Tim Tebow returns to SEC Network as analyst (TKS Pam)

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SEC Network
Tim Tebow returns to ESPN this Saturday, Sept. 12, as an SEC Network college football analyst. Tebow resumes his role on the network’s two-hour traveling pregame show, SEC Nation. The show is live from Nashville, on the Vanderbilt campus, beginning at 10 a.m. ET (9 a.m. CT) prior to the Georgia at Vanderbilt football game.

“Tim quickly developed into an excellent analyst last year, and we were not shy about acknowledging his home at ESPN should he be available to return,” said John Wildhack, ESPN Executive Vice President.

SEC Nation debuted its second season last Saturday, Sept. 5, at Arkansas (ESPN Images), with host Joe Tessitore, analyst Marcus Spears, ESPN Radio’s Paul Finebaum, reporter Kaylee Hartung and new to SEC Nation, analyst Greg McElroy. With Tebow’s return, the show will now feature three National Championship winning analysts with a total of five SEC Championship wins (2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009) between the trio.

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33 Responses to “Tim Tebow returns to SEC Network as analyst (TKS Pam)”

  1. ck says:

    Believe it was something he feels comfortable doing and is also successful at too! Bet they think that the other scenario was going to overshadow his future only that is not the case and he is showing them all that he is not GOING TO HAVE THEM HAVE THE LAST WORD…LITERALLY!!! GO TEBOW!!!

  2. Sage says:

    Good if it’s what he wants, but I’d vastly prefer to see him play in the CFL. I guess watching him play is over. If this weren’t a Tebow site I would cuss.

    • Sage says:

      But David, you make interesting points re/ CFL.

    • ck says:

      Sage: Just b/c he is on SEC Network does not mean he has given up on his dream and like Tisa states: “Stubborn”. Agree w/u that I would rather see him in his element making football a game worth watching…MAYBE, it’s just another “bump in the road”. As far as letting go, sometimes it feels that way as in how much more can he be subjected to as well as his loyal fans? And then you have the other side coming onto a “Tebow Site” and spewing their venom where it doesn’t belong and that DOES get old!!! Rather hear good news than not even if it WASN’T the news everyone wanted to hear regarding his earned spot on a roster that was abruptly discarded for NO GOOD REASON THAT MAKES ANY KIND OF SENSE!!! JUST GLAD HE APPEARS TO BE MAKING THE BEST OF A SITUATION AND NOT LETTING THEM WIN!!! PLUS, HE HAS A LOT OF SUPPORT ON HIS SITE WHICH IS GOOD TO SEE ALSO.

      • Sage says:

        Right, ck. Tim has never wanted people to worry from him, and I don’t. It’s ME I’m fretting for. I really, really liked watching him play for the Broncos. A bunch of narrow-minded pigheads seem to have won the day, though of course an unexpected turn of events is possible.

        Guess life is good when a football career is nearly my greatest worry. 🙂

        • ck says:

          Can’t say I don’t agree w/u and would like to see Tebow play at starter again where he should have been all along instead of bouncing here, there, and everywhere!!! Not the only one wishing for “TEBOW TIME” getting an extension due to all the excitement he brings to a game…it’s a “BLAST” to watch!!!
          The clause in SEC Contract is still in place that lets him pursue his
          D-R-E-A-M and “LIFE IS GOOD”!!! Can’t wait to watch this Saturday and hope he has all positives at SEC Nation until he takes on another challenge in The NFL…still believe!!! 🙂

  3. Tisa says:

    I think Timmy may be too stubborn for his own good. It’s been quarter back or nothing and now it’s NFL or nothing. Seems he has no intention of going to the CFL. I just hope if this is his decision for the future he doesn’t keep thinking the NFL is going to change their mind/attitude because I don’t think they will. At least we can enjoy his commentary on Saturday mornings and- he does look nice in a suit.

    • Sage says:

      You’ve got a point, Tisa.

      Tim has always been in conflict with the football elders. It’s they who have been wrong, but still there has always been conflict. Somehow I’ve got to let go. It will happen inevitably, I guess. I’m happy he has a TV job, but it doesn’t mean much to me.

  4. RICK says:

    Back wear he belongs and quite honestly deserves. He is more than qualified, he is resume as a college athlete is almost unmatched.

    I will listen to Timmy.

    Be honest I think Timmy could become bigger than Herbstreet ever dreamed.

  5. Bigfan says:

    Dan Patrick was right.

    God bless you Timmy…Time to settle down??

  6. Mike says:

    Tebow is selling his soul to Devil. The loser, pathetic media which has bashed him endlessly, throws some money at him and he comes like a dog for food.
    I am a TEBOW fan, but I despise the media. They media loves getting Christians to come their way. What he should do is what Doug Flutie did. He manned up and went to Canada to prove people wrong and play the game he loves. Tebow preaches to never quit, and he is running to the ESPN owned SEC network chasing Benjamins.
    The SEC gig will always be there, just like gigs are still available for Doug Flutie. He needs to show kids around the world that you can’t keep a good man down. He can show the world just how he can take the CFL to a level they never imagined. All his people care about (ie his agent and his LA based media agents) is a big paycheck so they can take their cut. They will always advise him to avoid Canada. Well there are a lot of possible Christian converts there that need to hear his message.
    So my message to TEBOW is: GO TO CANADA!!! PLEASE!!! Please prove these losers wrong. Don’t let them win…. And if they get you to not play in Canada, then the NFL & the media WIN… COME ON TIM, PROVE THEM WRONG!!

    • GoGata says:

      Mike – selling his soul to the devil????? A little drastic… Might want to refill your meds. Surprisingly, your other points I have to agree. I don’t understand…. you dedicate your time, energy, and effort to your craft and “the game that you love” and you walk away because it is not the NFL? CFL has seen several QB’s prove themselves there and get a shot again in the NFL. Flutie and Warren Moon come to mind. Money won’t be an issue for Tebow and ESPN / SEC Network will be waiting. It is a possibility that Tebow goes to Canada and faces the same frustration he has dealt with in the NFL. He doesn’t fit into the box that others want him to fit into as a QB. My guess would be that they would be ecstatic to have Tebow and ratings would be higher than ever. I would be watching my first CFL games. Hope he considers the CFL… I know he’s “young” at 28 but football is a young man’s game so he should be trying to get out to Montreal ASAP. I’m disappointed as a fan bc I really think he is getting the short end of the stick, but even more reason to go try and prove himself in Canada and use his improved mechanics. This day and age of fantasy football the intangibles tend to go out the window but true sports fans can see it and Tebow has that in spades… don’t let it go to waste Tim, go play football.

  7. lex says:

    this could be a possible replay of his schedule from last year. finish the college football season, then get back to work and prep for a possible cfl engagement??

    does anyone see that as probable?

    i think it is healthy that he is getting to work after the eagles disappointment. better for him to be busy than not.

    • ck says:

      Lex: Can’t see him sitting around doing nothing as he has too much of an upside…Could not fathom or even imagine TEBOW QUITTING B/C HE HAS NOT MET AN OBSTACLE THAT HE COULDN’T OVERCOME W/GOD’S HELP, YET!!!
      Apparently, there does seem to be a pattern set that only happens to Tebow due to the NFL trying to control ALL THINGS TEBOW, EVEN FANS!!!
      How obvious does it have to be that The NFL continues w/their one-sided playbook saga/tactics which is more than upsetting and WHY THE “H” WOULD IT NOT??!! (Somebody even posted on Tebow’s site that “Chip Kelly was paid to dump Tebow”.)
      Identify w/what Sage stated: “If this wasn’t a Tebow site, I would cuss”! As far as The NFL is concerned, even if trite, “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”!!!

      • ck says:

        When the truth finally comes out and it will, then you will see what is hiding behind the facade (reminds me of “The Wizard Of Oz”!)!!! The proverbial “apple cart” is about to be upset by, who else?…TEBOW!!! Can’t wait to see how God is going to intervene on this one!!! Miracles do happen and am convinced of that, especially where T is concerned! Here is what someone posted on Philly Sports (moniker–Jackson Furst): “Chip Kelly is a vindictive little man with a Napolean complex. I predict that this season will not turn out the way he expects it to. Bradford will get injured, Mark Sanchez will melt down, and Chip Kelly will look like a complete and utter bonehead for releasing a proven winner like Tebow who had spent the entire summer learning the system for a reject from the Jacksonville Jaguars Practice Squad. That will surely go down as one of the most mind-boggling moves in recent memory. Chip made his bed, now he’s going to have to sleep in it. Countdown to Chip Kelly being told he’s “Not Good Enough” by the end of the season when the Eagles miss the playoffs.
        It doesn’t surprise me at all that Kelly was irked at Tim Tebow’s reception from the fans that 1st playoff (preseason) game. Tim Tebow is more popular than any team he will ever play for, and that has always been the case. This is a large part of why there is an intense resentment (read: JEALOUSY) where Tim Tebow is concerned. His release as a 3rd QB was reported on worldwide, trending worldwide online at close to the top for 2 days afterwards. They can deny Tim Tebow a roster spot, but one thing that no one can take away from Tim Tebow is the love and adoration he has by millions who root for him. Tim will go onto huge success in whatever he chooses. He will be just fine.
        As far as RASHEED BAILEY he more than earned his roster spot. He looked explosive in the pre-season. His release makes no sense whatsoever. He deserved a roster spot, but certainly the practice squad. Yet another Chip Kelly move that will come back to bite him. Rasheed will get picked up somewhere.”
        From Tebow’s site, someone commented that “The NFL is corrupt. NFL needs Tebow, Tebow doesn’t need NFL.” (moniker-Imagine) Then Dave Diamond @ Tebow states: “The NFL is NUTS! Sorry, when a QB with your talent is not on a roster…stuff broken.”
        DecentAmerican @ Tebow writes: “Nice to see you bounce back, but please don’t give up your dream?! You have no idea how your courage gave hope to us all.” Guess that sums it up…

  8. Alan says:

    Go to Canada and prove you can win a championship at the professional level there, then the NFL. Or at least stay in football shape so you’re ready when Urban Meyer gets an NFL head coaching/GM job and the both of you win in the NFL.

    • Sage says:

      Urban in the NFL is what I’ve been waiting for. Could happen. If he wins this year, don’t they have to beat a path to his door?

  9. Bubbaelvis says:

    I think this means he is done with playing football. Who can blame him. He did everything possible to come back and in my book was successful. I don’t think anybody, if they are being truthful, believes he isn’t good enough to be on the Eagles. What really went down will be a mystery. Tim can hold his head high and when he looks back years from now, he will have no regrets. He put his whole heart into it for years. Time to move on.

    • GoGata says:

      Disagree.. I think if he doesn’t give the CFL a try he will always have doubts and regrets of what MIGHT have been. Every athlete has that I believe no matter what level. If you are really competitive by nature and dedicated a significant amount of time at a sport then it is natural. Did I train hard enough, did I do this, do that, what could I have done different, ect. – very very few people who can sleep at night without a little doubt. Seems strange to me if Tim doesn’t give it a try in the CFL. Sports are a young mans game and he can still physically do it, but the time will come where the body can’t do what the mind wants it to do or used to be able to do and it’s too late at that point.

    • Danny says:

      I’ve had jobs before where I’ve seen very talented people get passed over for promotions because of things outside of their control. It’s not talent that wins out all the time. It’s that way in business, it’s also that way in the locker room.

      I believe Tim handled this situation the best he could:

      1. He made sure he allowed the Eagles to announce his signing back in April. If you recall, ESPN was a little upset they didn’t get the “scoop”

      2. He didn’t interact in social media very much, if so it wasn’t Eagles related

      3. Always stressed about being a good teammate, never pointed to himself in any way when it came to accomplishments, always wanting to improve, never satisfied

      4. He never upstaged any of his teammates and coaches.

      The Eagles did promote Tebow quite a bit on their websites and various blogs. It’s not like they were innocent in all this.

      If some of the reports discussed in other threads are true, it makes me very disappointed that Coach Kelly couldn’t get past his own ego and pride thinking that Tebow was more popular than him.

      That’s the issue that Tebow is going to face from here on out. Tebow is about as humble a person that you will ever find. Even with that, some coaches and other insecure players are going to feel threatened by Tebow’s presence.

      Groupspeak is very prevalent in the media and everyone has to agree with everyone else to move up and get better assignments. Safer to bash Tebow then to support him. We’ve all seen what happens to the pro-Tebow media analysts. There’s a few principled brave ones. It’s not just in sports media, but news on ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN and a host of others. You can turn to any channel and hear virtually the same thing.

      Anyway, I’ve stated before that I support Tim in whatever he does. He’s far more fortunate than the typical retired NFL player who’s broke/on drugs/suffering from concussions. At least he has options.

      • ck says:

        Danny: Yes, he did everything right and then the WRONG thing happened which is very unsettling to me as well. There is a story in all of this and no matter how they try to spin it, it will always be lacking an adequate answer for what transpired! Hopefully, the truth comes out and it will probably be just as we suspected!!! This is what happens when you have morally corrupt persons w/ulterior motives and NOT TEBOW’S FAULT AT ALL IMO!!!

    • ck says:

      Bubbaelvis: All I can say is, STAY TUNED! Until I hear it from Tebow then I am not believing anything the negative sportscasters are going to say just for hits at their site; btw, happen to respect M. Eckel and he is one of the exceptions by being a professional journalist and remains largely unbiased; more than can be said for most of the rest!!! Although, the grades given by ESP seemed to be all over the chart at times…maybe we could have Buzzy give Coach Kelly a final grade? He might like that idea, lol! (Buzzy was better than ESP on nailing grades for the most part.)

  10. Bill Stacy says:

    Sorry I don’t care to watch the sec network. I am only interested in him playing. Screw next year go play the CFL 8 games and then come back to the nfl this season. I still don’t believe that Kelly doesn’t have a plan? Too many changes the last second to this be it. How was it a big week for Tim Chip? Either he was expecting him to fail or there is something else going on here. My eyes aren’t lying to me they never have when it comes to Tebow. Who cares about broadcasting that’s what the haters want anyway. He will regret this later if he gives up now. Time to let this week play out and see if he can sign with anyone after week 1 (maybe even the Eagles) and then make a decision.

    • ck says:

      True, broadcasting will always be there to fall back on and he is in top condition w/age on his side too. Not sure CFL is the answer, they are promoting a circus in itself…M.Sam has joined them!!! Good grief!!!

    • David says:

      Bill, I believe that if a player plays in the CFL, they are ineligible to play in the NFL that year. He’d have to wait till 2016. If he keeps himself available while working at ESPN, he can be signed by any team.

      2011 CBA
      Article 20 Sec 1 CFL Rule
      No club may sign a player who in the same year has been under contract to a Canadian Football League club at the end of that CFL club’s season (regular season of post season whichever is applicable)

      This is why NFL players avoid going to the CFL.

  11. Bubbaelvis says:

    I hope I am wrong. I just can’t see him leaving the broadcast job again and them being fine with it. Then again after reading what David wrote about eligibility I am re-thinking. Maybe Tim didn’t go to CFL this year because he thinks there is a chance he will get a call if someone’s QB situation gets wrecked through injury or incompetence. If he doesn’t, he can always go to the CFL next year. Tebow always keeps us guessing. Whatever he decides I support.

  12. Anto says:

    Here’s what I believe he’s thinking: last year, what I did made me a better QB. When I played this year, I proved that I was better than I was at the Pats. I’m almost there – one more year with House’s program, doing exactly what I did last time and I’ll be in.

    Whether that works or not is, of course, a different issue. However, given his history and his interviews, that seems like it might be his attitude – never give up on the dream, keep on trying to get better and eventually, it will come.

  13. AP says:

    I feel what you saying but…

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