Buzzy Says Ok Rick We Get IT Slow Down Please

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  1. RICK says:

    My last post.

    I want all of you to know I love Timmy the guy hard working and overall good dude.

    He was arguably the greatest college football player ever!

    I don’t agree that his draft was a blonder. I did at the time but the guy gave us everything that 1 season! The Denver Broncos got a very special year from Timmy and the team. I will always remember how much I didn’t want him and when he won that playoff game against Steelers I was chanting his name. Fun times but that was as far as Timmy would probably go, and the NFL was catching up to the gimmick offense read option! I think you will all agree Timmy was never going to be a guy who throws in tight spaces inside a pocket not his game.

    The problem you the fans! His devoted followers messed things up. You put a player higher than the team, it wasn’t cool.

    I agree he deserves to in the NFL at least a shot as a backup but it was you the fans that messed that up. Always dividing and making him bigger and better than he probably really is.
    Timmy is a great athlete I wish he would go to to the CFL just to see what would happen.

    Any God Bless the Denver Broncos and thank you John Elway

  2. jp says:

    Bye rick Thanks for the memories like to pass to Royal in the corner of the end zone from the pocket thanks for the memories like the 80 yard pass to Thomas from the pocket thanks for the memories Manning turning the ball over 3 times in blowing the Ravens game thanks for the memories Manning playing the worst Super Bowl in history thanks for the memories manning a total bust last year thanks for tihe future Broncos don’t even make the playoffs somehow Tebow is going to do something I predicted have a good time with your Broncos

    • ck says:

      jp: And that’s the truth…had me laughing b/c it is easy to see “the truth stands the test of time” and no amount of misinformation on the part of someone w/an “axe to grind” is going to change that! And btw, “thanks for the memories”…GREAT ONES TOO AND MORE TO COME!!!

    • Eaglesfan says:

      Seriously? Your seriously comparing Tebow to Peyton Manning?! “A bust”?
      Manning is arguably the best qb of all time. And you people wonder why everyone thinks you’re crazy.
      Peyton’s season was a bust last year. Hah! It was a down season compared to his usual record breaking seasons, but it’s about 10 times better than Tebow could ever do.
      Kurt Warner was extremely openly Christian. That’s all he talked about. But he could throw a football and read a defense.

      • Eaglesfan says:

        Saying Tebow is better than Mark Sanchez is laughable enough, but Peyton? That’s hilarious.
        Buzzy Says Somehow i am missing the Peyton compare.

  3. tawk2 says:

    The fans are who fill the stadiums, buy the merchandise, pay for NFL Sunday ticket, etc! Without the fans the NFL would go belly up! I know I am done with anything to do with the NFL! I also, know others are fed up with not only the way Tebow has been treated,but for the way the NFL let’s all the thugs play usually no matter what they have done! The NFL has turned in to the biggest circus of thugs and whimps in the world, these players today would not have lasted years ago when real football was played!

    • ck says:

      tawk2: You are absolutely right and wholeheartedly agree w/u! They sure are intimidated and guess it stands to reason as to why!!!

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