legitimate Playoff Contender with Tim. Without him it’s hoping its QBs don’t throw away every Winnable Game.

  2. Sage says:

    I’d love it if Bob McNair recognized this. Houston would be a great home for Tebow.

    On its way to the # 3 largest U.S. city.

    • brandi says:

      I don’t know how much had to do with Foster being hurt and how much was planned. But Houston Passing almost twice as much as Running? That’s a bad ratio for almost any Team. But for them it’s just handing the Game to almost any Opponent.

    • Danny says:

      As far as the Texans strengths this would be a great option for Tim. When Arian Foster gets back in October, it would be a great combination if TT has an opportunity to play. Hoyer is injury prone and Mallett maxed his potential at New England. Also George Godsey, the Texans OC got a look at Tebow at NE when Tebow was signed by the Patriots. Godsey was one of the offensive coaches at NE then. This might be an interesting fit.

      After the first week, not so good for either Hoyer or Mallett.

  3. Snargles says:

    It would be a beast of a time trying to see them play but if you sign Tebow you have me. He really can control the ball. In the second half of the third preseason game tebow controlled the ball for 9 of 12 minutes he was in. Barkley had the ball for less than 3 of just over 15 minutes. He didn’t look that good because the center appeared to be suffering from an epileptic fit. He scored 10 in the game and would have done much better if they would have given him the game and sat Barkley. One thing is certain if the team gets behind him (locker room) then he does well. If they don’t well we all saw what happened in NY. Yall would need to sign raheed bailey those two had a little chemistry working.

  4. Danny says:

    I went out to the Jaguars forum yesterday just to see the sentiment. They’re incredibly entrenched in the Caldwell camp. He must have 20 accounts set up to pat himself on the back for the “great” job he’s doing!

    Ever since David “Even if he’s released” Caldwell has been the Jaguars GM, his record is 7-26. The win count actually DECREASED from year to year.

    It looks like to me that he has no spine at all, willing to make the tough decisions. He’s just in it to get the adoration of the fan base. If that’s a true picture of the fan base, then they just like mediocrity. If that’s the case, Caldwell’s their man.

    • Sage says:

      Jags fans seem remarkably patient, don’t they? 2 or 3 delusions can easily span a decade before they are fully and surely dispelled.

      But if a guy is throwing more pick-6s than the rest of the league, one would have to be delusional to think he’s on the right path.

    • Danny says:

      I just proofread my post, instead of “willing” meant “unwilling”

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