Eagles release QB Tim Tebow

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The Eagles have released Tim Tebow, ending the former Heisman Trophy winner’s bid to win the No. 3 quarterback job for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia.

Tebow was one of 22 players released Saturday by the Eagles, who also cut veteran offensive lineman John Moffitt and rookie running back Raheem Mostert.

“We felt Tim has progressed, but we didn’t feel he was good enough to be the (No.) 3 right now,” Kelly said.



All NFL teams needed to reduce their rosters to 53 players by Saturday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline, but Tebow appeared to be in contention for a roster spotafter Philadelphia traded Matt Barkley to theArizona Cardinalson Friday.

The move leaves Kelly and the Eagles with two quarterbacks on their current roster. Tebow, 28, and Barkley had been competing for the Eagles’ No. 3 quarterback job behind Sam Bradford, who has a lengthy injury history, and Mark Sanchez.

“[Tebow] really improved his throwing motion from when he was throwing a couple of years ago,” Kelly said. “He worked extremely hard on it and deserves a lot of credit for that. I talked to him a little earlier [Saturday] when we released him.

“He just needs to get more playing time. Get out there and get actual reps. Because he has done a ton on his own from an individual basis, but it is about taking that next step and playing the game.”

Tebow took to Twitter later Saturday, thanking Kelly and the Eagles.

Bradford looked sharp in limited preseason action, but he had surgery to repair a torn left ACL twice since he last played in a regular-season game in October 2013.

Kelly said Saturday that the Eagles were planning on acquiring a third quarterback. It’s possible Tebow returns to the Eagles if either Bradford or Sanchez gets hurt. He also can come back after the season opener and his contract won’t be guaranteed.

“We are not done,” Kelly said. “There could be a third quarterback. We’ll see what happens with the waiver wire. Whether we add a quarterback to the active roster or the practice squad, we’ll see.”

Although he did not start in Philadelphia’s preseason finale, Tebow played well Thursday against the New York Jets, completing 11 of 17 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns.

Tebow won the 2007 Heisman Trophy and helped Florida win two national championships during his college career but has not appeared in an NFL regular-season game since December 2012. He was cut by New England in training camp in 2013 and worked as a college football analyst on the SEC Network last year, but got another chance to play in the NFL when the Eagles signed him in the offseason.

The Eagles and Moffitt, who had been attempting a comeback after retiring in 2013, agreed to a one-year deal in June.

Mostert, an undrafted rookie, led the NFL with 351 yards from scrimmage during preseason play.

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15 Responses to “Eagles release QB Tim Tebow”

  1. ck says:

    Don’t believe Tebow is giving up his dream and as long as he is in it to win it then he can count on my suuport/prayers no matter what he decides!!

    • ck says:

      When it comes to Tebow, he can do no wrong in my book and hope everything works in his favor! Wish there was more to do in order to help…if it wasn’t for his millions of fans pulling for him w/prayers and support the NFL would be an even lower quality cesspool jmo!!! It will be easy to boycott this facade of injustice etc. It is not the fans who are in error or caused the circumstances, it is the liberal smut PC idiots ruining what is left of the once great USA!!! That is not delusional and is basically the truth. When you can’t stand up for your beliefs without facing a steady stream of negativity a/o law suits then something is seriously flawed in this country as well as not adhering to the constitution!!!
      What saddens me is that little 3-year-old toddler/boy who lost his life on the beach and was innocent of everything happening around him…makes you want to do something besides just talking about being upset/tearful!!! That picture said it all and will never forget that little toddler, Aylan!!! (Could have been anyone’s grand son…such an angelic little one who deserved better.)
      Strikes me as a horrific tragedy and very sad that this is THE END RESULT WHEN ALL FREEDOM IS TAKEN AWAY AND PEOPLE BECOME DESPERATE!!!
      Apologize for the diatribe only this is beyond sad and should have never occurred imo. Football, such as it is, is nothing in comparison to what happened to that little one and Tebow is justified in helping children as he has the right priorities that actually COUNT NOT ONLY IN THIS WORLD BUT BEYOND!!! If anything, wish there were more people like Tebow who have the courage to do what is right in the face of consequences…GOD BLESS ALL WHO ARE OF THAT MINDSET TOO!!!

  2. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy.. Really enough is enough with These NFL ELitists..


    Very hard to comprehend… BUT.. Tebow will JUST NOT stay within THEIR constraints!!

    (He continues to exceed their “Permissible NFL Christian
    Visibility LIMITS – WITHOUT FEAR, Continuing to Glory Christ !!)

    Even up to the last minute in interviews HE WOULD NOT BE A SECRET
    SERVICE CHRISTIAN.. Sharing God, His Goodness and his Scriptures…
    They (The Elitist Power Broking NFL Controllers) CANNOT STAND THIS and
    Evidently NOW – will NOT Have to..

    In my ignorance.. I ALMOST.. thought that Kelly could resist “THEIR”

    Tebow Bold for God Always !!

    As for me.. till this injustice is rectified..

    GOOD Bye NFL !!

    Let us see what other opportunities (Real Ones Tim Tebow may Have)


    1. Word from Brandi.. on my report about NFL Blackball of Tebow Reality
    is back now that Kelly and Eagle TT tryout Façade” has been Unmasked..
    September 5, 2015 at 3:41 pm
    I’ve already informed Robby that ‘The League’ is ready to roll and will do everything necessary to make Playing in it the best decision of Tim’s Career. And I’ve begun a whole lot of other additions now that it’s going to be pretty darn hard to convince Fan-Owned Football teams to help the NFL when it hits its coming rough patches. So that freed up a pile of money I’d set aside.
    I’m freeing the Clubs up to sign as many Players as they would like. They already have been free to recruit year-round. The plan is simple, have next year’s Major League Teams be better than any other in Football in any League no matter what that takes. Plus they’ll have a great start on building both levels of Farm System.
    I’m also increasing Network time. More Games on Network TV.

    • ck says:

      David O.: You have that right…INJUSTICE!!! And they do need to rectify all the CR** they have instituted towards that end imo. Like Danny stated: “CHIP FLIPPED” and all of a sudden instead of talking up Tebow all throughout camp etc. did the exact opposite under duress or what? Sure makes u wonder if Sancrapper wasn’t in on it also as stated…Don’t put anything past that deviant underhanded–and well, u get the point!

  3. David says:

    Kelly stuck a knife in Tim Tebow’s back with his comment that he was not good enough to be a 3rd QB (with a 90.7 QBR.)

    Tebow QBR 90.7 – 3 TDs not good enough
    Barkley QBR 57.5 – 0 TDS signed by Arizona
    Ponder QBR 74.4 – 0 TDs sought by Eagles to replace Tebow

    “We felt Tim has progressed, but we didn’t feel he was good enough to be the (No.) 3 right now,” Kelly said.

    • ck says:

      He is guilty as charged when it comes to NOT being on the level. As far as he is concerned, he clearly did not take the high road period. Tebow did everything and more of what was asked of him and am not disappointed in regards to him; however, feel that Kelly let him down and looks like it was a sudden decision so it could have been pressured by someone that could have been in authority or the means to exploit (agree w/Danny on this).
      Think Kelly will come to regret the decision to backstab/lie (as u stated and agree as well) in any case; especially, when talking possibly WINNING A SB VS NOT!!! Will not have an opportunity if his #1 & #2 go down as they are prone to do in “CLUTCH” situations where TEBOW MORE THAN EXCELS!!!
      Agree that it is getting to be quite a “JOKE” where the “NFL EXPERTS” ARE CONCERNED!!

  4. David Oliver says:

    People of conviction – can only take so much..>


    The Christmas Pledge
    Written by brandi. Date of post: September 6, 2015. Leave a comment
    By now many of you are aware of the Christmas Pledge that began with news of Tim Tebow’s release by the Philadelphia Eagles.
    Though Tim’s somewhat shocking release, given his reminder to the world just two days ago what an exciting and inspiring Player he is, sparked this the embers were already there. First a little background..
    The movie trailer for “Concussion” starring Will Smith was just released. The movie will be in theaters at Christmas. “Concussion” lightly touches on the efforts by the NFL to prevent knowledge of the true long-term dangers of Football from being known. As depicted in the film, it has been a huge concern for the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell since the time of the events. A survey done on attitudes about what should be done if it’s shown the NFL obstructed information, research, prevention and potential treatment from occurring sooner. The results of the survey cannot be welcome news to the NFL, though it may not be completely surprising. People are upset. And the range of action they want includes shutting the NFL down, putting the league into Bankruptcy, Federal Prosecution.
    Many Mothers have been concerned, worried and angry and have waited for the NFL to shown any signs it even cares that in addition to the lives and health of NFL Players, it also risked the lives and health of millions of kids and young adults.
    So this pledge already had somewhat of a head start.
    But now it’s gotten the additional fuel of many millions of Tim Tebow Fans around the World who have simply had enough not just of an NFL that continues to turn Tim and them away. But that has a long list of examples of how it simply does not reflect the values, character & integrity they look for in their own lives and as examples for their children. So this pledge is for the millions of the NFL’s Forgotten Children.
    The Christmas Pledge is to no longer subsidize an NFL Fans cannot condone by supporting those who support it. This includes NFL Sponsors & Advertisers. To many it also includes Disney and its Flagship Sports Network ESPN that many feel has allowed itself to maintain a too cozy a relationship with the NFL. Evidenced by the outstanding documentary “League in Denial” which provided great insight into Head Trauma in the NFL having been turned down for broadcast. Even though it was based on the work of two of ESPNs’ own Reporters. A move widely seen as having been in response to pressure from the NFL. It was eventually broadcast on PBS’s “Frontline”.
    The Christmas Pledge is this Holiday Season no purchases of any kind, including Christmas and other Holiday gifts from anyone doing business with the National Football League, including Sponsors and Advertisers during NFL Games or at anytime that include the NFL theme. This includes those who Advertise during the Super Bowl which has a special significance for many Christians, as well as those of all faiths, as you’ll see below.
    Many are making this pledge from this day forward without end. Each must decide their own limitations, if any. This is a Gift from the heart that touches the soul. It’s very personal for each person.
    Shortly after becoming Commissioner, Roger Goodell’s NFL threatened to sue churches for holding post-service gatherings on Super Bowl Sunday. Since that time many have felt the NFL not only frowns upon their faith, it derides it. Its treatment of Tim Tebow has convinced many of this. Whether true or not will always be left to the eye of the beholder. But what isn’t is that the National Football League is the only Professional Sports League in US History to have continually marginalized and run off the Most Popular Player in that league’s history. To have done so with Tebow’s record of success is inconceivable but true nonetheless.
    So now tens of millions of people around the World will be pledging to no longer support the National Football League by pledging to not support its sources of income. The giant businesses that feed the NFL for the opportunity to link themselves to its name and mighty “Shield”.
    That “Shield” does not guard their kids in the eyes of many. And so they are giving this gift to their children, their families and loved ones. This Christmas Pledge.

    • ck says:

      David O.: How serious is this? Think Brandi knows Tisa Lucas aka gattagranny, Yes? If so, does she happen to know that Tisa used to be on this site? Anyway, just curious as the internet is a wealth of info.

      • David Oliver says:

        Each of us as individuals, must determine our personal reality, amongst the obvious “Dark-Side” forces of “Deception” at work here and thus consider our “Options” going forward.. I am sure there are / will be
        several of these personal “Choices of Action” to CHOSE FROM.. as God
        will lead each us to take a “Stand” against the evil forces at work…

      • Tisa says:

        CK, I have not commented here in along time, since Timmy was dropped by the Patriots, because I did not feel that the NFL was ever going to give him a chance. I believe in TT. It’s the NFL I don’t believe in. I stopped commenting because I just did not want to talk about it anymore. I just wanted Timmy to move on. I can not stand seeing people hurt him the way the NFL does. I am saddened this weekend by what has been done to Timmy yet again. I was not happy when he signed with the Eagles. It seemed he had moved on and was happy, even though I read he was still working on his skills. I enjoyed seeing him on the weekend on SEC Nation. I have prayed a lot for him over the summer and hoped for the best even though I did not trust the NFL. I, like all of you could not believe how Kelly treated him in his press conference. It is like he was suddenly demon possessed. He did, in deed, stab Timmy in the back. I have actually wondered if someone pressured him to get rid of Timmy after he used scripture earlier in the week to explain why he didn’t allow himself to get stressed over the importance of Thursday’s game. I am just sick about it. The reason why I posted today is because of the guy who came on here to blame the TT fans for his demise. Don’t you for one minute accept that blame. If you look at Timmy’s thank you to the Eagles on Facebook, there are close to a quarter million likes on that post and nearly 15,000 comments. Any team that lacks a national fan base could easily pick up several million by signing one guy. They know that, but don’t want to sign him for some nefarious reason. I have missed you guys and I do stop in and check on what is being said. I am glad Tawk is mending, prayed for her when she had those surgeries. I do not have any association with Brandi at all. As far as the pledge, a number of people I know here in Pensacola plan to donate the money they would have spent on TT jerseys to the Tim Tebow Foundation instead. It was quite a topic of conversation at church this morning. I don’t need a pledge. The NFL has not gotten any of our money in a very long time. God Bless you all- Tisa
        Buzzy Says Glad to see you and welcome Back LaYa Buzzy.

        • ck says:

          Tisa: Thank you for letting us know and YOU are missed too. I share a lot of your sentiments and hope nothing but good comes out of what has been an apparently blatant attack on Tebow plus his loyal fans that have followed him essentially everywhere. Very sad that the individual who has tried to imply that Tebow’s fans are the problem is not capable of thinking clearly.
          All you have stated is very true and respect your wishes as well. If it is o.k., would like to keep in touch at some point. Thanks again and appreciate your perspective, as always.

  5. RICK says:

    Its a total travesty Kellen Moore was cut today!

  6. RICK says:

    Tisa, I agree with you I enjoy Timmy on SEC Nation.
    Looking forward to seeing back there very soon, where he belongs.


  7. ck says:

    Buzzy: Suggesting you better check to see if this RICK is not JA! This is who Tisa was obviously speaking about regarding “FANS BEING TO BLAME” and she is right btw, they are NOT!!! RE: CENSOR

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