Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could See Bigger Role After Sam Bradford’s Injury Prognosis

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  1. David says:

    .@TimTebow finishing the summer strong @pep_az. Great work! #relentless
    It looks like Philly’s spread option running game is right on schedule.

  2. ck says:

    Well Buzzy, what are the odds on Bradford as he does seem to be injury prone unfortunately or fortunately depending on your mind set…hmmm:)

  3. David says:

    Brandi had an interesting take on Bradford’s injuries and their affect on his team.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      This was good. It is funny how people are saying that if he’s healthy, the eagles will be good, as if there is really any reason to think that besides that the draft “experts” declared him a star in the making before draft day.

      The good news is that Kelly is more likely to bench a choker or two than Rex Ryan was.

  4. Sage says:

    Here’s a question for Brandi, if you’re listening. (I might renew the question later, too.)

    There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the Wells report. Yet I have not heard any specific reasons for that dissatisfaction. Since you seem to be among the dissatisfied, would you mind explaining?

    While I certainly don’t know anything about the CBA, I don’t find it unfair for the league to ask to see Brady’s cell phone messages. And if Brady refused, I don’t find it unfair to draw a negative inference. That’s a routine part of litigation.

    To me, the issue is not whether the Patriots gained any big benefit from violating rules, but whether they violated the rules.

    Also, the Patriots’ extraordinary fumble statistics tend, in my mind, to support both the inference that the Patriots cheated, and that they did gain great benefit, over time.

    Since you’ve watched carefully and have strong opinions, I’d be interested in knowing more about your reasoning. Thanks if you’re able.

    • Sage says:

      I might add . . .

      If the league chose only to investigate events from the Colts game, then there is neither proof nor disproof that the Patriots cheated prior to the Colts game.

      That doesn’t seem like shelter for the Patriots to hide behind.

      • brandi says:

        Hi Sage,

        I’ll provide a more lengthy response later. But I’ll start here with the texts from the Locker Room Attendants the Wells Report & the league used as their “proof” of tampering were from last May.

        NOTHING from the actual game except the Referees who handled the Balls saying they weren’t sure exactly how they’d handled them, who had them and even how they (the Officials) had handled them except to say the two meters used which differed in their measurements by about as much as the supposed “loss” in air pressure…they couldn’t remember exactly which they used to test the Balls when…

        BUT to the best of the recollection of the Principle Referee who oversaw the testing he is pretty certain they used one for Pre-Game tests and the other for Halftime tests and the one for the Halftime Tests.

        Here is where this is relevant. (2 Points)

        In those tests done later by the NFL…NOT on those Game Balls. The tests of the accuracy of the measurement devices themselves…Device A would show results more than a pound-per-square-inch higher than device B.

        So the Ref says to the best of his recollection, they used Device A Pre-Game and Device B at Halftime.

        Ted Wells CHOSE to say the Referee’s recollection was obviously wrong. Or irrelevant. He dismissed it entirely because it destroys the NFL’s “case” that Balls were tampered with even without this whole how much do Balls shrink in cold weather thing.

        And that is Point #2.

        Ted Wells and the NFL decided whose statements, recollections, etc. they chose to believe, trust, etc. and whose they would simply say Liar or unimportant or they must be mistaken.

        Did I explain that well or just further confuse?

        • Sage says:

          Thanks. It sounds like there wasn’t consistent or reliable measurement. That’s a serious point that I was unaware of.

          Some don’t think deflating balls would be any serious breach. It’s that point with which I disagree.

          • brandi says:

            The discrepancy of the two gauges provides issue if one is trying to be fair. BUT my own issue is pretty basic.

            The way Wells and the NFL were so quick and sure in deciding the Referee’s own recollection must have been wrong is a pretty clear indication there was no interest on the NFL’s part in even trying to appear to be trying to be fair.

            THIS is the “botched” I keep speaking of in the way the NFL has handled things. It comes off like a witch hunt. OK, the NFL decided the Patriots should be taught a lesson. So MAYBE it wasn’t a carefully orchestrated sting operation. But the very moment the league thought they had something…evidenced by one League Exec saying to Robert Kraft before the 2nd half even began, “You are so screwed”.

            So having apparently decided to make it a “case” then put in the work. Do it right. When I read the Wells Report I fully expected the league to say it couldn’t find anything conclusive to issue any penalties on. Because that’s really what the Report says. Nothing conclusive hence the more probably than not generally aware.

            What the heck done more probably than not generally aware mean? Certainly not enough to issue the largest penalties in NFL History. And for a supposed “tampering” that the league’s own RuleBook covers and specifies a $25,000 Fine for.

      • David says:

        I believe that the NFL had the phones of both of the equipment managers involved, so they had all of the communication between them and Brady. They didn’t need Brady’s phone because a text shows on both ends. So, that was a fishing expedition.
        There was an independent report that refuted the Wells report findings on ball inflation. They took all of the footballs into a warm room at half time and checked every Patriot ball twice, once with each gauge. Then, they checked about 4 of the Colts footballs and ran out of time because the second half was about to begin.
        The refuting report said that the fact that they let the Colts balls warm up for 15 minutes before measuring them would explain the difference between them using the Ideal Gas Law.
        Here is the report. Excerpt from page 7.
        “The pressure was checked twice for the Patriots balls
        (once with each gauge), after which the Patriots
        balls were reinflated and the Colts ball pressure
        was measured. Only 4 of the Colts balls (instead
        of all 12) were measured because halftime ended
        and the officials ran out of time. The fact that the
        officials ran out of time is highly material: it
        implies that the Colts balls were inside a warm
        room for almost the entire halftime before they
        were measured and thus had a chance to warm
        Buzzy Says It was 46 to 51 degrees during the game thats going to effect the Balls Pressure.

  5. brandi says:

    yes Folks you read what I wrote earlier correctly. The NFL’s Rule Book covers tampering with the Football precisely in the way they claim the Patriots did and specifies breaking that Rule results in a $25,000 Fine.

    So why did the NFL launch a $5 Million Investigation on an infraction that even if true specifically states is a $25,000 Fine?

    This thing stunk from the start.

    • brandi says:

      It certainly didn’t escape the NFLPA that something else was up that the league would launch such a massive investigation for a possible infraction that specifies such a small fine and NO SUSPENSION of any kind. That may be why they advises Brady not to hand over his phone.

      Anyway I have a little more on this here..

      I’m working on a more specific DeflateGate Handling article. But somebody’s gonna write a book on this some day. The molehill the NFL was determined to turn into a mountain even if it damaged its reputation at a time it already had the worst in Sports and was trying to recover from other scandals

      • David says:

        When Belichick resigned from his coaching job at the NY Jets, he filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL. Notice that the NFL did not fine him in Deflategate and ignored the fact that the equipment manager is under his direct supervision. The NFL probably left Belichick alone because they know that he would file a lawsuit and doggedly pursue it. They felt more comfortable attacking Brady and Kraft. Still, the NFL has dragged Belichick’s name through the mud.

        • brandi says:

          This thing has gone from the absurd to the surreal.

          Shortly after announcing the upholding of Brady’s 4-Game Suspension, the NFL went into the US District Court in Manhattan and filed to have that Court “uphold” its decision.

          I’m sorry folks but anyone who thinks this is about cheating, deflated footballs, Brady’s destroyed cellphone or not fully cooperating with the NFL’s odd $5 Million Investigation of a $25,000 infraction, or even Tom Brady, the New England Patriots or any of this needs to give up on those thoughts.

          This is about a Power struggle between the NFL Players Association and NFL Owners/ Roger Goodell over the Power of the Commissioner’s Office.

    • brandi says:

      Yeah, there’s a pretty strong likelihood this is going to get real ugly. NBCSports is already coming down on the NFL for running a PR Smear Campaign and has highlighted a couple of their dirty tricks like leaking false information to the Media, watching the firestorm and letting the Media figure out later they lied.

      You know the old story. They brand you on page one and exonerate you on page 33. FOXSports and CBS have also been rather unflattering. And it’ll likely get alot worse.

      I can see a Media fight between ABC/ESPN and the others with ABC defending the NFL and the others shifting toward Brady and the NFLPA.

      • David says:

        Thanks for all the info Brandi. It is going to get ugly. Goodell is in a bad spot. He may have just fired himself. He’s going to have to justify his decisions with facts and he has none. Brady destroying his phone doesn’t help him at all because it’s mere speculation that there was something incriminating on it. Wells saw all of the texts on the ball handlers phones with Brady’s texts and came up with nothing except that Brady told them 12.5 PSI which is legal.
        The NFL going to the Manhatten court was strange because they didn’t give Brady a chance to respond after the appeal decision was released. This is not going to help them because it was Brady’s turn to move in the disciplinary process. He could have accepted the appeal decision and it would have been over. They also may have committed an act of double jeopardy by trying to deprive him of a court venue of his choosing. In other words, they punished him once again with this court action. If the players association is smart enough to characterize it in this way, the whole punishment against Brady could be thrown out by the judge in Minnesota. That judge is pro labor and won’t like the fact that Goodell rubber stamped his own decision in the appeal. That made a mockery of the process and the checks and balances that should exist.

        • brandi says:

          I’m OK with the Imperial Powers of the Commissionership in Pro Sports. BUT it requires a very rare individual. Someone who understands what best interests of the Game truly means and takes that to heart.

          I think I’ve said it here before. Roger Goodell loves the NFL. He does not love Football. And he has no use for Football Fans. His very first action as Commissioner was to send cease & desist letters to Churches with threats of legal action for holding Super Bowl Parties. To this day, the NFL tells them what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot call gatherings in their own Churches. All the way down to the allowable sizes of TV screens and numbers of speakers.

          In this Country where I hear people here every day and I do mean every day complaining about the attacks on Religion, I’ve barely heard a peep about a direct assault by the NFL that has gone on for years which, even after years of the NFL trying to sound less harsh is still more restrictive and demanding than any other actions in US History.

          Whatever grip the NFL has on people in this Country is shocking in its ability to Svengali them. The only mitigating factor I can point to is folks here admitting that in reality their biggest fight is with the Media. To me, any Organization that would decide it was capable of threatening Churches across America and has actually pulled off with impunity, is capable of hubris heretofore unseen in this Country which is what we have seen every day from the NFL played out in numerous ways.

          Even Congress has had it with them. Maybe because they see the same thing I do. An Organization that is convinced it’s completely invincible and is determined to prove it by bullying everyone. Cities, States, Communities, Fans, Players, TV Networks, Churches, everyone.

          The worst part about all of this is I am not being the tiniest bit hyperbolic and I thing even Buzzy would have to admit everything I have said here is 100% true.

          People call the NFL sleazy yet do absolutely nothing about it. It’s actually become the Congressional Body of Sports in this Country. Everyone hates what they do but when it comes down to doing something they re-elect them all.

          All I an do is shake my head.

          • ck says:

            Believe it is called BOYCOTT and watched O’Reilly where Miller stated he no longer subscribes to NFL channel.

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