Tim Tebow Signs Fan’s Bible at Eagles Training Camp

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Tim Tebow Signs Fan's Bible at Eagles Training Camp

Matt Rourke/Associated Press

Athletes sign some pretty crazy things at the request of fans, but it’s not every day a fan asks their favorite player to sign their Bible.

However, it’s all in a day’s work for Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

It’s no secret Tebow is very religious. Dating back to his days at the University of Florida, he made a point to frequently talk about his faith. And let’s not forget about “Tebowing.”

Knowing the quarterback is a religious person, one fan at Eagles training camp asked Tebow to sign a Bible.


Matt Rourke/Associated Press


Now we’ve seen it all.


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25 Responses to “Tim Tebow Signs Fan’s Bible at Eagles Training Camp”

  1. Andrea says:

    It’s stuff like this that will drive the mainstream sports media up a freakin’ wall.

    GO TEBOW !!!!!!!!!!

    • David Oliver says:

      Andrea AMEN!

      and.. Buzzy et ALL..

      Here Is an Neat look at Tim and Upcoming Game Action This Sunday:

      “Preseason offers Tim Tebow his best chance to impress Eagles”
      by Reuben Frank csnphilly.com columnist –


    • ck says:

      Andrea: Yea, they love it when someone is COURAGEOUS ENOUGH NOT TO BE “PC”, ha, ha!!! Have to admire that!:D

    • brandi says:

      While I don’t share the same “War” thing, I have seen alot of SportsWriters stunned by this. Puzzled. A “Now I’ve seen it all” attitude. (And some using those exact words)

      The petition to the Pope thing already had some heads spinning. Yet almost none of the SportsWriters shocked and amused even knew there’s precedent in Philly. The last time a Pope Blessed the Eagles, they ended up making their only trip to the Super Bowl.

      Football has a very long tradition. The biggest tradition, something no movie, tv episode, anything missed when the topic was Football, was the Team Pre-Game Prayer before taking the Field.

      What I’ve seen from SportsWriters this week has mostly been their showing how little they think like average Fans. Not so much mocking and certainly not hate as disbelief. They have their very tiny world where everyone in it is pretty much the same. And their lives are very different from their own audience/readership.

      When I see how many look at these types of things it’s more like most people would view seeing aliens as much as anything else. They don’t understand, are confused and have a concern if they guess the intentions wrong, it will spell the end of everything and everyone they know. So they operate from a place of assuming the worse.

      (Thanks for putting up with the rambling) 🙂

      • Lynn B. says:

        At least two Eagles reporters have been Tebow supporters from the get-go. A third this week was openly “converted” after interviewing Tim on the field when most were gone and Tim had completed his “extended” practice after formal practice. I believe that Tebow is getting a fair shake by the Philly press and some reporters who are objective and fair have been put off by fans who object to any negative report they make. We cannot expect every media person to be a supporter or those who are personally rooting for Tim to be less than objective when he has a bad play or even a bad day.

        • Sage says:

          I agree. It’s been a decent camp and setting for Tim. Just hope Kelly and the coaches recognize that Tebow has a lot more to contribute than what shows in practice.

  2. ck says:


    • Sage says:

      That’s right, it’s his B-Day. A great day.

      The Broncos were incorporated on August 14, and an astrology guy was saying that was auspicious for Tebow and the Broncs. (Yes, I sometimes pay attention to that.) Elway screwed up so badly, I swear.

  3. ck says:

    Tebow and Riley are teaming up to WIN BIG!!!

  4. brandi says:

    This is how I see the SportsMedia seeing all of this. http://brandi.caresports.org/?p=1181

  5. Bigfan says:

    We all should be lifting up Timmy in prayer for this Sunday’s game.

  6. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy, Et ALL.. TEBOW TIME !!

    Sam Bradford Will Not Play Vs. Colts !!

    Posted 33 minutes ago
    By Chris McPherson Philly Eagle Site:


  7. susie b says:

    I just read that Tebow is listed as #4 on the Eagles-released QB depth chart. I don’t understand this – everything I’ve been reading the past few weeks is how Timmy is completely outplaying Barkley EVERY DAY & often does better than Sanchez. Normally, I detest preseason games & never waste my time, but I will definitely watch any of the Eagles’ games as that is Timmy’s chance to really shine.

    I have to say you guys had much more belief than I that Tebow would actually get another chance in/by the NFL during these past 2 years. I’d though the NFL & their various minions had decided they were done with Tebow. I’ve watched sports my entire life, since I rattled the sides of my crib, & have NEVER been more confused & outraged than the treatment of Tebow at the “professional” level. Like most of you, I watched all of his college games & became a huge fan. For me, he is the most exciting football player of any level that I’ve EVER seen & have been upset & furious that he was prematurely shoved out of the pro ranks more than a decade too early. If Chip Kelly keeps Timmy on the team & actually uses him (more than a token appearance), he can be accused of anything short of a felony & it wouldn’t bother me a bit! Go Chip!

    • Lynn B. says:

      Susie: That depth chart means little to nothing; it is merely a formality. Think of what buzz there would be if Tim had been listed as #3 indicating some decision had been made. Chip Kelly did not make the chart but some back office person did it as a formality. Plus, they want to trade Barkley, it would not be profitable to list him as #4.

      Sunday is Tim’s chance to prove himself and win the position. The OC has even been saying this week that Tim is a “gamer” and they are looking for even more Sunday than they have seen yet in practice. Shurmur happened on to a Tebow/Florida game this week and was really impressed with what he saw on the film.

      We need to follow Tim’s example and be optimistic and thankful for this opportunity.

  8. susie b says:

    For the record, I think Bradford is a nice guy & has a good arm. However, I do NOT think he deserved the Heisman over Timmy that year & told all my real-life friends that it was INSANE that after missing almost all of his final college season injured that he was drafted #1. Plus, that it was blatantly obvious that the guy’s body was too brittle for the pro ranks. Not to brag, but WAS I RIGHT or WAS I RIGHT? 😉

    • ck says:

      Susie b: Have to agree that he seems a bit “fragile” and nothing like Tebow that is for sure…WE ARE ALL PULLING FOR TEBOW!!!:D

  9. Lynn B. says:

    Mark Eckel ‏@MarkEckel08 · Aug 12
    Tim Tebow working hard, relying on passion to revive NFL career with Eagles http://s.nj.com/80XpkGH via @njdotcom

    Mike Sielski ‏@MikeSielski · Aug 12

    Mark Eckel ‏@MarkEckel08 · Aug 12
    @MikeSielski not any more

    • ck says:

      Lynn B.: I like Mark Eckel as he seems to be more objective than subjective jmo! Thanks for explaining the depth chart in detail and appreciate the info.:D

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