Buzzy QB Report Card


TEBOW  C+ Revised to B+


Sorry to say But Both May get CUT

Dont come down on me too hard.

Well I sure got some Comments

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57 Responses to “Buzzy QB Report Card”

  1. David Oliver says:

    That interception was harmless, even better than an incompletion,IT
    gave the Jets a much worse field position, and yet it was close to being
    caught by the Eagles…

    This game was the FIRST game that Tim had a fair playing field
    with his QB competition and he made the most of it.

    If they got the ball back I would NOT have been surprised to see
    Tim lead a Winning TD Drive for the Eagles..

    Why does Anti-Tebow Mike Mayock have to do all the Pre-Season Eagles
    games – that we have listen to his “Tainted” heavily biased Anti-
    Tebow rhetoric continuously (except for breaks where he has to say
    something nice or seem like a real HATER IDIOT?)

    Kelly seems to have take critical risk to give Tebow a chance and it
    is obvious from tonight’s game he was right.. Why would he back-off
    now?? Dave O.
    Buzzy Says with out the INT and a TD there They would Won the game.

  2. Shaztah says:

    Buzzy come on, even the guy who has been grading the QB’s all pre season gave Tim an A. The guy hasn’t played in a game in 2 years and does well in the 4th game when he has significant playing time geez. If only ONE just ONE head coach would give Tim time and backing with saying “Tim is our starter” he would literally soar high. I don’t know if he makes the team or not but I do know he has improved and with more time actually playing he will continue to get better.

    • Cartman says:

      I’m of the opinion he would benefit best with what Aaron Rogers got — a few seasons to sit the bench, watch, learn, be coached, get comfortable, and then no unrealistic expectations, and THEN start. Regardless, there are numerous teams who will start a QB this year who is a complete disaster and would benefit from Tebow.

  3. David Oliver says:

    Tebow gets GRADE A HERE:

    Tim Tebow’s strong play likely wins him roster spot over Matt Barkley | Eagles vs. Jets Report Card:

    Buzzy Says : You can not get an A with an INT

  4. Bill Stacy says:

    It ok buzzy your not gonna jinx him. Sounds like you have been drinking the haters cool aid. 4-15 int that in rev season would have been a fg. Don’t be suppressed when all the talking heads downplay how well Tim did. Trust your eyes people those passes have always been there just needs someone to let him know he’s the guy and then watch out NFL!

  5. David says:

    Tebow had a QBR of 117 2 TDs 1 int 11 of 17 for 189 yds. 32 yds rushing in 4 carries. That’s 221 total yards of offense in less than a half game. He averaged 11.11 yds per attempt and 17.18 yds per completion with a 64.7% completion percentage. Tebow is back and better than ever. I’d give him a B+ because the penalty for intentional grounding was on Tim (although I noticed they did not show a replay to see if it was a good call). That penalty led to going for 4th and 15 and the interception.
    Tim Tebow is back and better than ever.

    • Danny says:

      I watched the play and it was certainly marginal at best. The referee that plays the back normally makes the call but the NFL was doing an experiment around the league and switched up the referee and the head linesman for a quarter. I think it was just a missed call. Anyway it was a Jets broadcast on NFL Network tonight so I wouldn’t expect anything extra if it looked bad on the Jets.

      Overall a very solid game from TT and he helped make a lot around him look good too.

      Amazing what kind of production TT generates with good players around him.

      • Sage says:

        Agree with what you say. Rasheed is making himself look good, and helping Tebow with some difficult catches. Seems like he has to make the practice squad.

    • David says:

      Note that their were 3 Tebow passes dropped by receivers in the first half that should have been caught. It would have made his passing 14 of 17 or 82.35%.

  6. jp says:

    You never know with kelly heverything has to go his waywever he did carry three last year.. T could be right on the bubble for #2.only a defender that they need might take the 3 off. I know this is way out in left field but i dont think bradford is proven. On the biggest stage he lost to T and could not move the ball well against a top defense
    . the year before he failed in the Fiesta..18_30_1 in the Nfl were the Rams that bad? He might be the type where everything has to go his way.. Who knows kelly might go down in history as the greatest deal maker signing T

  7. Sage says:

    It is possible they both get cut. Chip didn’t sound espcially enamored at the press conference. But what showed through tonight is that Tim is dynamic. Things happen with him. C+ is too low, Buzzy.

    • ck says:

      Sage: Think Coach Kelly carried three QBs last year?

      • Sage says:

        Hard to say, isn’t it? Kelly is good at hiding his intentions. Over the last three years, I’ve tried to look for signs, and none of them have been good. So guess we’ll just see.

        What’s great is that Tebow had a decent night. He showed he is dynamic and can avoid a rush and score points. We always knew that, but people have forgotten.

    • Cartman says:

      Well that is the only other possibility — they might both be cut. But I don’t think Tebow is getting cut and Barkley staying.

      • Danny says:

        My personal odds for that roster spot after tonight is:

        Tebow: 97%
        Eagles carry two QB’s: 3%
        Barkley: not a chance

        Just reading the tea leaves, Tebow “sealed the deal” tonight.

        I just don’t see the 2 QB possibility…it would have to be awful compelling after the nearly 5 month investment the Eagles put into Tebow to suddenly flip and go another direction. Any other QB would have to learn Kelly’s system and taking a chance the athlete not fitting in. TT is a great teammate and won’t rock the boat. I’m not really saying anything that this board or anyone in the Eagles organization don’t already know.

        I think the 2 QB “possibility” was just someone in the media thought up as a great way to sell more advertising and get more exposure.

    • David Oliver says:

      I do not think Chip will say ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING UNTIL HE IS READY,
      and it is the appropriate time… He will NOT BE Pushed ahead of time..

    • Danny says:

      During Chip’s press conference he did give Tebow props on one of his touchdown passes. He was pretty non committal on most of the topics he was asked about.

  8. Danny says:

    Welcome to the NFL Mr. Tebow!

    Tebow played very well tonight…2 TD’s and a strong running game from Mostert when Tebow was on the field churned out a lot of yardage. Final numbers 11/17 for 189 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 INT.

    Regarding the interception, in a normal game with the time left they go for a field goal and Tebow isn’t attempting a pass at all. In context not a big deal, first one all preseason in games. Also to consider with two missed extra points and a field goal that was makeable at that distance would have made it 24-23 and changed the dynamics of the game considerably with 5 minutes left.

    I haven’t gone into a deep dive into stats yet, but I know that TT blew this thing out of the water. A timely stop by the Eagles defense would have given TT one more chance. Some days it isn’t meant to be but Chip Kelly has to be VERY pleased with what he saw tonight.

    Tebow’s combined passing and running yardage was 221 yards for 2 quarters work. Fantastic job.

  9. jp says:

    How many Jet Fans are shaking their wondering what could have been in that dysfunctional franchise.. Dont think kelly will let T go because someone might pick him up…poor Jacksonville fans feel sorry

  10. jp says:

    ven though Sanchez got Sa5 million dollar contract I’ve got to think that Tebow is number two in Kelly’s thinking he was disappointed with Sanchez last year because he could not win a big game to make the playoffs as a matter of fact they lost to To a 3_ 11 wash team. Sanchez will wilt under the pressure again

    • LuitLipton says:

      Hope Kelly trades Sanchez and gets some value for him after the decent off season and preseason he’s had.

    • Cartman says:

      I’ve said the same thing. Sanchez is a choker. He just needs more pressure than Barkley before he wilts. I would LOVE to see him get traded. Maybe pick up an extra O-lineman.

  11. jp says:

    Wow what a turn of events on the Philly talk shows the fanatic 97.5 the colors are behind Tebow and even the talkers are behind TV he’s going to take over the town just like you took over every other town Brandy’s going to have a field day

  12. ck says:

    Buzzy: Think u will be pleasantly surprised as it is looking more favorable all the time…Thanks.

  13. LuitLipton says:

    Buzzy, Tim played WAY better than Barkley. Deserves a much higher grade than half a point above Matt

  14. brandi says:

    It’s the NFL. So of course it’s possible he gets cut. Tim just gave the Eagles a full-fledged Quarterback Controversy.

  15. brandi says:

    But forget an Eagles Quarterback Controversy. He did something else.

    He just told millions of Football Fans they were right when they said the NFL had screwed him over. They did see what they thought they saw and everyone who said they didn’t was lying.

  16. Bubbaelvis says:

    I agree with Brandi. It is very clear that Tebow can move the football and score points. He can throw a football and is accurate. He has done it all through training camp and in preseason games. Most of the commentators just regurgitate the old talking points to bash him but seeing is believing. Anyone who watched that game knows Tim absolutely killed it. Now it is just wait and see. Chip knows what he wants and needs and will do accordingly. I can not see him cutting Tim for various reasons, one being why would he bring him in and risk all the ridicule only to cut him. The only way he will cut him is if he feels he has to add depth to some other position. Either way, Tim has been treated fairly in Philly and has done everything he needed to do to make it.

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