Eagles-36 Colts-10 Final

Sanchez 3 and out  1&2s

Sanchez 5 plays TD +FG  1&2s

Sanchez 4 and out 2s

Barkley 4 plays TD Miss FG 1&2s

Barkley 3 and out 2s

Barkley 2 Plays Tip & INT 2&3s

Barkley 4 and out 2&3s

Barkley   6 play to 30 FG  2&3s

Barner Punt return TD + FG

Barkley 7 plays to 32 FG 3s

Tebow 12 plays 4 out 5 passes to the 12 miss FG  1&2s

Tebow  4 and out sacked 2&3s

Tebow 3 and out sacked 3&4s

Tebow 5 and out  3&4s Holding the ball too long

Tebow 3 and out from the 30 FG 3&4s

Tebow from the 20  3 plays Ran 7 yards for TD + FG 3&4s

Tebow 7 for 12 69 passing 21 rushing 1TD  0INT

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16 Responses to “Eagles-36 Colts-10 Final”

  1. Sage says:

    Tebow has never been given anything in the preseason except garbage time. Disappointing but not surprising.

  2. lex says:

    Buzzy- will you be able break down the final results at the end of this game re how tebow performed?

  3. Sage says:

    There was a drive where Tebow completed a pass from near his own endzone to Bailey, for 20 or 30 yards. My computer blinked at that point, but I think the drive ended with a field goal.

    Can anyone tell me what happened between those two plays? Thank you in advance.
    Buzzy Says : threw an incompleate in the endzone and they missed a FG

    • Sage says:

      Apparently that drive didn’t end with a field goal. Still interested if anyone recalls what happened in next few plays.

      ESP makes a good point:

      1) Barkley throws interception, almost two
      2) Tebow runs for a TD

      If you’re interested in marginal differences, there’s some.

    • jp says:

      Phil talkers knockingT… T jad to deal with bad snaps and a bad line getting pushed into tje backfield… Important No turnovers and a red zone score.. I think T wanted to assert a passing game but the blocking wasnt there and he should have used his instinct and ran more often… Red zone run is big for what kelly is looking for

  4. lex says:

    Eliot Shorr-Parks @ NJ.com review on Tim:


    Review of Sanchez & Barkley:


    Skip Bayless ‏@RealSkipBayless

    Hard to judge Tebow performance w/ so many poor shotgun snaps, quick protection breakdowns. But not bad for 1st action in 2 years.

  5. lex says:

    You are welcome, David.

    Thank you for your insightful comments!

    • Sage says:

      Great link. Thanks.

    • David says:

      Buzzy’s list says Tebow was with the 1s and 2s when he completed 4 out of 5 passes. Chip knows that it matters.
      “You also have to look at who is in with who,” Kelly said. “There were a different set of receivers in there with Tim, than with Matt (Barkley) and Mark (Sanchez),” Kelly said. “And really a different line at times. There were some plays where you might say ‘why did Tim do that’ but the receiver ran the wrong route. He’s expecting a shallow cross, and there is no shallow cross. So what do you do?”

  6. Robt Wilber says:

    Eagles QB Tim Tebow talks about getting back on the field and rushing for a touchdown against the Colts in Philadelphia’s preseason opener. Philly welcome.

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