Tebow makes best case yet for Eagles spot

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33 Responses to “Tebow makes best case yet for Eagles spot”

  1. Bigfan says:

    The suspense is killing me!

  2. Bigfan says:

    ESP has noting up on Timmy one way or another??

  3. Danny says:

    Only 9 to go. I suspect deals going on that directly or indirectly impact.the 9 players left. I still believe Tebow makes the 53 man roster.

  4. lex says:

    well, it should be only a matter of time before we know. tebow is flying today? i am sure knows either a yes or no.

    i sure hope you are right, danny.

  5. Danny says:

    Per Jay Glazer cardinals working on a deal for Barkley

  6. lex says:

    ESPN reporting Barkley traded to the Ariz. Cardinals.

    • Sage says:

      I’m happy for Barkley. But that just shows how stagnant the thinking is in the NFL. Most insiders are still convinced other guys have more talent than Tim, regardless of results.

  7. lex says:

    Now we need to know if Tebow is on the roster…

  8. Shaztah says:

    It’s all over Twitter that he made the team. Kurt Warner even congratulated him!!!!

  9. Shaztah says:

    Kurt Warner ‏@kurt13warner 2h2 hours ago
    Gotta say congrats to #TimTebow – NFL can’t have enough #GreatGuys or #Underdogs – our league just got better!

  10. lex says:

    this is getting curious, as to why there has not been an official announcement re tebow. it is past the 6 o’clock evening news shows.

    any thoughts out there?
    Buzzy Says : It will come out with the Team List Tomorrow

    • tawk2 says:

      I also heard via NFL channel that Chip is waiting to see who is released, NFL commentators seem to think RG 3 would be a better fit than Tebow, hmm a quarterback who cannot stay healthy or a quarterback who has proven time and time again even severely injured he will not give up. Also from what I have heard RG3 is not a team player/leader, Tebow is both, I hope we hear something soon!

    • David Oliver says:

      Buzzy makes sense..

      Coach Kelly tries to treat ALL his players consistently with respect,
      the best way to do that is to consistently announce those leaving,
      thru cuts, trades.. etc.

      And.. by posting the 53 man roster.. Equally treat all the same…
      announce all staying with at the same time this way..! ?

      • David Oliver says:

        Also this will be the Real, Final, Test whether The “NFL BlackBall” of
        “Christian Visibility / Audio Testimony LIMITS” has been broken..

        Or whether this time with the Eagles was nothing but a deceptive

  11. lex says:

    another potential deceptive facade would be heart-breaking for tebow.
    also, those of us who are his devoted fans.

    david, i pray that that is Not the case.

    rg3 will end up somewhere, i hope he does not interrupt tim’s possible success with the eagles.

    • David says:

      If RG3 is released, I don’t believe Chip Kelly can afford him. Too many other teams will open up their wallets because they need a 1st string QB.

      • David says:

        That should have been the case with Tebow 2 years ago. He should have been in great demand. The league has sifted through a lot of losers since then.

      • David Oliver says:

        Reading some stuff on Washington Website – that the owner will more than likely keep RGIII for another year, as he has not totally bought into what is “happening” on his team with the QBs and likes RGIII and wants to give him another chance if current QB “mess” plans do not work out…

    • Cartman says:

      If Chip signed RGIII I sure wouldn’t believe anything more about Kelly trying to cultivate a cohesive team culture.
      Buzzy Says It was my understanding that the Redskins were looking at Barkley and T2 I never got anything about a trade for RG3 or that Kelly was looking at Him.

  12. Bigfan says:

    CMON guys give it a rest. It is in Gods hands. Timmy knows that and so be patient.

    Sam is going to start are you going to blame the NFL for that too? Have Faith in our God please. His plan is perfect!

  13. Danny says:

    Quite a day that unfolded on the way to 53.

    Matt Barkley has a new home with the Cardinals. I took a peek at his twitter page. He seems like a real decent man. I hope he has opportunities to shine with the Cardinals. Sometimes a change really jump starts a career.

    Right now I believe the Eagles are down to 7 cuts. They’re looking to trade Barner and Watkins, which in turn may affect some of the 7 that are still on the bubble, depending on what they get back (or if the trades even go through). Like tawk2 alluded to, coach Kelly is looking to add some depth to the roster and the final 7 will be determined on what happens if they are able to trade for who they want. I don’t believe that Tebow is among those 7 in the bubble, meaning his place on the 53 man squad is secured.

    RG3 would not add anything to the Eagles at this point. There’s a reason why Chip brought TT in back in March and that is to learn the playbook, system and to adapt to the culture. It’s just a lot of media speculation otherwise regarding RG3. Just in the locker room alone TT earns a lot more respect than RG3 does in Washington.

    Nice to see Kurt Warner congratulate Tebow. Warner was a 2/3 guy with the Rams in the preseason of their Super Bowl year and due to an injury to their starting QB, Warner was given the reigns and the Greatest Show on Turf was born. It was an amazing year for sure…fast forward to 2015…deja vu?

    After Thursday’s game Tebow was asked if he was nervous about the upcoming cuts. He quoted this scripture from Philippians: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” It was a brilliant and timely answer, and if Tebow isn’t anxious about his future, why should we be?

  14. David Oliver says:


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