NFC exec on new Eagles QB Stephen Morris: ‘He’s bad’


September 06, 2015 at 1:24 PM, updated September 06, 2015 at 3:14 PM

 This is the guy?

Stephen Morris?

A guy — who went undrafted, spent all of 2014 on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice squad and was cut Saturday — is good enough to be the Eagles‘ No. 3 quarterback. But Tim Tebow wasn’t? And neither was Matt Barkley?

The Eagles claimed and were awarded Morris on waivers Sunday. 

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly knows the quarterback position, but what he sees in Morris — that nobody else does — is perplexing.

An executive in personnel for another NFC team was texted, “Tell me what you know about Stephen Morris.” His response was two words: “He’s bad.”

All right then.

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Here are some things to know about the 6-2, 220-pound, 23-year-old who grew up in Miami.

  • He’s the second Stephen Morris to show up when you google his name. The first is an economics professor from Princeton.
  • In his first two years with the Hurricanes he started five games, threw seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions.
  • As a junior he set a passing record with 566 yards against North Carolina State.
  • He started his final two years in college and finished his career with 49 touchdowns and 30 interceptions after the rough start.
  • This preseason for the Jaguars he completed 23 of 42 passes (54.8 percent) for 242 yards with a touchdown for a passer rating of 79.7.
  • He was released Saturday when the Jags decided to keep just two quarterbacks, starter Blake Bortles and journeyman backup Chad Henne. 
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23 Responses to “NFC exec on new Eagles QB Stephen Morris: ‘He’s bad’”

  1. Danny says:

    Simply stunning.

    Note to NFL…this is a little obvious, don’t you think?

    • ck says:

      Exactly and they are trying to not only run off Tebow but all his fans!!! BTW, don’t think TT or his FANS need The NFL, but they sure need sponsors and lots of Tebow fans to buy their stuff!!! See how well they like it when no one wants to buy anything they sell on TV or otherwise…begging to lift the boycott is what I think and will roll out the “RED CARPET” instead for TT/FANS is my estimation, LOL!!! IT’S WORTH A TRY TO GIVE THEM A TASTE OF WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DISHING OUT AND THAT IS ALOT OF UNWARRANTED BIAS!!!

    • David says:

      Tebow was too good to play 3rd string for the Eagles.

      Tebow QBR 90.7 – 3 TDs Too Good
      Barkley QBR 57.5 – 0 TDS signed by Arizona
      Ponder QBR 74.4 – 0 TDs sought by Eagles to replace Tebow
      Morris QBR 79.7 – 2 TDs good enough-hired

  2. David Oliver says:


    This article of TRUTH.. Perspective ABSOLUTELY Reinforces the Reality Wake-up Call REALIZED.. Below:


    The NFL Tim Tebow “BlackBall Game” IS BACK.. !

    Remember.. the discreet, low-life, anti – Christian, Elitist Owner’s / Controller’s,TT NFL BlackBall GAME – can be played in many deceptive ways, it can be an “Elitist Back Room Joke” …

    What to do or not do in their evil schemes NEXT… as they CAST THE TT


    Basically, IT IS The Father of LIES, WHO is really behind this FACADE – FIASCO – EVIL JOKE!

  3. RICK says:

    As i stated Timmy has a place in Bronco history.

    As a fan base follow him on SEC nation, but remember you all are the reason Stephen Morris an unknown player is getting looked at as the 3d string QB in Philly. Chip didn’t want the hassle of this fan base

    Reality didn’t fit with yours, Timmy should go to the CFL or Arena league to really see if he could improve but he wont because like you his reality is tainted.

    Anyway Tebowites have a good one!

    Oh and Vince Young was a winner too by the way he was Pro bowler, so don’t bring all those dumb stats comparing him to Elway Marino etc.

    Fact NFL stands for Not For Long, Timmy had his 15 minutes he should and you all should be happy he got that much.

    Name a 4 time NFL cut player with the same opportunity that Timmy has the millions he will make. You all feel he is entitled it doesn’t work that way in the NFL, but to say his black balled shows a lack of football knowledge. This is what I mean Timmys fan base ruined him and any chance at a decent shot in the NFL.

    Go Bronocs and thank you John Elway

  4. Danny says:

    At least you agree it wasn’t because of raw talent that Stephen Morris is signed with the Eagles! Even the “Anyone But Tebow” people on various boards I’ve seen today are flummoxed by this decision and stating halfhearted explanations on how Morris fits better.

    The Eagles organization didn’t seem to mind about the fan base before. They took every advantage of selling Tebow #11 jerseys at $100 a pop. Jerseys were selling briskly during the preseason. Did the Eagles go “uh oh, these jerseys are selling too fast, he’s too popular, let’s cut him now!”? Certainly not, the cash register was open and ready for business! I’m sure they sold enough jerseys to pay for Tebow’s salary many times over.

    Tebow hasn’t been cut 4 times. Maybe you are talking about someone else. Perhaps I’m being too generous. Perhaps I’m talking to a 13 year old…perhaps I’m talking to someone paid to post…

    Anyway, Denver has a lot to thank John Elway for; the memories of two Super Bowl wins in the 90’s. Too bad they won’t see another Super Bowl for a long time.

    • ck says:

      Danny: Think ur right as they want to shut down this site that is PRO TEBOW b/c they think it rallies his FAN BASE!!! THEY ARE TRYING TO GET TEBOW TO GIVE UP AS WELL AS HIS FANS AND I HOPE THEY DON’T WIN ON THIS DIRTY DEAL EITHER!!! GO TEBOW AND GOD BLESS THE FANS/TT!!!

  5. RICK says:

    Ok Danny 3 times my bad!

  6. RICK says:

    Danny I was right 4 teams told Timmy we don’t need or want your services.

    including the Jack wagon who drafted him with that colossal pick mistake that’s been called one of the worst of all time. Something by the way I don’t agree with Timmy did win a playoff game, I will always acknowledge that as a Broncos fan.

    Go Broncos and thank you John Elway

  7. RICK says:

    Wow,once again Tebow fans make my point. You guys ran him out of the NFL.

    • ck says:

      Buzzy let this mess go and silence the “EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE” OR ELSE THIS SITE IS GOING TO BE VERY QUIET!!!

  8. ck says:

    If this article is by Eckel, he better be cautious as they will be attacking him also…and I like Eckel too! He states the truth and even he is perplexed–GREAT PROFESSIONAL REPORTER!!! Have to keep him in my prayers, like Tebow/Fans!!!

  9. JFR says:

    Tim Tebow has proven two things. 1) He belongs in the NFL.
    2) The NFL will not accept him because of his beliefs. If Tebow was a worse QB than he is, but said he was queen he would be praised and wanted by everyone.

    • ck says:

      JFR: True and if he was a “mooshoe” it would be a mute point as they wouldn’t dare touch him; however, christians don’t fight back so they feel safe attacking and having “OPEN SEASON” ON THEM…MAYBE WE NEED TO SUE ETC.!!! WE ARE THE MAJORITY AND AS SUCH SHOULD DICTATE THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT JMO!!!

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