DeMarco Murray says his new teammate Tim Tebow is a ‘hardworking guy’



By: Nina Mandell | July 7, 2015 1:18 pm Follow @ninamandell

DeMarco Murray is giving away some suits — and not much information about his new team.

The Philadelphia Eagles receiver is working with Men’s Warehouse to collect 250,000 suits to give away to men and women who are looking for jobs and can’t afford the proper interview attire. His first suit, he said, came as a gift from a friend. Now, he said, he likes to stick to the classics. “I have probably like 15 or 20 suits and 10-12 sports coats, I don’t have anything super crazy. I’m more of a nice and clean, nothing too loud, I wear a lot of blue and grays,” he said.

That style even went in Dallas. When asked if he ever was tempted to try a bolo tie while playing in Texas, Murray immediately said “oh no.”

“No, no no no no,” he added.

Murray signed a five-year deal with the Eagles in May, leaving behind Dallas and getting an opportunity to play for Chip Kelly, a well-respected coach considered to be an offensive genius — though he’s been controversial with former players. “Chip’s a good guy,” said Murray. “He’s a very smart guy. I’m looking to improve my relationship with him.”

As for playing with the team’s other headline-maker, Tim Tebow, Murray said the former Florida quarterback was a “good player.”

“A very hardworking guy,” he added. “He comes to work everyday ready to compete and that’s what you can expect from him.”

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5 Responses to “DeMarco Murray says his new teammate Tim Tebow is a ‘hardworking guy’”

  1. ck says:

    Don’t doubt that Tebow has already earned his team’s respect.:D

    • brandi says:

      Odd thing about some Ex-Players who are now Commentators. Most Players say things like “any guy who suits up is worthy of respect”. Then some of those same people, Mark Schlereth maybe being the biggest example, talk trash about Tim Tebow.

      It sounds like Murray still gets it. Then again, Tim is his Teammate. Who knows if he wasn’t. But what little I’ve heard him speak, I think he’s a pretty straight shooter.

      • Sage says:

        Schlereth wouldn’t even put in a good word for Terrell Davis during the Hall of Fame discussion.

        No TD, no Super Bowl wins for Elway.

        Shannon Sharpe is another who surprises me with lack of grace.

        • jp says:

          Sharpe suffered from ELROT Disease… he could not stomach a bigger star than he was. He got a talk show and like the other talkers he used sources from the Broncoes about T limitations his “sources” were EROT.
          His interview with T was disgusting. “Its nothing personal but I have to do my job. The fans deserve a super bowl.” Did he ever tell Griese or Plummer or the others the fans deserve a super bowl. There are many ex jocks that want to get into the big time media and like the two punters that we talked about before who think an entry is to knock T.
          I actually think Thomas is wishing for T. I don’t he has had the tremendous games he had with T. I heard rumors than Decker like Mghee is knocking T …again is he going to get the long TD’s like he got with T?
          I think Murry is salivating at looking at a defense whereby the weakside
          Def End linebacker or safety cannot key or converge on him because T mghttake the ball out of his stomach and run the weak side for fifty yards.

          • ck says:

            jp: Will be looking forward to ALL eating their own negative words for a change! He deserves better than that, but what can you expect from that caliber and not in the same league anyways!!

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