skip-bayless blasts chip kelly for cutting tim tebow (video)

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  1. David says:

    When Tebow played in the Jets game, coach Kelly had him go for a 4th and 15 play that ended in an interception. I said then that the interception belongs to Kelly for play calling because he normally would have kicked the 25 yard field goal to make it a 3 point game. Tebow ended the game with a 117 QBR and a 90.7 QBR for the preseason. This ranked him 46th in the NFL preseason. Now here’s my point.
    Tebow would never have thrown that interception unless forced to do it by his coach. Without that interception, Tebow would have had a 141.5 QBR for the game and a 114 QBR for the total preseason.

    A 114 QBR would have ranked 15th overall in the NFL preseason.
    Look at the Rate column on the right to see where 114 ranks.

    • David says:

      Correction- I miscalculated and the QBR would be 102.3 without the interception which would place Tebow 26th overall in the preseason. Math is hard. Of course this gives him no credit for his 80 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD.

    • ck says:

      David: That SS is enough to make someone want to hurl…Thank God Tebow and his fans DO NOT listen to his garbage!!!:( Thanks for providing the FACTS and if SB did his homework, as someone suggested, then he would have been able to point out all the OBVIOUS FLAWS in his more than biased opinions which ARE NOT FACTS JMO!!!

  2. ck says:

    The CFL has Michael Sam in that league…HMMM! What a trap that would be b/c IT IS A CIRCUS AND “SNAKE IN THE GRASS” (KELLY) SUGGESTING IT SHOULD RAISE RED FLAGS IMO!

    • Bigfan says:

      Sam retired fear of head injuries.

    • Danny says:

      Something don’t seem right with what Kelly said…does he have Tim’s best interest at heart, or is this a way just to get him out of the NFL’s hair?

      If the goal was to get back in the NFL, Tebow could “prove” himself over and over again in the CFL In the end, the same people would like him, the same people would hate him. Back to square one.

      As Admiral Ackbar famously said “It’s a trap!”

  3. Bigfan says:

    From everything I saw from the first kick off to the last on “Red Zone” yesterday Timmy certainly could not be any worse than 2/3 of the starting QBs!!!!!

  4. TheMascotArmy says:

    I thought of a nice rebuttal to the “32 GMs cant be wrong” critique of Tebow. The phrasing is intentionally misleading. What their real claim is that “ALL 32 GMs are right” about Tebow. Each GM has his own unique team and decision. As such,
    if GMs make the right decision 9 out of 10 times, the odds that ALL 32 GMs are “RIGHT” in deciding against Tebow is a measly 3%

    I think 9 of 10 correct decisions for GMs is generous.

    So next time some idiot spits out the “32 GMs” line, lay some math on them and tell them there’s a 97% chance at least one GM is wrong about Tebow.

    • brandi says:

      Yeah, you’re being very generous. If GMs were right 9 times out of ten we wouldn’t see the turnover in GMs, Coaches, QBs and other Players we do.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        That’s a great point. A lot of GMs hang their hats on ONE good decision.

        Instead of 9 of 10, maybe it should be closer to the chance of avoiding a bust in the draft’s first round, which is closer to 67%. Using that, the odds of at least 1 GM being wrong about Tebow is 99.9997%

        Holy crap, does this illustrate how dumb the NFL is.

        • David says:

          If you think about it year by year, Tebow proved them wrong in 2010 and 2011 and has not started again since which means that they have continued to defame him since 2012 and he has had no opportunity to prove them wrong because they won’t let him play. There is other evidence of course like Geno Smith who has played badly for 2 years. He beat the NFL and they took their ball and went home crying.

  5. Bigfan says:

    The NFL needs Timmy however Timmy does not need the NFL!!!! There is their one BIG mistake.

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