Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could Be Poised To Become The Breakout Star Of Training Camp

Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could Be Poised To Become The Breakout Star Of Training Camp
The Philadelphia Eagles may have a quarterback controversy brewing, and new rumors suggest that Tim Tebow could be at the heart of it.

Tebow was the surprise pickup of the offseason, with coach Chip Kelly taking a chance on the former Heisman winner after he was out of the league for two seasons. Many thought Tebow’s unique if a bit limited skill set could be a good fit for Kelly, who might use Tebow in short yardage or even two-point conversion situations.

But now it appears that Tebow could be taking on a more meaningful role. Though Tebow had a shaky spring with the team, looking inaccurate and slow to release the ball, SB Nationwriter Brandon Lee Gowton believes Tebow could still be poised for a strong showing in the preseason.

Gowton also equated Tim Tebow to Trent Edwards, another shaky quarterback who came on for the Eagles.

“The Eagles signed Edwards before their OTA/minicamp period in 2012. He came in as a veteran quarterback who had experience starting the NFL, and once had a promising career in Buffalo, but then suffered injuries and poor play. Edwards was reportedly terrible for the Eagles in OTAs. They reportedly re-worked his entire throwing mechanics.

Edwards flew under the radar during training camp practices that year but then really surprised late in the preseason games. Granted, he was playing against third string players, but he looked sharp and largely mistake-free. Edwards played so well that the Eagles decided to cut Future Hall of Famer the younger Mike Kafka and keep him as their third string QB.”

Gowton is not the first to suggest that Tim Tebow could end up with a larger role for the Philadelphia Eagles. Past rumors indicated that he was outplaying third stringer Matt Barkley, which could earn Tebow a spot on the team’s roster to start the year.

The Morning Call reported that many beat writers were already penciling in Tebow ahead of Barkley.

But Tebow may be in an odd position, and keeping him may be an all-or-nothing proposition for Chip Kelly. If Tebow were to make the team he would likely have to be on the active roster, giving Kelly at least the threat of bringing him into the game in a given situation. Making it as a third stringer would likely put Tebow in an emergency-only situation, dropping his value considerably.

There is still plenty of time for the Philadelphia Eagles rumors to sort themselves out, and most of it will likely be determined when Tebow goes under center in a live game situation for the first time in two years.

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17 Responses to “Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could Be Poised To Become The Breakout Star Of Training Camp”

  1. David Oliver says:

    The clock is ticking faster to Training Camp – Go Tim !

    Got My #11 Tim Tebow Eagle Jersey..

    But NOW trying to replace My Denver Bronco, Blue Rebebok baseball,
    type cap with a white and Gold Mane Bronco on the back and Tim’s
    Bronco # 15 white with Gold Trim large number on the front of the
    cap WITH “TEBOW” under that!! I am now looking at it, and looking
    for and Eagle Green Replica with and Eagle on the Back and #11 on
    front with “TEBOW” name under that. Have found that neither the NFL
    on-line store OR the Eagle on line store yet offers this. I did
    get the Rep at the Eagle on line store to pass it up the line –
    that THIS WOULD BE A BIG SELLER and $$ maker – she agreed to pass
    that onto the appropriate parties… ( I may have to go to a custom
    source) GO TEBOW as EAGLES QB !!

  2. ck says:

    Waiting w/bated breath!

    • David Oliver says:


      Did just try to order from :

      Approx $31 including shipping. For a basic Forest Green
      Custom hat that just had – 11, then TEBOW, then EAGLES, on the front of
      this hat in large letters from top to bottom, in large white letters.

      They do not show you what it will look like – just show you the hat
      and after you select what you want – then affirm this.

      Also they give a list of local sites in alot of states, I might
      also check one of them out, they claim that at least some may
      make up a custom one real time.. Now waiting reality of the web
      site order deliver in about 6 days..

      I can find MORE times to wear a hat than the official heavy duty

      Dave O.

    • David says:

      We’ve been saying it for months. Tim Tebow is the only QB on the roster that can run the whole offense. Defenses will not respect any of the other QBs as a running threat and they will stack the box against Murray.
      This is what happens when the linebackers blitz Tebow’s O-line and put 8 in the box.

      Listen to Sam Bradford admit that he has never run this style of running game or zone read offense in college or the NFL. Start listening at 3:40.
      We have been told the opposite by the media that protrayed Bradford as a perfect fit for this offense. HE says that he has no experience with this running game or the zone read. He is not a better fit than Tebow.

    • David Oliver says:


      Eliot Shorr-Park’s QB articles, have been consistently, Pro – TEBOW !!

      • brandi says:

        Eliot and a couple other Philly Sportswriters have pointed out that the perception about Tim’s Passing ability is based entirely on his limitations as a pure drop-back pocket Passer. That in fact as a mobile QB he is a very strong Passer.

        Let’s see how many keep that in mind.

        There’s been nothing coming from Eagles Coaches the last couple weeks. But before they broke for vacation, they sounded like their plan is to build Plays around Tim’s ability to Throw on the move and how that can work for both the Passing Game and to help make the Run Game even more effective.

        If they follow through on that I think people are going to see some things that will shock some, remind others that they’ve seen him do it before and send the Starting QB discussion to a whole new height.

        Could be alotta fun to watch. 🙂

      • ck says:

        David O.: Yes, at least that guy tries to write something half-way positive instead of 100% neg. imo.

    • David Oliver says:

      Buzzy, Brandi et All..

      Finally some Updated real time news about Tim’s Pre-Training Camp
      Preparation- from USA Today: 7-23-15

      “Tim Tebow, reinvented”


      Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports

      • David says:

        Great link. I seem to remember that Nolan Ryan threw 3 no hitters with the Rangers when he was 37 yrs old and credited the proper throwing technique that he learned from Tom House for his longevity as a pitcher.

      • ck says:

        Thanks for the link David O.:D

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    That is a nice article on Tim and Tom House. It is great to see that he is there getting ready. I thought he probably would go back before camp. It is really on Tim to perform. There will be no excuses if he doesn’t make it this time. I feel confident that he will come through. I really feel like he will play a big part in the offense, starter or not. I don’t think Chip Kelly brings him in to stand on the sidelines. The whole playbook opens up with Tebow. If you think about it Kelly is in pretty good shape QB wise. Later in the pre-season when teams realize they need a QB, Kelly has 1 of the 4 he can deal. My feeling is Bradford or Sanchez gets traded. They wouldn’t get anything for Barkley so they keep him #3.

    • ck says:

      Bubbaelvis: Believe you are right on insights regarding T2 as it sounds entirely possible. Will have to wait and see, as usual.

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