Tim Tebow may step up as lead quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles jerseys selling strong

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Tim Tebow

Quarterback Tim Tebow was absent from the NFL after his pre-season play for the New England Patriots and has now signed on for the Philadelphia Eagles as a reserve quarterback. His current position on the team may radically change as a report from Inquisitr indicates that he may take centerstage due to Sam Bradford’s injury prognosis.

According to the PhillyMag, Bradford had already suffered two ACL injuries in the past and his chances of re-injuring himself a third time is at a 10 to 12 percent. The report stated that Bradford was “progressing” and that there were no issues with the cartilage within his knees. However, this would still limit his performance in the field.

Hence, the Inquisitr positions that Tebow might have to step up as the lead quarterback for the upcoming NFL season, particularly if the Eagles want to save Bradford for only critical moments where a more seasoned veteran is called for.

Tebow had gone through some difficulties in getting back in the NFL due to “slow and inneficient throwing motions,” reportedly causing many teams to turn down his applications, but Fox Sports reports that he has been greatly improving as he continues to train under MLB pitcher Tom House.

This doesn’t mean that Tebow isn’t gaining popularity. Fox Sports reports that his jersey under the Philadelphia Eagles is selling strong and is ranked as the 16th highest selling jersey in the NFL Shop. The only other jersey from the Eagles that is included in the top 25 top-selling list is that of NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray.

“We saw Tebow’s jersey sell well on the first go round. Any time a high profile player moves to another team, sales jump,” Matt Powell, sports industry analyst with The NDP Group in Maine, has been quoted as saying as he explained that Tebow’s and Murray’s jerseys in the top 25 best-sellers is no mere coincidence.

If Tebow does get to fulfill his goal and become the primary quarterback for the Eagles, then it is very likely that his jerseys will sell even better than they are today.

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4 Responses to “Tim Tebow may step up as lead quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles jerseys selling strong”

  1. brandi says:

    Eagles Defensive Tackle (turned Linebacker this year after a big contract extension) Brandon Graham said in an interview he expects Tim to make the Team and Play alot.

    An interesting note…He was only asked about his feeling on the new Eagles Players. Not about Tebow specifically. He talked about Tim but said nothing about Sam Bradford.

    For what it’s worth.

  2. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy, A Great Positive Article!! Go Tebow

    Brandi – thanks for your interesting input
    sharing from Brandon Graham…

  3. David says:

    Tebow’s picture is on Drudgereport

  4. ck says:

    Predict Tebow’s jersey sales will BE #1 real soon!

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