2015 NFL Disappointments

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  1. jp says:

    Interesting..another long suffering fran pays multi millions and wastes a first round for a qb who is not as good as t. Jets sound famalier.. Broncos…
    Jacksonville etc. Kelly thinks way aheadof the herd.. If bradford tanks he knows what t can do with murry because he saw what t did with magahee. Think of t as trip ins… Massive coverage for low premium

  2. jp says:

    One note.. If t can get in a rythem with murry its gonna be scary.. Remember the raider game with t and magahee both over a hundred… Murry is in a diff world than magahee

  3. TheMascotArmy says:

    Tebow was clicking with Moreno before Moreno got hurt. Imagining Tebow with the eagles’the headed beast at RB would be amazing.
    Tebow’s been successful without good running backs, without a good scheme, and without an off-season. He’d have all three of those with the eagles.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Oh yeah, he’s never had a good TE target either. He made Fells look like a superstar in the fourth quarter when Fox would finally give Tebow some options.
      This season could be amazing if the cards fall right.

      • brandi says:

        Tim has been the recipient of nearly 100% of the criticism for decisions made by John Fox. But I have a hard time faulting Foxy. For one thing, he tried numerous times to say any questions about how the Broncos Played games and even how Tim threw many of his Passes and made decisions not to tuck & run with the Ball were not on Tim. he was just following his Coach’s instructions and doing it well.

        But second, Fox knew the Broncos Defense couldn’t stand up to a shootout even if its Offense might be able to. He Played an overly cautious Field Position Game not because he lacked faith in Tim Tebow. But because he had boundless faith that if Tim had a Winnable Game with the clock running out he would find a way to turn that into a Win.

        • Sage says:

          Fox is not a villain. Only a fool would hate Tim or set out to harm him (Rex Ryan). Fox had enough sense to make adjustments to the offense to accomodate Tim’s style after a horrible loss to the Lions.

          But any reasonable person reading the Mike Silver or Rick Reilly pieces in 2011 has to conclude that team leaders (including Fox, McCoy and Elway) were fostering an atmosophere where disrespect of Tim was permitted or even prevalent. Broncos players like Decker, Thomas and Lloyd absorbed that lesson from the leaders. This is a dynamic that occurs not only in sports teams, but also families and businesses.

          To support someone means more than just whispering a few positive truths about the now and then.

          • jp says:

            I have mixed feelings for Fox… mostly neg. The first patriots game was the key. One of the most watched games ever… remember CBS insisted
            on airing the game… T and the Broncs. had the Pats on the ropes with T on the way to a spectacular breakout game against Brady. What does Fox and McCoy do: kick a chip shot field goal on 4th and less than half
            a yrd after a brilliant 9/12 yard scramble by T. Runs second string back Ball into a 10 in the box def. resulting in a fumble. In other words I think Fox prevented a truly fant. season by limiting T 8@8 instead of 11-5.. Meanwhile Elrot and Fox were feeding the sports talkers like S Sharpe and the writers neg. things about T. Well Karma is Karma.. Fox gets fired because elrot says he cant win the big one..
            magpiehee who T made a star gets cut after knocking T.. Broncs blow the wild card game after all kinds of knocks on T during the week of the game. Elrot and Fox start the loser press conf. saying Manning played well enough to win…what a knee slapping laugh..Manning then plays one of the worst superbowls ever… I need to get a beer just thinking about
            Elrot and Fox.

          • Sage says:

            Agreed, JP. I forgot some details of the first New England game. They were off to a great start.

            And how many passes was Tim throwing in some of those games? 8? 13?

            I’ve seen a lot of NFL games where great QBs miss half or more of their first 10 throws. The things an ambitious coach could do with Tebow would amaze people.

          • brandi says:

            Actually Lance was 3rd string back. That Pats Game fell apart when McGahee got hurt and there wasn’t anything left to work with.

            Nobody wants to remember how injured that Broncos Team was all year. In fairness to Kyle Orton, he had the same issue. Offense and Defense was patched together all year. Fox’s big change wasn’t even the Read-Option, which they really only used sparingly and with a very stripped down version. It was going to pure Complementary Football.

            The ONLY thing that mattered was Field Position. And it worked and worked great. Unfortunately for Tebow, it made Tim look bad to the idiots who comment on Football and the defense look dominating. Little is said of how little the Defense “progressed” in the inane Yardage Given Up stat that is the only measurement generally used in Ranking. But everyone jumps all over how few points were allowed.

            The reason that first number didn’t change all that much but the points allowed dropped dramatically was due to that change. EVERY explanation of what happened to the Broncos can be derived in CHFF’s RQBR detailing Tim’s production, the production of the Broncos Punter and Kicker…and Field Position.

            If you look at the average Field Position before the change was made and after THAT is where the story of how the Broncos kept the scores low lies. Before the change, the Games were being Played on the Broncos side of the Field. After the change they were being Played on the Opponents.

            The reason Fox was perfectly fine with 3 & outs and a Punt was his fear of Turnovers…a fear Kyle Orton made worse. And that particularly in Denver, the Broncos Punter was very strong. Making for likely improvement in Field Position from the previous Series. So long as the back and forth of Play kept pushing the Ball deeper into the Opponents side of the Field and the score was close, Fox was happy with how things were going.

            That this made those who wanted to make Tim look bad feel they had “evidence” to back up their assertion isn’t Fox’s fault. Those people know less about what went on that Broncos Season than they know about Football and I’ve heard most of them. It’s hard to find things they understand less than they understand the Game of Football. Including some who get paid to talk about it. NFL TV Media isn’t much help because they like Wide Receivers as Commentators and NFL WRs only think about themselves. Everybody else exists to get them the Ball, make them look good and get them more money.

          • TheMascotArmy says:

            “Whispered” is right on. Fox couldn’t resist the credit being thrown his way for winning with such a “horrible” QB. Tebow fans know of these Fox word because we hint for information. It would have been singe for Fox to set the record straight on Tebow, unless he bought into the idea that he was a genius. Either way, he sucks. Not being a evil as Rex Ryan is not enough.

  4. jp says:

    Its all so logical yet gms coaches owners cant see it

  5. brandi says:

    I’ve never understood why folks fall into the trap of arguing statistics with Anti-Tebowists. The Broncos were not a good Team. They had just come off the Season with the most Losses in Broncos History, were riddled with injuries and started the Season Playing EXACTLY like you’d expect a bad Team cut down further by injuries to Play.

    Elway’s job was to use that Season to see what they needed to do to begin building. But they were getting beaten badly across the board. They brought in Tim and he and Fox had one charter. Do whatever you have to do to start Winning Football Games. Nobody was talking Playoffs. Just Win some Games. Show there’s something worth even considering building on for the next Seasons.

    Tim Tebow and Mike McCoy were writing a new Playbook. Fox kept saying “We’re writing the Book”.

    They also had another credo. Any Series that ended in a Kick was a good one. Even if it was a Punt.

    That Team FAR exceeded all expectations. Anyone who wants to try to re-write that book should simply be told to go away. Because they know nothing.

  6. ck says:

    I think Fox was fired in Carolina (Panthers) for being the same inefficient waste…hmmmmmmmmm! He certainly did not do Tebow any favors and Rex Ryan was a even more of a complete waste impo!!! Believe Fox was part of Elrot’s scheme to lose so they could select Luck only Tebow accomplished the IMPOSSIBLE and THEY WERE NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT THEIR PLANS BEING DISRUPTED IMO!!! THANK GOD TEBOW WAS ABLE TO OVERCOME ALL THE OBSTACLES THEY PUT IN HIS PATH!!! GBPT/GO TEBOW!!!
    Buzzy Says Fox was not in on the “Suck for luck” deal anbd he was pro Tebow I hear at the loss to the Colts Fox said PM laid down his sword again and that Elway traded his Clutch QB and that is one reason he was fired.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Wow, I never heard that before. If that’s the case, I think I’ll start giving Fox a pass…if I decide to believe it.

    • brandi says:

      Now Buzzy,

      Don’t go crossing the line into one of the few things some Tebow Fans & “Haters” agree on…that Fox & Elway hated being stuck with Tim and undercut him every chance they got.

      Buzzy Says : Now Brandi Did U forget Fox was just a Bride and had to Obey They would never installed the Option except for Fox I say Fox threw some I told you So out there after the Colts Game.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        Elway hated being stuck with Tebow, there’s no doubt. Fox just handcuffed him with a QB-stat-killing scheme while standing in silence as detractors painted Tebow as unworthy of the NFL.
        Buzzy Says : Fox told everyone who would listen that he was holding Tim to his scheme of Field Pos. , His Beach it or Sail it and Let him go and some times he called his own plays in the fourth Quarter as in the Jet 95 yard Drive. I am not too sure that Fox Didnt have something to do with the streaker Before Tim 20 yard score in that game. I would not put past Fox or Ryan to have set that up so Tim could rest or in Ryan case for the Defence. 🙂

        • ck says:

          TheMascotArmy: Believe you explained it to a “T”! Reminds me of “birds of a feather!” And what did Tebow do? HE PLAYED HIS HEART OUT AND BOTH OF THEM TREATED HIM LIKE HE NEVER HAD A LEGIT CHANCE EVEN THOUGH HE EARNED IT!! Still is upsetting to say the least when I think about how he was treated by Elrot & Co. w/”dirty deeds done dirt cheap”!!!

          • ck says:

            Well, it’s Fox’s turn now and guess PM and Elrot are one and the same!!!
            They are rid of him so don’t think they are not adverse to firing anyone who seems not to have always been up to their perceived high morals…sarcasm, of course!:(

      • brandi says:

        I was kidding Buzz. Maybe I should have put a smiley face there. 🙂

        I’ve never bought into the Fox & Elway had it in for Tim thing. I’ve just heard way too much out of them and attributed to them supporting Tim. Foxy said straight up when asked about Tim “I staked my job on him. So yeah, I trust him.”

        As for Elway, John is John. This is the same guy who took a story about an argument between he and his dad about Drew Brees. John thought Drew wasn’t cut out to be an NFL QB. His dad said hold up there. This guy will be a star in this league. He has the character for it. Later John told the story…half of it…but said he always knew Drew Brees would be a big time NFL QB. Woody Paige had to call him on it reminding John that he was in the room at the time and witnessed the entire discussion.

        If John Elway is going to do a cheap Shoplift off his dead dad, it’s a pretty safe bet that when he shows himself, it’s not personal. It’s just John Elway being John Elway. smh

    • Sage says:

      Fox has always said interesting things about Tebow, like never laying down the sword. He even notes Tebow offered to pay for dinner when he interviewed with Carolina pre-draft. Still dafted Clausen, who looks like a deer in the headlights.

      Sometimes I wonder how a coach with ability to see the good things in Tebow “lays down his sword” and lets him leave town like an unwanted stepchild.

      A coach could have a decade-long run of succss and multiple SB wins if he’d just go with Tebow.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Think Fox is not going to get a pass from me…I know better and so do u!!! Elrot wanted a losing coach and got one in Fox only Tebow did the unexpected of what they thought and WON ALL THE WAY TO THE PLAYOFFS!!! FOX IS PROBABLY STILL LOSING JUST LIKE ELROT W/NO SB BY “PIZZA MAN” WHO DOESN’T DELIVER WHEN IT COUNTS AND TIME TO RETIRE IMHO!!!! EVEN THE FANS IN DENVER KNEW TEBOW WAS IT!!!

        • ck says:

          He might have had a few games before the playoff game in which, probably thanks to Fox and his crappy play calling, that were not won (will have to double check the facts). The point is he WON a playoff game even w/the same team that “the best chance to win qb” couldn’t! Plus, all the trades that were done that did not benefit Tebow at all as qb!!!

  7. ck says:

    oops…”an” even more instead of a…getting late!:)

  8. ck says:

    Looks like from this video they don’t have much faith in Bradford to stay healthy…hope T2 sets the record straight and does exceptionally well in August plus!!!:D

  9. brandi says:

    Oh one other thing on Fox’s Game Plan/Play Calling. He was asked if he was running the Games the way he was because of Tebow he said he would do the very same thing if Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees was Broncos QB.

    The year the Packers Won the Super Bowl, they had a strong Run game and a very solid Defense, Saints had a decent Run Game and a very good Defense. The one stat that has stood for Super Bowl Champions is no Team has ever Won with either an Offense or a Defense that was among the bottom dwellers. We’ve also seen Special Teams can Win or Lose a Championship.

    Tim Detractors…and many others…want to forget that Team was hurt really bad with injuries all Season and they were bad even at full strength. Their Defense was never close to full strength. Tim never had the same Receiver group 2 games in a row and Played alotta Games with the 3rd and 4th string RBs…kinda tough for a Run-oriented Team. 🙂

    People want to argue over that Season which is totally absurd. From where the Broncos started out and what they had from week to week to put on the Field, that was one of the most amazing Seasons for any Team in a very long time.

    • jp says:

      Well well We have some Fox and Elrot defenders…some of your points
      points might be valid.. I think Fox coaching lost the first Pats game second chiefs and the bills game. Now Elrot fires him cause he cant win the big one much less the wild card games. Maby Elrot agrees with me sage ck mascot… well Fox has Cutler and Jimmy Clausen to work with now
      we will see his brilliance because his has two quality qbs to work with
      and is not saddled with T. Being in Chgo. I savor the upcoming season.
      Predictions: Bears 4-12 Broncoes 9-7

      • ck says:

        jp: They (Elrot/Fox) did not want Tebow showing up Orton on the Chief’s game…trying to save face, I guess!!! Well, at least the noncontender did the right thing and RETIRED!!! Think you could be on to something w/predictions…will be interesting!

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