Tim Tebow highlights – 2015 NFL Preseason Week 4

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  1. David says:

    Tebow averaged 17.2 yards per completion and 11.1 yards per attempt with a 64.7% completion percentage and went 11 of 17 against the Jets. That was even more impressive because there were 3 dropped passes and 2 throwaways. Tebow is patient and fearless in the pocket and lets his long routes develop. When they are not open, he runs for positive yardage. In this game he ran for 32 yards in 4 carries. Most of the other QBs are Checkdown Charlies and average about 10-12 yards per completion. That means they are throwing 4-6 yards in the air and the receiver takes 2 steps and is tackled. They still throw a lot more interceptions than Tebow because they are throwing into traffic with defenders in front of and behind the receiver. Tebow throws the longest passes in the NFL and scores more often with fewer interceptions. I don’t want to watch QBs that throw more interceptions than TDs and dink and dunk all day while the announcer praises him for getting rid of the ball quickly and ignores his 22 interceptions per year. Tebow scores more often and is more exciting to watch because his passing game is as aggressive as his running game. He plays REAL football, not the gimmicky NFL football and they will never forgive him for it.

    • David Oliver says:

      David – Great overview of TRUTH – Wonder why.. ALL of a sudden..

      COACH CHIP Kelly: Decided to join the LIE TEAM OF HATERS, and bring
      back the NFL Blackball of TIM TEBOW as A QB in this league..

      Or was that the SURREPTITIOUS PLAN.. (SNEAKY, DEMONIC) all along?


    • David says:

      Kelly decided to go for it on 4th and 15 and Tebow had to try and force a throw which ended in an interception. In a real game they would have kicked a field goal to make it a 3 point game. The interception belongs to Kelly, because Tebow would not throw that pass unless his coach forced him to do it. Tebow’s QBR was 117. Without that interception, Tebow’s QBR would have been 141.5 in the game against the Jets.

  2. David says:

    http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football is a good site to keep up with NFL transactions and news.

  3. Sage says:

    I’m not sure how reliable this article is, but it suggests the Allouhettes (sp) had interest in Tim last year. I wonder if that’s still true.

    Although I can understand Tim’s desire to take the training offer with the Eagles, he hasn’t always shown the most wisdom about career choices. I’d have told him to go to the CFL 2 years ago, if not sooner, at least after he was not picked up when cut from the Patriots.

    Tim is a better player than Warren Moon and Doug Flutie, but their path is a good example. I really hope he himself will give it a try. Setting records in the CFL is better than retiring from football. And it could lead back to the NFL.


    • David Oliver says:


      I did a lot of searching (just now) thru 200+ comments so I will make
      it a little easy by “Sticking it in here” – You are Right!
      it is a very valuable insight into Chip Kelly and his Character and
      Values = Strange Illogical Decisions..
      (BUT THE TRUTH CAN SET US {and HIM} FREE !!)>>>>

      mike adams • 11 hours ago from link given by TheMascotArmy above:

      I have a friend who knows a couple of the eagles players- both are still on the active roster. He gave me some supposed scoop;

      First on Tebow – the entire team thought Tebow easily did enough to be the #3 QB and were sure he would make the team Said even though Kelly reduced his reps Tebow was making big strides toward the end of camp to the point that many felt he was starting to challenge Sanchez. Feeling on the team is that Kelly seemed really irked about the reception Tebow got in that first game (standing O chants of TEBOW etc.). They really knew he was gone when they got that first down inside the five during the last preseason game (after the INT) and Kelley did not call a single play for Tebow. Said Tebow knew it then as well.

      Rasheed Bailey – they thought he would make practice squad for sure if not active roster.

      Said some of the stuff Kelly does is “hard to figure out”, but they have to “roll with it.”

      Third hand information – no idea how close it is to the truth.

      • Sage says:

        Interesting. Thank you.

      • David says:

        Tebow threw 2 TDs to Quentin Sims in NE in the Giants game for the comeback win. Tebow was cut and Sims was on the practice squad for a week or 2 and later cut. I don’t think he ever played again.

      • Danny says:

        Yeah, I can see that…kind of confirms the chatter the writers were hearing from the locker room. Entirely plausible.

        When everyone was chanting Kurt Warner’s name in that Super Bowl season for the Rams, I’m glad Dick Vermeil didn’t have a problem with that. Just saying.

      • Danny says:

        “You’re competing for something, but at the same time, you want to do it the right way,” Tebow said. “You want to treat others the way you want to be treated the entire time – no matter what’s on the line, no matter what’s it stake. Because opportunities and positions are never more important than character.”

      • Danny says:

        Thanks TheMascotArmy and David Oliver for the great find!

        • Sage says:

          Likewise, thanks for pulling the Tebow quote.

          I don’t perceive any real sign that Tebow was referring to acts of poor character by Sanchez or the other QBs. How about you?

        • Danny says:

          Hard to say Sage, now that I put into better context it confuses me even more! Lol. In light of things we’ve heard so far I would bet that a lot more of off the record comments will start to filter out, especially if the season turns bad for the eagles.

  4. David Oliver says:

    I tried to view this video link and got this message on youtube:

    Tim Tebow highlights – 2015 NFL Preseason Week

    “This (youtube video) contains content from NFL, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Sorry about that.

    Buzzy Says Its Fixed now until the NFL or Eagles Find IT

  5. David says:

    I’m over on the blog at the http://www.arizonacardinals.com suggesting that they sign Tebow and put Barkley on the practice squad. They get a better QB and save a draft pick because he has to be on the active roster for 6 weeks before the Eagles get the draft pick.

    Arizona should cut Barkley or put him on the practice squad and sign Tebow immediately. You get a better QB and save a draft pick.
    Tebow QBR 90.7 – 3 TDs 1 INT
    Barkley QBR 57.5 – 0 TDS 2 INT

  6. Sage says:

    David, it’s not that we trust the NFL. It’s that Tim needs to make a historical record of his talent before it’s too late. Satchel Paige played in the negro leagues, and he is well remembered.

    • David says:

      Skip Bayless said that their are some in Tim’s camp who want him to go but Tebow does not want to go. The salaries there average 80k a year and the last time Tebow got an offer it was to compete for the backup role. Unless he is guaranteed a starting role it doesn’t do anything but hurt his career even more. I heard 2 radio hosts making fun of Tebow going to Canada today. It is already being used to demean him the same way Kelly used it to defame him. He makes more money at ESPN and keeps his face on TV which benefits his charity and gives him endorsement potential. Today, ESPN announced that Tebow will be back on SEC Network on Saturday.

  7. TheMascotArmy says:

    Found this in a comment section.

    This sums it up. I always believed it too. (Sal Paolantonio), who knows football better than most, pretty well sums it up on Tebow at minute 54 of the Mike and Mike talk show.

  8. Bigfan says:

    Spot on Sal!!

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