Mother of Three Marines Just Said Something EVERY American Needs to Hear

Written by Ashley Edwardson on July 17, 2015

America’s military personnel live in a war zone — and that’s before they even get sent to a battle zone in another country.

And I’m angry that the welcome mat is STILL out, allowing tens of thousands of Middle Eastern sickos into our country.

I can’t even fathom what kind of stupid logic is behind a directive which forces our military personnel to leave their weapons in a locked arsenal on a military base — while also forcing those same military personnel to work side-by-side with people who are pretty obviously going to be gunning for them at some point. This policy, issued for their own protection I’m sure, issued by people surrounded by the best security systems the DOD can provide, also put unarmed recruiters in strip malls with no bulletproof glass and again no firearms.  They don’t even have a can of mace they can throw at someone.


This isn’t the first time military recruiters have come under fire or been killed at work, as we’ve recounted here.

News reports indicated that yesterday’s shooter fired numerous rounds into the Chattanooga recruiting center before driving off to find more victims. It was reported that the shooting lasted about 20 seconds at the first location and 20 to 45 MINUTES at the second location. If you’re the parent of a Marine — or the spouse, child, or just a friend — can you imagine what those Marines went through being shot at with NO WAY to return fire and possibly save themselves?

It’s obvious that no one at any level in the Pentagon is going to demand our military personnel be given a fighting chance to survive in the war zone that American has become. Even after Ft. Hood, our Commander-in-Chief did not order this directive to be rescinded.

Our troops live in harm’s way every day to protect us. It’s time for us to demand their right to protect themselves.  How long do you think Congress, the Pentagon paper pushers, and the Commander-in-Chief would report for work to a strip mall office with glass windows, NO armed security guards, no Capitol Police, no Secret Service, no fences, no armored vehicles,and no personal weapons? Yet this is what they demand of our military personnel who are assigned to recruiting stations across the country.

All of us have pens and phones. It’s a crying shame that the people in the Pentagon who are supposed to be protecting our troops are just covering their butts and trying to save their careers until Obama’s gone. It shouldn’t be up to the civilians to look out for the protection of our troops, but apparently it is. These people work for us. I encourage you to call them and demand action — before we’re looking at yet another one of these tragedies.

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White House

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[Note: this was written by contributing writer Ashley Edwardson]

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7 Responses to “Mother of Three Marines Just Said Something EVERY American Needs to Hear”

  1. Sage says:

    There’s nothing “progressives” can’t lie to themselves about.

  2. tawk2 says:

    As a mother of 3 US Marines this makes me so angry! It’s a shame that the country our military lives in and fights for can just be killed this way! They should, like police have access to their weapons at all times! How would Obama like it without secret service or Air force One? Something has to give. Like the woman stated each day there are more and more illegals coming and being allowed to stay, what happens when they join together in an uprising and take our country away? Our freedoms are being taken away since Obama took office little by little, what happened to home of the free? I believe it’s going to get really scary in the near future, we can only pray that someone can turn this horrid mess around before it’s to late!

  3. Cartman says:

    We should all be allowed to bear arms so we can defend ourselves and our families. But in San Diego I can’t do that. If only there were something in the Constitution about that.

  4. andrea says:

    My gut feeling is that the military servicemembers will not be allowed to carry weapons. The elitists like the fact that they are sitting ducks. If the military servicemembers were allowed to carry arms, the isis thugs will move onto other soft targets like movie stars. If I could vote – I would vote yes to allow our brave military heroes to carry weapons.

  5. ck says:

    Don’t believe these American military heroes deserved this and if I were them I would defy the idiots responsible for putting them at risk and carry protection NO MATTER WHAT…SENSELESS AS WELL AS SICKENING!!!
    (Agree w/all above comments!)
    Better start electing the right people or else this country will cease to exist for freedom or anything else in the constitution that happens to be a right of “WE THE PEOPLE”!!!:(

  6. Pamelot says:

    Thank you. It’s a disgrace.

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