Mark Sanchez hosts Eagles players in San Diego to prepare for training camp

on July 10, 2015 at 5:30 AM
Comments Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez is currently at the top of the team’s depth chart as presumed starter Sam Bradford recovers from a torn ACL.

He is not acting, however, like a guy who is ready to give up his spot anytime soon.

With the start of Eagles training camp just 23 days away, Sanchez has invited key members of the team’s offense to San Diego to get in some work over the next few days.

In attendance? Quarterback Matt Barkley, quarterback/receiver G.J. Kinne, running back Ryan Mathews, running back Darren Sproles, receiver Jordan Matthews, receiver Quron Pratt, receiver Rasheed Bailey, receiver Seyi Ajirotutu, and tight end Andrew Gleichert.

Although it is not to the degree some of the old “Jet West” camps that Sanchez used to hold, the workouts are a sign of leadership from the veteran quarterback.

Sanchez getting in extra work with his teammates is nothing new.

Last season, when then-starter Nick Foles went down, Sanchez had some members of the offense come in on a day off to get some work in.

Whether Sanchez will be able to win the job from Bradford remains to be seen. He could win it by default, as Bradford is still recovering from a torn ACL and has (presumably) not yet been cleared for full contact drills.

The idea that Sanchez could win the job outright, however, shouldn’t be counted out.

Sanchez has a year of experience in the Eagles’ offense, something Bradford does not. He also played the best football of his career last season under head coach Chip Kelly, a big reason why the team brought him back on a two-year deal.

Throw in the fact that Sanchez has very good on-field chemistry with Matthews and Ertz, two key members of the Eagles’ offense, and the backup certainly has a chance of making his way to the starter by the beginning of next season.

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10 Responses to “Mark Sanchez hosts Eagles players in San Diego to prepare for training camp”

  1. TheMascotArmy says:

    ESP is kindof pushing the idea of Sanchez over Bradford, and I think it’s great for Tebow. The more the idea that Bradford is the undisputed starter is questioned, the better. And if Sanchez does start, it’s likely he eventually opens the door for somebody else.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Eagles’fans are split(at best) on Sanchez, which could open their minds to Tebow. Bradford will need to suck though (very possible).

      • David says:

        They play Atlanta in game 1 and face the Seahawk’s defensive coach who could give these QBs trouble. They are bragging about their agressive style already.
        Game 2 is against Dallas and if they are trailing in the 4th quarter, Kelly should play Tebow and not accept a loss in a division rivalry. That could be the opening for Tim and Tebow Time.

        • brandi says:

          Atlanta already had some really tough Players on Defense. But they had alot of injuries to their defense most of last year, particularly with some key Players. And they just didn’t have a Coaching Staff that knew how to put things together on that side of the Ball.

          Now, they have everyone healthy. They made some good draft picks and free agent pick-ups on Defense. They have one of the best Defensive Coaches in the NFL as their new Head Coach and all the talk I keep hearing out of Atlanta, from the Players and from BeatWriters, is that they are being given a free reign to let loose and hit people. They want to look good for their new Coach and they want him to look good.

          It may not make for great Defense, especially with this all just now coming together. It probably will make for lots of Penalties. But it also will probably make for e Defense that will cause alot of problems for Teams. Particularly Teams with Quarterbacks who are easily rattled.

          This is a really bad Game for Sam Bradford to make his first Start in. Dallas the week later would be better. This is the kind of Defense that usually brings out the very worst in Mark Sanchez. I think we’re going to see alot of Tim Tebow in this Game. With the Eagles Running Backs and Tebow at QB, they can just pound away with the Run and strike fast with carefully planned Pass Plays mixed in and give that new Defense a bad day.

          We know these Teams don’t always make the smart play. But for this Game, lots of Tim Tebow at the helm is the smart play.

  2. bubbaelvis says:

    This is just Sanchez trying to show that he is the leader when in reality he isn’t. I am not knocking him for doing this but he always seems to feel he has to prove he is a leader. Tim is a natural leader and doesn’t have to say he is or do anything except be himself. I still believe that once the pads are on and it is more game-like that Tebow will shine much like Russell Wilson did in Seattle. Chip will have to start him if he is really going to start the best guy for the job.

  3. Bigfan says:

    Nothing new here. Mark is from Orange county, Mission Viejo north of San Diego. His dad is a retired fire captain. He has been doing this gig since high school. The Johnson bros have a QB school there.

    “Nothing to see here”.

    Timmy on the other hand you can bank on it it doing the same thing and more we just don’t here about it, AND for that matter so is Sam.

    Now all this malarkey that is daily retreads of the that Chip interview or the battle of nothing seen since Rambo, Barkley vs Tebow, drips with bilge water! Timmy is a consummate winner and while the upcoming camp hype scenarios reek of all this make no mistake all you Hodge wannabees when the pads go on Timmy’s mind and body will be ready to compete for the top spot!

  4. Cartman says:

    I’m in San Diego. No observer should necessarily read much into players coming here to join Sanchez. And that’s because of San Diego itself. Seriously. For folks in other parts of the world who haven’t been here, it is nothing like Los Angeles. Even the weather is quite different. The weather is perfect. The girls are pretty. Few young guys are going to turn down a trip to San Diego in the summer. Frankly, if Sanchez hadn’t and instead Matt Barkley asked these guys to come to San Diego to prepare for training camp I bet they would have come. Would that suggest to sports writers that Matt Barkley was solidifying his position as a team leader? Come on.

    That said, this Eliot Shorr-Parks guy has demonstrated — since Tebow was signed by the Eagles — that he is determined to give Tebow a fair shake and let the chips fall where they may. I think by now so many writers have hung their reputations on Tebow being terrible that they have to do everything they can to bad mouth him in hopes of keeping people opposed to letting him on the field.

    And MascotArmy, I agree about Sanchez. I think he’s a choker. I just hope the pressure is put on him in the first half of the season. Still, that would mean Bradford would get his turn. So I’m torn — do I want to see Sanchez start the season and choke under pressure, or see Bradford start and wait to see if he gets hurt (not that I wish an injury on him)? I think Kelly might be someone of strong enough will to start Tim regardless of the naysayers, but Tebow is going to have to do better in the preseason games than Sanchez and Bradford (assuming Bradford can play by then). While I believe Tebow would eventually pay off as a starter the Eagles could and should get behind for years, I’m not convinced Tim is going to look like the best by this preseason, which means he’s not likely to be the initial starter. Of course this is all wishful thinking on all our parts at this point. He needs to make the final roster first.

    • jp says:

      C man what do the volt fans think about tebow.. Of all the places for t i thougt sd was the best.. Would have lovef to see the volts play the broncs and raiders with the volts.. Do the fans ever get tired of rivers folding and not making the play offs

  5. ck says:

    For what it is worth, Sanchez specifically chose Barkley and a few others for what amounts to a “pseudo AND JUVENILE show of force”; i.e., the fact that Tebow was excluded speaks volumes imho! Agree Sanchez has “MAJOR” insecurity issues and this is what is going to backfire due to his always behind the scenes politicking; not to mention, his ongoing character issues as well! Believe Coach Kelly realizes what he has in Tebow w/outstanding character plus ability. Besides, Tebow has already proven he can beat Sanchez/butt fumble in an NFL game…so, NO WORRIES THERE! Guess that is why he has to resort to this low level tactic in order to persuade others to join HIS ANTICS!!! THIS IS WHAT HE DOES AND HE IS NO LEADER EITHER IMO!!! Certainly not going to let it bother me b/c I already know and have seen that TEBOW w/God’s help has/will overcome all obstacles placed by unethical individuals who are not up to his standards and so have to act as they do in order to compete the only way they know how…HOPE TEBOW SHOWS ONCE AND FOR ALL WHAT A COMPETITOR AND WINNER WE ALL KNOW HIM TO BE…GO TEBOW/GBPT2!!!

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