Will Tim Tebow make the Eagles? Malcolm Jenkins won’t count it out (VIDEO)

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  1. brandi says:

    Alotta the Commentators are back to a Barkley Vs Tebow for who sits on the Practice Squad. But the Coaches and some of the Players don’t sound that way. One of the earliest Commentaries that really took a closer look…from one of the Eagles Beatwriters; so he would know how the Team thinks…said forget this #3 stuff. Tim’s value and what the Coaches are looking at is how many ways he can contribute. Because Chip and other Coaches and Players have said “Quarterback” over and over, some of the writers jump to the conclusion of a standard arrangement.

    But whether it’s Short yardage, RedZone, 2-Point or Read Option, in all of those Tim is a Quarterback.

    The only way he gets into the Games is if he’s designated at least #2…on Game Day. And that’s what really counts. He can be called #12 the rest of the week. It’s wall the Eagles designate him on Game Days. As a #2 he can Play any time in the Game, come in go out come back in again. He can help Win Games. As a #3 he’ll never get in the game unless the other two get hurt…or at least sat down for the rest of the Game. The article said…convincingly…Tim will be the #2 if Bradford’s healthy. So the Eagles can get the most from having him on the Roster.

    • David Oliver says:

      Brandi – thanks for sharing that evaluation – I hope that
      at the least.. becomes the early “Reality” !

      • David Oliver says:

        Tim Tebow, Marcus Smith have most to lose

        by Phil Sheridan, ESPN Staff Writer

        ” Quarterback Tim Tebow. During the OTA practices that were open to the media, Tebow had varying levels of success. Early on, he seemed to have some trouble. This past week, he looked quite a bit better.

        That’s to be expected from a guy playing in a new offense. And that’s why a strong week of minicamp work would reinforce the positive impression Tebow made last week. But a step backward could leave Chip Kelly wondering if it’s worth the distraction Tebow brings (through no fault of his own; he’s just an attention magnet) for a guy who isn’t going to compete for the No. 3 quarterback job.”


    • TheMascotArmy says:

      This is awesome. Even if Sanchez is technically #2, the rules would force the Eagles to list Tebow as #2 if they wanted to play him occasionally. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that means he would have to go in if Bradford got hurt once the game started. The perfect storm for an amazing NFL season!

      • brandi says:

        If Bradford is listed as #1 & Tim #2 he’d have to go in. It’s possible Eagles could have 3 activated. Assuming (in this scenario) that’s Sanchez at #3, Tim would go in if he’s healthy. Though Kelly could opt for Sanchez. If he did, Tim would be out the rest of the Game. Pretty risky depending on how much Game is left. If Sanchez then got hurt Eagles would be without a QB the rest of the game while they had a healthy Tim Tebow unable to go back in.

        PHEW! 🙂

        I think I covered most eventualities.

  2. David Oliver says:

    From Eagles Forum..


    Reports that Jets are Trying to Make Deal for Barkley..!

    From General Eaqles Discussion: from – Johnny Night..

    Jun-14 1:24 PM

    “Report people familiar with Jets that they are pursing a deal with Eagles to get Barkley…

    Gino has not shown the improvement the Jets were hoping to see in OTA’S and Jets like Barkleys progress year this and his quick release…

    Hate to see him go as I think he’s really the best QB on team if season was to start today..”

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