Sam Bradford still average in his Eagles’ debut(TKS David)

Nathan Jahnke 2 days ago

All offseason there was plenty of talk on the Eagles’ moves, but the one that needs to pan out the most in order for the Eagles to be successful is the addition of quarterback Sam Bradford. He hadn’t played in a meaningful game since Week 7 of 2013 prior to last night’s Monday Night Football game against the Falcons, and in that spotlight, Bradford played exactly how you would expect him to play.

In 2013, Bradford was an exceptionally accurate quarterback when he was not under pressure. He had a completion percentage of 71.2 percent on those throws. Last night the Eagles’ new-look offensive line did a fine job of keeping Bradford clean, and on plays where he wasn’t under pressure his completion percentage was up to 75.6.

When he was under pressure, however, the problems started. In 2013 he completed just 38.8 percent of his passes under pressure. That was up to 45.5 percent against the Falcons, but he failed to have a positively graded throw under pressure. All of his completions had a depth of pass of 5 yards or less, and his terrible interception to end the first half also came while under pressure.

Bradford also is a quarterback who rarely throws a deep pass. Only 8.4 percent of his passes in 2013 went at least 20 yards in the air, which was fourth-lowest rate among quarterbacks that year. On Monday Night Football, his deepest pass traveled 23 yards in the air, with every other pass going for 18 yards or less.

The biggest concern for Bradford this season is his health, and the Eagles’ game plan was designed to make sure he avoids getting hit. He got the ball out of his hands within 2.5 seconds on 41 of his 54 passes, which led to an average time to throw of 2.27 seconds. That was the fourth-lowest among quarterbacks in Week 1, a primary reason behind his not getting sacked yet.

There is a positive spin to take off of Bradford’s performance, which is that you’d expect any player who just missed the last season and a half to be a little rusty. In the first quarter he averaged just 3.7 yards per attempt. That increased each quarter to 4.9 in the second quarter, 8.3 on the third and 9.1 in the fourth.

In other words, if Bradford plays the rest of the season similar to how he did in the second half, then it doesn’t matter that the Eagles ended up losing this one. Philadelphia has a bright future with Bradford as its quarterback if that’s the case, and Eagles fans who came away disappointed with his debut might still get the offensive explosion they were looking for; just as long as the offensive line keeps the defenders away and he can stay healthy.

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  1. jp says:

    Bradford is the most”if thas the case”” QB
    18-31-1 NFL Loser Fiesta Bowl Loser BCS “it just might be not the case”

  2. David says:

    “In the first quarter he averaged just 3.7 yards per attempt. That increased each quarter to 4.9 in the second quarter, 8.3 on the third and 9.1 in the fourth.”
    The Eagles could get a 16 year old HS QB to throw that far for minimum wage and save 13 million dollars. Would you pay to watch this?
    Maybe his yardage increased as the defense got tired and started tackling later and later. The defense may have backed up and played prevent in the 4th quarter. Lots of ways to look at it.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Tebow’s 4th quarter stats are amazing, but are waved away for one reason or another. Now Bradford fans are waving away the first half of the game. Whatever.

      • David says:

        Good point. Coach Fox ran the clock the whole game and depended on Tebow to come back and win in the 4th quarter and he did.

      • ck says:

        TheMascotArmy: Not biased at all; however, actions don’t lie as much as words. Tebow always finished strong and as stated, PROVED IT BY WINNING WHEN ALL WAS ON THE LINE IN THE 4TH QTR!

    • Danny says:

      Great article and spirited discussion afterwards!

      To the commenter who basically said why Tebow wasn’t on the team, I assure you, I can find all kinds of photos of missed reads and receivers of Bradford and Sanchez as recent as the ATL game where Bradford threw that awful interception.

      Bradford’s legacy is him riding off in a cart with a torn ACL.

      Sanchez’s legacy is the infamous BUTT FUMBLE!

      I’m glad the Tebow fans are out in force on this article!

    • ck says:

      David O.: Even the Latin Post got it right and thanks for posting. One guy stated that “Frontline on PBS should do a story on why Tebow is blacklisted by the NFL” and I totally agree w/that one! Now, Kelly looks even worse b/c all he wanted was publicity for Barkley getting traded and Tebow outplayed him so his trade took a dive (according to one person) and that just may be the case…HMMM! What a rotten organization to be in and they will never derail Tebow w/such antics!!! Can’t wait to see what is in store for them next due to all their dirty deals…believe, too, they will have a lot of things happening that will end up going against them!!

  3. Tim says:


    “I’ve already informed Robby that ‘The League’ is ready to roll and will do everything necessary to make Playing in it the best decision of Tim’s Career. And I’ve begun a whole lot of other additions now that it’s going to be pretty darn hard to convince Fan-Owned Football teams to help the NFL when it hits its coming rough patches. So that freed up a pile of money I’d set aside.

    I’m freeing the Clubs up to sign as many Players as they would like. They already have been free to recruit year-round. The plan is simple, have next year’s Major League Teams be better than any other in Football in any League no matter what that takes. Plus they’ll have a great start on building both levels of Farm System.
    I’m also increasing Network time. More Games on Network TV.”

    Buzzy Says : This Comment is Not Endorsed By the TebowZone

  4. Tim says:


    “The next step came this week. Any and all “Major” Investors are being told that the Fans will have the option to buy them out, providing for a 100% Fan-Owned League. The Booster Organizations will run all of the Charity/Community Activities and no less than 50% of the Resources…and League efforts…will be dedicated to that.

    So it WILL BE a Fan-Owned, Community-Driven League. It’s everything Tim Tebow is about.

    So all that’s left to prevent him from signing is Ego.”
    Buzzy Says : This Comment is Not Endorsed By the TebowZone

  5. ck says:

    An average QB when they could have done a lot better w/Tebow and at least he is less injury prone imo! Then having “butt fumble” as a back-up…PRICELESS! (Thanks for posting Buzzy/David.)

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