Tim Tebow On NFL Future ‘Figuring Out the Next Step’

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5 Responses to “Tim Tebow On NFL Future ‘Figuring Out the Next Step’”

  1. shaztah says:

    I hope he does not give up on his dream. Just because there are some really mean and nasty people out there does not mean that there is not some really good people out there too. There is some really horrible QB play going on this year. I hope Bradford keeps playing scared and they go 0-3, lets see if the Tebow fans who gave him a standing ovation will show up and start chanting TEBOW! They may not be there cuz they may be mad at Chip for cutting Tim. Who knows. I am not giving up on Tim because he hasn’t given up. I think it will take Gruden or Meyer to get a HC job somewhere for Tim to get a chance. Let’s hope it happens 🙂

    • David says:

      The fact that Tim and his fans are rubbing the NFL’s nose in it is pretty enjoyable to watch. Every team that loses a QB is calling for him.

      • ck says:

        David: Right about that b/c it is like watching a “train wreck” and hard not to watch when they have been exposed, yet, again!

        • ck says:

          Although, I don’t watch NFL games and only hear about it on this site or internet and refuse to click on sites affiliated w/NFL also! Though the news coming out sure is proving that the FANS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!! Watching the Gators today and SEC NATION W/TEBOW AND HOPE THEY WIN!!!
          (Staying cautiously optimistic where both TEBOW AND THE GATORS ARE CONCERNED!)

    • ck says:

      Shaztah: Exactly!

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