Fan Poll

Fan Poll

Which Player Will Be Camp Surprise Standout?
WR Rasheed Bailey
LB Travis Long
S Walter Thurmond
QB Tim Tebow
CB Denzel Rice

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2 Responses to “Fan Poll”

  1. ck says:

    Hope we can vote more than once, lol!

  2. brandi says:

    This is the Eagles own website…front page.

    It’s always hard to be completely sure. But I think Philly Fans are pulling for Tim in a big way. Part is nobody believes Sam Bradford will stay healthy. In fact the Philly Sports Media began a campaign of trying to get Eagles Fans to embrace Bradford with “he’s your QB; get used to it”. Now that more people are starting to wonder if Bradford will really be healthy for the start of the Season, some have started doing the same thing with Sanchez. “If you can make yourselves accept Bradford, you can do the same thing with Sanchez”.

    It’s rare you see a Sports Media do this and is a very clear indication Philly Fans don’t have much faith in either of them.

    Many may not have alot more faith in Tim’s rising to the occasion anymore than they do Bradford or Sanchez. But they seem more ready to believe he could. More importantly, I think, Eagles Fans in far greater numbers than listening to their Commentators might seem to indicate, just like Tim Tebow and want to see him do well. Especially if he’s going to be on their Team.

    Now let’s see if Philly Media catches up with the Eagles Fans. (The national Media is a write-off. They’ve got too much invested in saying Tim doesn’t have the goods. Of course they’ll sound like die-hard Tebowites if he Plays and does well. They love those Ratings.)

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