Buzzys QB Grade For Game

Bradford B+

Sanchez B-

Barkley C-

Tebow C

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52 Responses to “Buzzys QB Grade For Game”

  1. ck says:

    Hey Buzzy, think you are better at grading than ESP!

  2. Sage says:

    The box scores I’m seeing don’t list who fumbles, which is quite irritating.

    There was a fumble while Tim was in. Can someone describe what happened on the play? The Ravens broadcasters were too lazy to say.
    Buzzy Says Look at the game write I posted the RB fumble the ball.

  3. Bubbaelvis says:

    I was wondering about the fumble also. I might have graded him a B. I see a lot of bashing going on but that is to be expected. He averaged 10.3 yards a carry running the ball. That is a giant stat. I know someone will say he has to throw better but I think once you see the film you will see he didn’t have the opportunity. What I see is a guy that can take crap and turn it into positive yards.

    • Sage says:

      Tim is supposed to win the Super Bowl every time he comes into the 4th quarter of a preseason game.

      Teams scored 10 points while he was in. That’s productive.

      I assume he didn’t fumble, or else Twitter would be alive with ridicule.

      4 quarterbacks on the team is crowded. Hope Tim gets more chances.

    • Sage says:

      According to Twitter: Tebow’s first series ends with fumble by Villanova RB Kevin Monangai.

      May have happened soon after than hand-off.

      • ck says:

        Think it was stripped after being caught and they were both holding on out of bounds…if that was the one (not Tim’s fault btw). Yes, he deserves a lot of credit for scoring in spite of not having any protection nor receivers able to take care of the ball (we are talking about 3’s & 4’s compared to others getting 1’s or even 2’s). Then it would be a real QB competition jmo. So far, Coach Kelly has actually pointed that out and knows what is happening pressure-wise and favors Tebow…why would he try to shop Barkley if he was going to keep him instead?!!

        • David says:

          I think you nailed it CK. The reports were that Chip Kelly was increasingly excited about Tebow. He probably couldn’t believe how productive his 4th string offense was with Tebow. Unfortunately, most of those guys will be cut. I think you’re right that Kelly knows that Tebow raised their level of play and other teams will be picking them up. There is even doubt that they can keep Barner who has returned 2 punts for TDs. This team is deep and some of it can be credited to Tebow for raising the intensity of the 3s and 4s.

          • ck says:

            Thanks but I am not the only one thinking that Tebow needs to be w/2nds or higher in order to compete; although, it is a given that Tebow’s leadership can take a losing team and inspire them to WIN as seen in Denver. Coach Kelly took on Michael Vick and that is someone who also runs it in, but was controversial in a bad way. Tebow will make his case I believe in spite of the naysayers to the contrary who happen to be in the minority, I might add!

    • ck says:

      100% agree.

  4. Danny says:

    A few observations about Tebow’s performance tonight and his impact on the team.

    His best play was his 26 yard run. His decision making on the option was spot on as every run play resulted in positive yardage. He ended up having a defender spotting him every play. This takes one defender out of the mix and with the Eagles strong running game it opens the game plan up to many schemes. I’ve often thought that Murray could have a monster year with TT as QB.

    As far as yardage was concerned three of the top four plays in the entire game for the Eagles were when Tebow was on the field. Tebow was also the third leading rusher on the team tonight.

    I’m not really concerned about his passing quite yet. Tonight it seemed that his pocket was collapsing quite fast and he never had the opportunity to step up in the pocket. I think if I was Chip Kelly I would have set up a few screens for him just to keep the defense honest.

    I think that TT still makes this team…he’s the kind of hard nosed football player that Kelly likes. Perfect situation for TT if he can keep improving.

  5. Sage says:

    Kenyon Barner is impressing the Eagles and will probably make the 53-man roster.

    This makes me wonder if the Eagles will carry two, rather than three quarterbacks. Sure, Sam Bradford might be fragile, but if the Eagles thought so they probably wouldn’t be trying to build around him. Probably feel comfortable with Sanchez as backup, too.
    Buzzy Says I agree.

    Not trying to be negative. Just looking ahead.

    • ck says:

      Sage: They carried three last year, didn’t they? Wait, there were 4 with Kinne. They need Tebow b/c who knows if Bradford can stand continuous hits b/c the one in the sternum really took a toll on him…he stood there for awhile with a pained expression (probably got the wind knocked out of him, I guess). Then you have inconsistent “butt fumble” who likes to throw interceptions under pressure! And there is Tebow who actually knows how to win and in the “RED ZONE” WHERE THEY ARE NOT SO GREAT PERIOD!!!
      Apologize for being so positive and yes, that IS sarcasm on my part!!!

  6. Sage says:

    Danny, thanks again for your analysis. It brightens my outlook.

    You’re right: 25, 26 and 28-yard gains from scrimmage on the ground while Tebow was in. Barkley had a 26-yard pass. Ground yards are step-child yards. Because.

    People are criticizing Tebow for not throwing a pass to the open receiver in the endzone.

    First of all, why was he so open? A defender tripped, yes. But the other 3 defenders were shaddowing Tebow because of Tebow’s run threat. That’s a common thing with Tebow — his receivers are wide open, even in the red zone. If I were a coach I’d consider that an asset.

    Perhaps he should flung the endzone pass. On the other hand, there were three defenders directly in front of him. He’d have had to arc the ball over over the defenders, which might have slowed the pass and added some risk. He’d have also had to throw across his body because the receiver planted himself instead of running toward the sideline. And he’d have had to break stride on his run. Seems like he did risk analysis and made a rational choice.

    If he’d completed the TD pass they have criticized him for not planting his feet.

    Not sure whether the Eagles coaches will see any of it this way, but it’s nice to hope.

    Quiet around here.

    • David says:

      Good points Sage. Your point that the defense was shadowing Tebow illustrates that Tebow is one of the few QBs that can choose how he will score and it keeps defenses off balance. With Tebow, the Eagles are powerful in the red zone.

  7. Shaztah says:

    Newton 4 of 10 for 42 yards and an interception…..
    Sam Bradford 3 of 5 for 35 yards no TD no INT
    Barkley was 6 of 14 for 46 yards no TD no INT
    Eli was 4 for 14 for 46 yards no TD no INT….
    I can go on and on but of course the bar is set so high for Tim its crazy. How many other QB’s can not play for 2 years and come in and blow it up? Not many. Of course he is rusty and is still new to the system. I hope Chip knows what he has in Tim.
    I really wish I could find Sanchez’s pre season stats from last year.

    • Sage says:

      You’re so right. Our hope is that at least Chip Kelly and some other coaches can see a bigger picture.

      It’s astonishing how many people don’t care about anything except a pocket-passer.

      I checked Twitter for tweets about Brock Osweiler, the Broncos backup. Osweiler threw a gorgeous 50 yard TD bomb from a deep drop back. And he also threw two of the worst NFL passes that you’ll ever see. One was a pick-6 thrown to no one but a defender. Another was just ugly, miles behind the receiver and right at a defender. And he finished with less than 50 percent completion. Still, the reports are that Osweiller “shined.” Oh, brother.

    • ck says:

      Shaztah: Bet David could find those stats and, of course, Sanchez was stinking it up all over the place and that, I believe, is why they brought in Tebow and Bradford!!!

  8. Sage says:

    No disrespect, but look how lanky Sam Bradford is. He looks too thin for the NBA, let alone the NFL.

  9. Danny says:

    A little more in-depth analysis on TT’s game yesterday:

    Total rushing for the Eagles vs the Ravens was 238 yards (38 rushing plays, 6.3 YPC). The Tebow led offense in the 4th quarter accounted for 112 of those yards (13 rushing plays, 8.6 YPC). Taking away the Eagles 4th quarter totals, the Eagles ran for 126 yards (25 rushing plays, 5.04 YPC). As a point of comparison, the Eagles averaged 124.5 yards on the ground last year. Any team total over 150 YPG is considered very good.

    The total offense in the 4th quarter was 125 yards, team total for the entire game was 476 yards.

    Just as important, Tebow did not turn the ball over at all.

    The offense scored 10 of their 40 points in the 4th quarter.

    If you look at these stats, you would believe that Tebow had a relatively positive game production wise. Yeah, I’m sure he would like to have the play back where he tried to run it himself into the EZ. What QB hasn’t looked back on game tape and asked himself if he could have played it differently? No harm in that sequence as the Eagles ended up with a TD anyway.

  10. Lynn B. says:

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  11. PhillyFred says:

    I watched the game and here are my honest impressions. (First post here. I am a Tebow fan.)

    Tim had 3 bad plays that disappointed me.

    First was a sack he took after having a whole lot of time and a huge clean pocket. He made it worse by scrambling backwards in an odd zig-zag and taking a big loss. That much time he has to find someone open enough to throw to. I actually would have preferred an interception, at least you could say he was trying. (And it’s only preseason.) He can’t be holding the ball forever like he did here.

    Second was an open WR running a short in-route that Tim seemingly stared right at but didn’t pull the trigger on. This play was the most concerning for me, since in my opinion his biggest weakness is his indecisiveness or perhaps lack of vision in finding the open receiver (not lack of accuracy) and this was a textbook example of it.

    Third was the play mentioned many times where he rolled out to his left and the WR was wide open in the end zone after the DB fell down. Obviously Tim thought it was easier running it in himself but it would have been nice for him to throw the TD pass instead. He was rolling to his left so it should have been an easy pass for him, not across his body, and he had plenty of time to get it off.

    I also would have liked to have seen him complete a pass one of the times he has opportunity to do so while scrambling to his left. There were several times he did this, but I think he threw the ball away each time.

    I think he needs more practice reps, he’s been away from the game for several years now and looks mentally rusty in the passing game.

    2 positives:

    The 25 yard run was sweet. With Bradford, Sanchez, and Barkley there is roughly zero threat of them running, defenses aren’t even pretending to look at those QBs on the read-option. Chip is so hand-cuffed when they are in that he can’t really run his offense the right way.

    He smartly started scrambling to his left when the pocket broke down, after the first sack. This gives him the best chance to keep the play alive and avoid a sack.

    His TD run should have stood up. If the ball wasn’t directly over the pylon it didn’t miss by more than 6 inches. I can’t see how the refs can overturn a call that close.

    • Sage says:

      Welcome, PhillyFred. Your points about passing are legit. Tebow didn’t have a strong night, although there were plenty of other QBs who missed open receivers who were not dissected.

      On the drive where he missed the receiver in the endzone, the team scored the next play. Tebow didn’t hurt anything.

      What’s too bad is that (IMO) people pretty much miss the value that comes from a dynamic run game. When Tebow helps the team to reach 100+ running yards in the 4th quarter, as well as 10 points, he shouldn’t really have to apologize.

      Let’s contrast Matt Schaub. He was 11 of 18, for about 115 yards. Nice! But did he even make it across mid-field? He was fine from a conventional perspective, but nothing meaningful happened while he was on the field.

      Meanwhile Flacco threw 2 picks, including a pick 6. Yet it’s Tim who is forced to defend his ability to lead an offense.

      • David says:

        Brady was 2 of 5 for 13 yards just like Tebow. It looked to me like Kelly told Tim to go out there and run the clock with the running game and let’s go home. It was 30-7. This team will blow out a lot of teams this year.

  12. David says:

    When Tebow was sacked in the first series his receivers were covered, they turned and faced Tebow and made no effort to break free of coverage until Tebow was running.

    This is a screen shot of what he saw just before he had to scramble. The defensive backs were in the back pockets of his receivers. It had interception written all over it. He was right not to force the throw.

    Here is the video at 2:35 in this recap of the game.|contentId:0ap3000000514822&tab=recap

      • Sage says:

        It cracks me out how the commentator complains that on Tebow’s overthrown endzone pass , Tebow had “two receivers” open–as if Tebow should have completed two passes with one throw.

        The bar is always a little higher for Tebow because people don’t understand his value.

        • David says:

          I think that Tebow threw the ball to the spot where the receiver was supposed to be on that play which is in the corner of the end zone. Who can tell, it’s practice with the 4th string. Yeah, the commentators have always had snarky, slighting and insulting reactions when Tebow scores and even when he wins. It’s always as if he’s never done it before and they can’t believe their eyes. They may have to drag Mike Mayock out of the booth before this year is over. He’s a pure passing NAZI as evidenced by his comment “You’ve got to throw the ball!” on national TV. Who made that rule?

  13. Sage says:

    Bradford at risk in the read-option.

    Interesting article.

  14. TheMascotArmy says:

    Game comments:

    -I rewatched Tebow’s drives in slow motion again today. The sack wasnt great, and the open guy in the endzone would have been a good decision, but is it really a bad decision when it resulted in a reversed TD call? He owns the red zone and could teach red zone decision-making.

    -It was amazing to watch the big play RB runs in slow motion because they were completely the result of the D going after Tebow and guessing wrong (every one!). There is no way Chip misses this when reviewing film. What’s a shame is that the strong Tebow driven run game doesnt show up in QB stats. Great post above about the avg yards per run…completely due to Tebow. The D completely ignored the other QBs, and they were right to. This should drive Chip nuts to not have this available.

    -The TD run by the RB was successful because the D guessed Tebow.

    -There was an endzone “overthrow” by Tebow that the commentators piled on Tebow about, how he’s inaccurate still despite reports to the contrary etc…and then briefly the last commentator mentioned that it looked like the WR ran the wrong route because he was tapping his chest and taking blame (ie my bad). then they changed the subject and didnt retract the bad accuracy nonsense.

    -The first drive that ended in a fumble was at the end of a decent gain by the RB. It was a big play. The fumble had nothing to do with Tebow, but that it was a decent gain beforehand probably did.

    -All of his drives were marching down the field with ease. first one ended with a fumble, and the other two were a fg and a TD. his last play was dink dunk pass that went for about 9 yards. He was completely productive despite his qb stats.

    -It’s telling that the big deal from the detractors after this game was his decision to run it in for a TD instead of throw it when it was called a TD on the field. That’s the biggest mistake? and a sack? ridiculous.

    -Bradford was helped a lot by penalties.

    -I bought the nfl gamepass for 100 bucks. It lets you watch all the preseason games live, and rewatch them, and every old game from about 2007, and every game this year after it’s complete. I think its a bargain. I think it’s well worth it because who knows when I’ll get to watch Tebow play again?
    Also, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial if you dont want to spend the money. I’d suggest you wait until the fourth preseason game where Tebow is likely to get a lot of playing time.

    • Sage says:

      Always enjoy your comments, Mascot. Been watching you and thefro at Twitter.

      May have to consider Gameday. If Tebow is still on the roster for preseason game 3, I will.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        funny. fro is awesome. now he’s started screen capturing game film to instagram to help prove his points.

  15. Sage says:

    Kaepernick, 2 of 5 for 13 yards. Not an NFL QB??

  16. GoGata says:

    Let’s be honest. Tebow still holds the ball too long. He almost looks like he’s playing too cautious. Still don’t know what angle they used to reverse the TD run, that was B.S. Also, Mike Mayock, when you break Herschel Walker’s TD rushing record then you can question decision making about a guy tucking and running… could he have hit the receiver in the back of the endzone, I think he could have, but the throw would have had to go over a linebackers hands and was a little more difficult than first appeared. I just want to see Tebow unafraid to fire the ball into a tight space or throw to a guy that is semi covered. He’s got to hit that slant route down in the red zone, that was WIDE open by NFL standards. I’m sure he is rusty, but he had problems pulling the trigger in Denver also.. until they told him to let it rip before the Steelers game.
    End of the day, I take Tebow over Barkley AND Sanchez every time. People try to discount it bc they can’t quantify it, but everyone knows that some people are just gamers and are clutch.

    • Sage says:

      They can’t quantify it because they focus on what they think he *should* do, instead of what is happening. Did the team move the ball? Score? Win? Those are the things to quantify, ultimately, in reverse order of importantance. With Tim those answers are usually positive.

      I don’t give a fig about what conventional analysts think. It’s like listening to stock pickers on TV. Good luck with that. Finding big value is a contrarian endeavor.

  17. Bigfan says:

    Well kids I for one thought Timmy was exposed on his lack of going through his progressions 1, 2, 3 yet again. It’s 1 and done. I am almost to the point he is afraid of throwing a pic it is effecting his play. When he keeps the ball it is not a scramble but a razzle dazzle. Rythem and tempo are swapped for a rush to run as if someone yelled fire in a crowded theater.

    Now don’t get me wrong I have been following Timmy since Nease and to see him land a spot in the NFL, nothing would make me happier. After Saturday’s view I have to admit I have my doubts.

    • Sage says:

      So frustrating that Tim helps 2009’s 2d worst NFL team reach second round of playoffs, then is nitpicked and banished for two years. I’d be gun-shy and risk averse too, trying to avoid big mistakes instead of forcing picks, like Flacco, Foles, etc.

      Too bad when 100+ yards and 10 points during your garbage-time 4th quarter draws only derision about style points. That’s the world we live in, and why religion is needed. Life isn’t always fair.

      • Bigfan says:

        Sage please don’t get me wrong on this however the eyes don’t lie. While the improved throwing motion is obvious so is Timmy’s lack of improvement for reading defenses and seeing the field, his other 2 weak areas. If he has per se that is anything BUT obvious in his game time.

        I am really pulling for him, really!

        There is one more pre season game where I expect Sam and Mark to get the majority of reps with the ones. I hope Timmy gets more than one or two series but??

        • Sage says:

          I’m not saying your eyes are wrong. I’m saying tough circumstances. Out of football for 2 years. Play only in 4th quarter. Get less than 1/2 of reps that Bradford and Sanchez get in practice. Yet still get compared to them and others who’ve been carefully groomed in the NFL for 2, 3 and 10 years.

          On top of that, your past accomplishments are ignored, as are the positive things that happen when your on the field, such as an epic ground game.

          I hate the f*** out of it. Not your fault, but I hate it and won’t let thoughtless comparisons control my thinking.

          • Sage says:

            Vince Young was screwed in the vary same way. NFL *rookie of the year.* Still, Jeff Fisher hated him, because Jeff Fisher liked Matt Leinart.

            Jeff Fisher is a lousy coach. Vince Young strode 2 yards at a time and could have dominated the NFL, if not for s***** conventional NFL thinking.

        • TheMascotArmy says:

          I disagree, especially if this is the play you’re referring to.

          There was nothing wide open saturday besides the TD run, and running is completely justifiable considering 1-he got in and 2-didnt risk a TO or drop.

          The sack was bad, but the rest was fine. Tebow’s football IQ is severely underestimated, and is an easy thing to criticize since it is basically unfalsifiable unless you’re the coach who knows the plays and routes and expectations. It’s like after the first game where Kelly let everybody know that a WR ran the wrong routes on Tebow.

          And the starting WRs, TEs and RBs are awesome. Bradford and Sanchez are not having to get to their third (or even second) read very often. Must be nice.

          I’m just glad that Kelly knows what’s up.

          • Bigfan says:

            The live game replays were illustrated that showed it several times. I’ll see if I can find them?

          • TheMascotArmy says:

            Kelly defended Tebow today. Saying his WRs were covered.
            I’m so glad Kelly is immune from pundit pressure.

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