Preseason-Week-1 Colts vs Eagles highlights

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  1. jp says:

    Except for 2 sacks T couldn’t scramble from and a missed exchange with a 3rd string back pretty good highlight package considering that some of the best catches in the game were T catching the snaps. The line letting the tackles in the backfield in about 1.5 seconds and 4th string receivers running the wrong routes. I think Kelly can visualize T with Murry behind a good line T helping Murry run 200 yrds from the read option. I think he sees T improved passing and can visualize big plays to Riley Cooper and the other Eagle playmakers making big plays when the defenses have to put 9 and 10 into the box. So sad that the Philly Radio Talkers are crucifying T especially the nerdy ones with high voices. Make sure you stay on the video as a T highlight package comes up after the first one. I think Kelly knows that Sanchez and Barkely cannot get him into the playoffs if Bradley goes down. One question… the talkers think Bradford is an elite arm.. Sage Brandi et all please come up with an evaluation of Bradfords game… even it betters than T.. Brandi has told us his back ups have done as well as he did … what if the eagles are 2and 3 at the start… chance to see T?

    • brandi says:

      I think there’s a good chance Tim could be the Week 1 Starter in Atlanta. Maybe Bradford will be ready to go by then, maybe not. But there’s already some Commentators posing the question who would Eagles Fans prefer to see, Tim or Sanchez as Starter.

      As for an eval of Sam, I think he’s been as hoped for by Eagles Coaches. But nobody’s hitting him and he’s not seen any Game action. Classic NFL problem. These QB (and other) decisions are often made in Practice. That was bad enough when they actually hit in Practice. But now?

      I had an exchange with Ex-NFL O-Lineman Marques Ogden a couple days ago. He said this lack of hitting in Practice really hurts the Offensive Linemen. I think it hurts everything from teams being prepared at the start of the Season to final Cut-Downs and the Depth Chart.

      • Sage says:

        That’s kind of been Tebow’s dilemma. Fox demoted him in favor of Orton after about 6 minutes of camp.

        What happened to society that they became such stats wussies, and dumb ones at that?

        • Cartman says:

          To be fair, the stat junky at Cold Hard Football Facts says an analysis of the stats says Tebow is a WINNER and would have saved the Jets season had they played him.

  2. jp says:

    “Perfect Kelly QB”

  3. LuitLipton says:

    Who is Robert Brewer and why do so many “sports writers” think they can direct a team to carry out their vision for a player just because they write a few words over and over. And over again. They say the pen is mightier than the sword but it’s incredibly distasteful to continue this charade only emphasizing their blindness to the fact that they aren’t the team coach or gm. Maybe they got into the wrong line of work.

    • jp says:

      Bad snaps weak line.. Third string rec
      Running the wrong routes.. Guess what no turnovers and a score.. Why dont these clowns get neg with Rodgers who who couldnt get it in twice at first and goal within the three in the nfc champ.. I dont think the philly fans aregoing to tolerate petty art from no talent writers.. Wish a true talant like Brandi could cover the birds

  4. Pamelot says:

    Yay!!! Finally, the moment we waited for. 🙂

  5. ck says:

    You haven’t seen nothing YET…Wait until he links w/1st team and, especially, RILEY COOPER…GO TEBOW AND WIN!!!

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