Tim Tebow could be playing in his final NFL game

Tim Tebow could be playing in his final NFL game

Chip Kelly is impressed with Tim Tebow and says he’s looking forward to his QB competition. But we think Tim’s going to need a miracle.

The Philadelphia Eagles announced the battle between Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley will have one final round on Tuesday. In other words, Tebow could be playing in his final NFL game Thursday night. It’s hard to envision not having Tebow on an NFL stage if he’s left off of the roster. However, if Tebow can’t make it with the Eagles’ offense, what offense in the NFL suits him?

Tim Tebow battles for roster spot in final preseason game

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For that reason alone, the Eagles are one of the few teams that have four intriguing prospects at quarterback. Sam Bradford has been spectacular at camp, while Mark Sanchez solidified his spot as the back up. Therefore, Barkley and Tebow have been dueling for the third string QB position with the Eagles throughout training camp. Unfortunately, after Thursday’s final preseason game with the New York Jets, Tebow or Barkley will become a cut casualty prior to Saturday’s 4 p.m. deadline. However, the stage is set for both players to perform at the their best.

According to PhiladelphiaEagles.com, Chip Kelly has not made a decision between the two quarterbacks, but each quarterback will play a half of football. Barkley will get the first half, while Tebow will have the chance to make one final impression.

Throughout camp, Barkley has been on point with the Eagles, but he provides some of the same things that Bradford and Sanchez do. As the least mobile quarterback of the three, Barkley would be better suited to be the No.2 guy. However, the Eagles would have to trade Sanchez to a team in need of a quarterback. Therefore, Barkley has to have a dominant performance during Thursday’s first half.

Tebow brings all the attributes to help team chemistry. He also has the ability to make plays outside of the pocket. With the 2-point conversion becoming more important this season, there’s been a buzz about Tebow making the team since the spring. As a third string QB, Tebow might only play a few plays per game, but he could become a weapon for the Eagles. Undoubtedly, coach Kelly will have a package setup for Tebow if he earns a roster spot.

Still, the Eagles have to worry about their injury history at quarterback. In the grand scheme of things, Philadelphia should go with Barkley if they feel his play is worthy of remaining on the team. Bradford sustained back to back ACL injuries in 2013-14, so there is trepidation about his long-term availability. However, the allure of having Tebow on the roster may be too much to pass up.

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  1. ck says:

    At least when Tebow makes the team, we won’t have to be subjected to this TRIPE BY SOME SUBJECTIVE PSEUDO REPORTER!!!

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