Sam Bradford looks elite, Tim Tebow struggles | Eagles Quarterback Report Card

Sam Bradford
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford stands in-between drills during NFL football training camp, Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) (Matt Rourke)
Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for NJ.comBy Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for 
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on August 07, 2015 at 2:38 PM

PHILADELPHIA — Slowly but surely, the Eagles quarterbacks are catching up with the defense.

After a slow start to camp, the Eagles’ offense has been moving the ball up-and-down the field the past two days at practice, and that was especially true on Friday. 

Here is a breakdown of how each quarterback did, with their stats:

Sam Bradford:

Thursday’s Reps: 30 reps (5 with first team)

Thursday’s Stats: 17/23, 4 TDs

Overall Stats: 139 reps (14 with second team), 84/107, 7 TD, 1 INT

Analysis: If you have been reading this offseason, you know this reporter has been skeptical of the team’s acquisition of Bradford.

Although it was just one practice, Bradford finally looked elite on Friday.

Bradford picked the Eagles’ defense apart all day Friday, putting the ball down the field, across the middle and taking what the defense gave him when nothing was there. When Bradford is in his zone it is something to see, as he throws the ball down the field with great anticipation and timing.

One day after struggling to get the Eagles in the endzone, Bradford had four touchdown passes, and he could have had six if Miles Austin didn’t drop one, and his receiver would have stayed in bounds on another.

There are still plenty of questions for Bradford to answer, but he finally showed flashes of having “it” on Friday, which should have Eagles fans very excited.

Grade: A

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Mark Sanchez:

Thursday’s Reps: 26 reps (5 with second team)

Thursday’s Stats: 10/18, 1 TD, 1 INT

Overall Stats: 132 reps (nine with first team), 65/95, 5 TD, 1 INT

Analysis:  While Bradford was in a zone on Friday, Sanchez — who has played pretty well so far this camp — was off.

The backup especially struggled during one seven-on-seven drill, when six of his nine passes fell incomplete. His last pass of the day was ugly as well, throwing the ball right to cornerback Jaylen Watkins at the beginning of an 11-on-11 drill.

One area Sanchez once again performed well in was the red zone. The quarterback had a nice touchdown, and would have gone two-for-two if his first pass wasn’t dropped.

Grade: C-

Tim Tebow:

Thursday’s Reps: 16 reps

Thursday’s Stats: 4/9, 1 TD

Overall Stats: 60 reps, 33/46, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD

Analysis: The one problem with Tebow since signing with the Eagles has been his consistency. One pass could be on the money, and the next in the ground. Now, his consistency problems have moved from day-to-day.

Tebow as outstanding on Thursday, but was almost equally as bad on Friday.

Tebow got off to a good start, hitting his first two passes, but misfired on his next six. He was a victim of his receivers dropping the ball twice, but overall he was not accurate, and didn’t display the kind of touch he did on Thursday.

What is intriguing about Tebow, and why he will likely make the team, is that when he is off, he can still make things happen with his legs. Tebow ran the ball twice on Friday, both times before he would have been sacked. He also scrambled off to his right during one play, and flicked it into the endzone for a touchdown.

Grade: C

Matt Barkley

Thursday’s Reps: 21 reps

Thursday’s Stats: 6/15, 1 TD, 1 INT

Overall Stats: 67 reps, 37/51, 2 TD, 2 INT

Analysis: Before practice on Friday, offensive coordinator Pay Shurmur talked at length about the progress Barkley has made since last season. Once practice started, however, Barkley didn’t do much to back up Shurmur’s kind words.

Barkley’s first pass of the day was intercepted, as he let the ball float for too long, allowing safety Chris Prosinski to easily pick off the pass. Barkley did have a touchdown, but the lone play wasn’t enough to make up for a poor showing in team drills.

Barkley went three of eight during the team’s final drill, and was unable to get the offense into the end zone.

Grade: C-

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8 Responses to “Sam Bradford looks elite, Tim Tebow struggles | Eagles Quarterback Report Card”

  1. Sage says:

    Any scrimmage on the practice schedule?

  2. David Oliver says:

    Sage FYI – Most detailed Training Camp info I could find at this point..

    Eagles Training Camp Schedule:

    August 1 Full Team Reports
    August 2 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 3 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 4 Practice at Lincoln Financial Field – 12:00
    August 5 Day off – No practice
    August 6 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 7 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 8 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 9 Practice at Lincoln Financial Field – 12:00
    August 10 Day off – No practice
    August 11 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 12 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 13 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 14 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 15 Walk-through – TBA
    August 16 vs. Colts – 1:00p

    August 17 Day off – No practice
    August 18 Practice at NovaCare – 11:30

    August 19 Joint practice with Ravens at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 20 Joint practice with Ravens at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 21 Joint practice with Ravens at NovaCare – 11:30
    August 22 vs. Ravens – 7:00p
    August 23 Day off – No practice
    August 24 **Practice at NovaCare**
    August 25 Practice at NovaCare
    August 26 Practice at NovaCare
    August 27 Practice at NovaCare
    August 28 Walk-through – TBA
    August 29 @ Packers – 8:00p

    August 30 Day off – No practice
    August 31 Practice at NovaCare
    September 1 Practice at NovaCare
    September 2 Practice at NovaCare
    September 3 @ Jets – 7:00p

    September 4 Day off – No practice

  3. brandi says:

    For all the talk about how good Sam Bradford looks and fingers-crossed that he stays healthy, the whole thing, to me, comes down to this.

    He was injured long enough over enough Seasons that a pretty solid pattern was able to be seen and taken as more than probably just a fluke. That pattern is…the Rams Won almost exactly the same number of Games whether Bradford was QBing or his Back-Ups. This pattern goes across the entire time he’s been in the NFL. When they were just really bad, they only Won a Game without him and a Game with him. When they were mediocre they Won almost the same amount with him or without him.

    He looks really good in practice and looks really good in Games and the end result is other than looking good there’s no difference when he’s gone.

    • jp says:

      Eagles will have to come out smoking…no 3_2 4_3…they need at least 11_5. Look for T to help in the early games..we have see this movie before.. Fans will not stand for low level or med. Play with T in the wings..MURRY COOPER AND T MACHINE WILL STEAMROLL… KELLY WILL HAVE TO EAT BRADFORD 50 MILL CONTRACT

      • brandi says:

        Mike Sielski has an article today talking about this very thing with Bradford. Nice to see someone in Philly is taking the time to look a little closer.

        We could have a real dynamic take place. Eagles Offensive Coordinator said they’re looking at the Pre-Season Games with Tim. He called him a “Gamer”. Eagles won’t be using him in one-on-one drills calling it a waste of time because of the way Tim Plays his Game.

        In a few days in Camp and some time earlier at OTAs the Eagles Coaching Staff has already learned more about Tim Tebow, his strengths, his weaknesses and ways to maximize those strengths than the Jets did in an entire year.

  4. jp says:

    Like the brady sit the case against T just doesnt stand..Phil fans ate nasty and demand results..kelly seems to be an orig thinker and the media seems fair… Looks like things are coming together.. All the lousy teams that Dissed T will be laughing stocks esp the buffoon in buffalo

  5. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy, et ALL !

    Neat article on Tim Tebow by BRANDI..

    Tebow’s Other Skills
    Written by brandi. Date of post: August 7, 2015.

  6. jp says:

    One of the best writers out there

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