Tebow’s Other Skills

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According to Chip Kelly Tim Tebow has skills other Quarterbacks don’t have. According to that toad pond known as the internet the All of My Friends & None of My Friends set will tell you what those are.

I’ve said for years the NFL has become the spitting image of the worst traits of its worst Fans. The Fans its Marketing seems determined to keep if it takes running everyone else in humanity off. I’ll say what I’ve said about Tim Tebow Quarterback for years.

I don’t know if he’s a Future Pro Football Hall of Fame Player or a One-Hit-Wonder. And neither does anyone else. I do know he’s a Future 1st Round unanimous Ballot College Football Hall of Fame Player and is in everyone’s discussion of both the Greatest College Player of All-Time and Greatest College Quarterback of All-Time. I also know he set Offensive Record after Record against the toughest Defenses in College Football against many of the very same he now sees in the NFL.

So all talk of Tim Tebow being a “Bad” Quarterback, let alone “trash” is total horseshit from total idiots. Unless you’re the National Football League and you’ve burned up every bit of Goodwill catering to those idiots the only good thing I can say is…there aren’t very many of them. Those who’ve followed for awhile have seen the numbers. Tebow as an NFL Quarterback favorability numbers are through the roof. Mid-90s stuff while the numbers who fall into the “He’s NOT an NFL Quarterback” sit at less than 2%. This is down from the roughly 5% it was when the Tim Tebow “Skillset” Campaign began to justify his being shunned by Teams.

NFL General Managers you did great. You managed to not just miss an opportunity to make your Boss’s Franchise flush with cash. You annoyed most of the Fans in the process. Good job. But hey. At least you made the guys whose day is spent sending 20 character reach-around texts to their friends for emoji high-fives and LMFAOs happy for awhile. So there is that. You kept the mobs of Reporters and Fans away from the Gates. The Barbarians were tamed. Don’t look for a Bonus check. The Commish used that money up.

Anyway, Mark Sanchez will still help Tim Tebow out if he has a flat tire. No word yet if he;s changed his mind about that Birthday Present. Maybe an eCard Mark. Perhaps one with yours and Tim’s old Jets Numbers for old times sake.

Time or Division Rivalry has seemed to remind some of New York’s NFL Beat that it was Rex’s failure to figure out how to manage his Quarterbacks more than any Tebow deficiencies that made for Jets Mess: 2012 Edition.

Rex well knew those special Tebow skills. He’d been beaten by them. Not just the Touchdown scamper that finished the Drive. But also Revis’ ole’ let me get out of your way several Plays earlier and Jets DBs actually holding Broncos Receivers between themselves and the charging Tebow. Say what you will about mobile Quarterbacks. Tim Tebow is the only one who can run over Brian Urlacher and leave him on the ground with grass in his facemask. So it’s hard to put too much blame on a lowly Cornerback for making a “Business Decision” not to get crunched under the wheels of the Tebow Train. Time for this Island to drift away.

Tebow’s greatest skill as a Quarterback is as a Leader. Bobby Bowden called him the single Greatest Leader on a Football Field he’s ever seen. And if anyone knows Football in Florida they know no FSU Head Coach, even an All-Time Legend, says that about any Florida Gator lightly. Any other would have been run out of Tallahassee on the spot. Bobby simply endured enduring hatred from ‘Noles Alumni for it.

Now the AOMFs and NOMFs will always dismiss Leadership or any other “intangible” for two reasons. First, most are Millennials. One huge characteristic of that generation is how many are determined in their bitter resentment that such concepts as intangibles even exists. But perhaps more importantly. There aren’t any Fantasy Points for them. But Football Coaches know very well what they’re worth.

It should shock noone that it took a newly freed from GM shackles Chip Kelly to bring Tebow in. And to say he and the rest of the Eagles Coaching Staff couldn’t be more pleased is to put it meekly. They’re friggen giddy right now. The only problem they have is how to get him on the Field on Sundays. But you can bet your Fantasy Draft he will be. And probably when points roll on both the Fantasy Scoreboards and the actual ones. Eagles Coaches and Beat Reporters all witnessed yesterday that any speculation on how much Tebow could help in the RedZone is speculation no more. What they haven’t witnessed and won’t until the Games are real is the full brunt of the Running Tebow force when he smells a Goal Line. Whatever stacking up front Defenses have to do in general because of his “threat to run” is doubly so close in.

That makes for serious loosening of the packs that tend to hover around the Goal Line that make those little cracks Receivers try to find sometimes wide open spaces. Especially if Tebow fakes a run, steps back and floats one to a Receiver waiting all alone.

Now add the Eagles Running Back strength, something Tim rarely had in Denver as Willis McGahee spent as much time injured as Playing and never packed the inside Running Punch of Philly’s Rushers.

The ways Chip Kelly can use Tim’s rare and in some cases unique skills are pretty vast. As he said himself, the Eagles haven’t even begun to explore them…adding a huge “yet” at the end.

So what might Kelly do?

Well let’s start with the most basic. With the Eagles Running Backs, he might have a Philly version of a Ground & Pound Offense. There’s a Game in the very first week of the Season on Monday Night where, if I were Chip Kelly, that’s exactly what I would do. Especially since now he’s seen what those who have watched Tim Tebow more than just on Lowlight Films already knew. He didn’t set those Records in College, including Passing Accuracy and, by the way, Win the Davey O’Brien Award for the Nations’s #1 Quarterback, by luck. Or, just because he’s Tim Tebow and he wins everything. All that damn guy does is Win. It’s not fair. Sit him down. Losers with good looking stats need work too.

Sorry, I needed that. :)

Tim Tebow can throw that pill. Always has been able to.

Teams don’t stack 8 in the Box because a Team runs up the middle. They stack 8 in the box when whoever is running up the middle is damn hard to tackle. In Denver that was one Timothy Tebow. In Philly it’s Tebow and a little help from his Backfield Friends. How many can Teams dedicate to covering Receivers when they see those guys, including the Quarterback, wearing down the Front 7? And too many times for comfort, pounding through them. When Tim Tebow has broken past those guys Defensive Backs suddenly become the Anti-Foster. They get Religion fast.

Chip likes off-balance match-ups. Tebow gives you that big time not just because he can seriously run. But because one guy, even a big one, has a heck of a time bringing him down. Or even slowing him down. That’s why his runs are 8 and 15 Yards and House. You’re not going to reach out and try to arm tackle Tim Tebow if you have any long-term plans for that arm. With Tebow you don’t just get one guy “spying” on the Quarterback. You get two or more. You get Back-Up Spies. Because you have to. Because the first Spy will have trouble if he does take off and run. Even if it’s an Inside Linebacker.

Who do you spy on against the Eagles in this kind of scheme? Who covers those Receivers if you’re running say 60% Rushing Plays with guys who just plain aren’t easy to take down and 40% Passing?

With Tim Tebow, as with damn near everything in the NFL, we have virtually no multi-demensional thinking. The league where the BeatWriters and Columnists have the most amount of time between Games to put their thinking caps on does the least amount of serious Analysis. Forget about Interns. They’re busy working on their next Fantasy Draft. And texting stupid shit to their friends.

But you can bet Chip Kelly and his Coaching Staff are doing some serious thinking.

Over the next few weeks I’ll work on some of those ideas Chip could be not yet getting to. For now just enjoy that there’s something else being talked about besides how much air has to come out of Tom Brady’s balls before we can officially call them flat.

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15 Responses to “Tebow’s Other Skills”

  1. The MascotArmy says:

    This is one of my favorite Brandi articles yet.

    “Say what you will about mobile Quarterbacks. Tim Tebow is the only one who can run over Brian Urlacher and leave him on the ground with grass in his facemask.”


  2. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy,et ALL

    WATCH: Tim Tebow’s new throwing motion with Eagles..


  3. David Oliver says:

    Tim Tebow Forte

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 22 minutes ago
    Tebow keeps the ball on read-option, runs it about 20 yards.
    Crowd goes wild!! #Eagles

  4. David Oliver says:

    Another Interesting Perspective…

    With Tim Tebow Heating Up, Is Mark Sanchez’s Backup QB Role In Jeopardy?


    • David Oliver says:

      Tim on THE MOVE:

      Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 39 minutes ago
      Tebow with a 20-yard TD run!! #Eagles

      • ck says:

        David O.: Tebow is getting it done and very happy about that too!:D Wish we could see ALL the footage. Guess they are off on Monday.

  5. David Oliver says:

    Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and other observations from Day 7 of Eagles training camp: by Mark Eckel of NJ Advanced Media.


  6. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy, Et ALL.. ESP Sunday’s Practice Overview:

    Sam Bradford continues strong play, Tim Tebow improves | Eagles quarterback report card… by Eliot Shorr-Parks – NJ Advanced Media..


  7. brandi says:

    Some observations from numerous Eagles Fans…

    Most had no idea how fast Tim is. Many have been saying he is as fast as Michael Vick was when he was with the Eagles. Alot saying Eagles have to use Tim in the RedZone. Most had no idea what the Read-Option was. Mostly thought it was some sort of Wildcat and a Run Offense. Didn’t realize it’s a balanced Offense between Pass and Run and either can happen on any Play depending on what the Quarterback sees.

    Apparently Eagles Players didn’t really understand this either. Every account I’ve heard and Fans there agreed the Eagles Defense was totally caught off guard when Tim Ran for the TD.

    Other than a few of the types we’ve all heard way too much from, what I’ve heard from most Eagles Fans is there’s no way they can cut Tim Tebow. He has to be on the Team because having him lets them do things they’ve never been able to do before. And more than a few have said they never thought in a million years they’d say that.

  8. brandi says:

    Oh one other note. An Agent for NFL Players who also writes for one of the Media Sites said he can see the Eagles having two distinct Offenses. One that is primarily Pass-Oriented with Runs of course, led by Bradford. And another with Tebow at QB primarily Run-Oriented buy Passing as well. And BOTH of them being Top-10 Offenses.

  9. David Oliver says:

    A Short video discussion about Brandon Graham Prediction that Tim Tebow will score 9 TDS?



    With the Eagles finally getting camp running in full swing this week, The700Level Show hit up the NovaCare Complex to chat with recently re-signed LB Brandon Graham to get some of his predictions for the upcoming season.

    Not surprisingly, Graham believes he’ll lead the Eagles in sacks this season after registering only 5.5 in 2014. He’s calling for double digits.

    But that wasn’t even the most ambitious of Graham’s predictions.

    Are you sitting down?

    Graham, who had previously said very complimentary things about how Tim Tebow has looked in Eagles green, was asked how many touchdowns he thought Tebow would score this season.

    How about 9? Graham said Tim Tebow will score 9 touchdowns for the Eagles in 2015.

    To put that in perspective a bit, Jeremy Maclin led the Eagles last year with 10 touchdowns and Shady McCoy scored 5.

  10. David Oliver says:


    Soldier Rooting For Tebow!!


  11. jp says:

    like brandi comments about the pass coverage… there was a reason why Thomas and Decker scored big play tds

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