Eagles’ Tim Tebow fails on consecutive 2-point conversion attempts


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The Philadelphia Eagles may need to get creative in finding a role for Tim Tebow this season, and an intriguing option for the polarizing signal-caller would be putting his unique skillset to use as a short-yardage and two-point specialist.

Head coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles hinted at such a possibility early in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

Tebow entered the game as the quarterback for two-point conversion attempts following each of the Eagles’ first two touchdowns, with both run and pass plays proving unsuccessful.

Coming up short may have been more about the team’s PAT struggles than it was Tebow’s fit for such a role, however, as Philadelphia also missed on a kick following the third touchdown of the night.

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24 Responses to “Eagles’ Tim Tebow fails on consecutive 2-point conversion attempts”

  1. Bubbaelvis says:

    Here are my thoughts on the 2 point conversions last night. At face value it looks bad for Tim. You can look at it two ways as far as Tim is concerned 1)it was Tim’s test to make the team or 2) It was a dry run to get ready for the season. I still haven’t changed my mind and still have a gut feeling Tim has already made it so I tend to think #2. I don’t believe Chip makes his decision on two plays. If that was the case Bradford wouldn’t be starting after his poor showing in the game against the Ravens. I think he know what he has in Tebow and the potential that is there. I really feel he has plans for Tim. If I had to bet, I’d say Tebow makes it with Barkley on the practice squad. If Bradford goes down, does anyone think Sanchez or Barkley can win for them? With Tim they would put more emphasis on the run game/read option. To Chip it would be just another way to dominate on offense. Still it is tough waiting and a great 4th preseason game would help his cause tremendously.

  2. Sage says:

    Trying to make a living as a “2 point specialist” would be a bad idea. Every such play starts at the (what?) 2 yard-line? Under those circumstances, it’s tough to overcome predictability. For a player to come in cold off the bench would be even harder.

    Tebow made a few interesting plays in 2009 under such circumstances, but it wasn’t an especially fruitful formula.

    I’d speculate Chip Kelly realizes that. Last night they practiced the play and learned it needs more practice.

  3. David Oliver says:

    The Eagle’s Official Site.. news regarding Eagle’s playing cuts..

    Eagles Trim Roster To 78 Players


  4. Bigfan says:

    He did not have the #1 line. He’ll be fine for this year. I had a process…Sam makes it until November…out…Mark until December leaving them in the playoffs…TEBOW TIME…FULL TIME!!

  5. lex says:

    Like your upbeat prediction, Bigfan. Sure hope he makes the roster!

  6. TheMascotArmy says:

    First conversion attempt was just a stuffed run up the middle. Second one was a bad snap, blitz, and nobody was open (I watched it five times). The okay looked to be designed to pick the corner covering the guy Tebow threw to, but he just tab right by. That wasn’t on Tebow.
    The fumble happened because Tebow tried to keep it and the rb didn’t let go. I doubt that’ll be graded against Tebow.

    I’m still confident Tebow makes the team. I think chip looks at Tebow okay the way we do, completely in context.

    There wasn’t much for Tebow, but he didn’t make mistakes.

    Bradford looked amazing. Barkley sucked.

    Rich Gannon’s game comments came via time machine 2009, ignoring recent news. Like most talking heads, they don’t have time to read up on Tebow.

    Chip said he tells players he hopes they get into another ten if they get cut, that’s their goal (opposite of jets). I don’t think they want to unnecessarily hurt Barkley’s chances of going somewhere by playing him after Tebow.

    Those are my two cents anyway.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      I hope it isn’t too hard to read through my Swype typos. Okay= play, ten= team

      • David Oliver says:

        TheMascotArmy…OK.. and I appreciate your perspective.. Thanks!

      • Danny says:

        Thanks TheMascotArmy for your analysis. I quantified Tebow and Barkley’s respective production totals for individual and team in another thread, but it broke down to this:

        In 2:1 less clock time in the Packers game the team under Tebow had:

        1. More plays ran
        2. More total yards
        3. More time of possession
        4. More first downs
        5. No three and outs
        6. No turnovers

        In perspective, Barkley had two 3 and outs last night.

        • brandi says:

          I know this has been billed as fighting for QB #3. But Tim had opportunities he turned down because there wasn’t a shot at #1. Maybe he changed his attitude on that but if so I’ve heard nothing about it and he walked away from something he enjoyed.

          In addition the way the Eagles have been working Tim in Camp it has every indication they’re looking at alot of different possibilities. But he hasn’t played in a few years and never played for any of these Coaches.

          Despite the attempt at double-speak Bradford was on the trading block and Chip Kelly doesn’t have confidence in Sanchez when it counts. This is NOT to say there’s some Tim’s ‘Our guy’ thing going on so much as Chip has 4 serviceable QBs any of whom could be traded for the right deal and he has a Season to get the Eagles into the Playoffs and assure he continues to have a free hand to put together the Team he really wants.

          I think he’s looking at having a laundry list of things he can do at any different time in any situation and he’ll use anything any anyone on that list in whatever ways he thinks he can to start notching Ws. It’s going to take 11 of those to feel good about making the Playoffs and that won’t be easy. I think there’s more pigeon-holing of Players taking place in articles, columns and “reports” than there is on Chip Kelly’s drawing board.

          • LuitLipton says:

            If Tim had a legit shot at #1 with Eagles, why hasn’t he had more work with the 2s & 1s? Thoughts?
            Buzzy Says You Have a point.

        • ck says:

          Danny: Thought Tebow looked better too!

    • ck says:

      TheMascotArmy: Well said.

  7. ck says:

    Watched the final quarter of the game w/Tebow playing and seeing is believing…don’t believe Tebow had an unsuccessful night as compared to Barkley’s. Think Coach Kelly will make the right decision after all.

  8. Bubbaelvis says:

    I don’t think Tim has been given a legit shot at #1. However, I believe Chip believes he can possibly develop into #1. I think that Chip knows and sees exactly what Tebow is right now- a guy with tremendous potential who has been away from the game two years and is getting better each and every day. Sanchez and Barkley have time in the system and Tim is not that far behind them if not slightly ahead of them. Bradford hasn’t been in the system but he at least has had playing time every year. I think Tim has been great considering. If given the chance, he’ll be ready sooner rather then later.

  9. Kim henderson says:

    One of the conversions the ball was snapped to low Tim needs to have the offensive1or 2protecting then he will bible to how he has improved but no body wants to protecting Him it’s like somebody paid somebody off to not protect him

    • ck says:

      Kim henderson: It is not unknown to have people place hits on others in the National Felon League…hmmmmmm (wouldn’t put it past Sancrapper either jmo!)

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