by DANIEL LEBERFELD29 Jun 201513

Why is Tim Tebow constantly the target of gratuitous cheap shots?

It seems like every time you turn around, somebody is going after the current Philadelphia Eagles reserve quarterback. The latest salvo fired at Tebow is courtesy of New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford.

“I’m the biggest Tim Tebow fan in the world,” Weatherford said Friday on New York City radio station WFAN. “I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughter to date a guy like that? I’ll tell you what, I don’t want him taking snaps for my team.”

That “date your daughter” line has been used before by Tebow critics. It’s usually the sentence that precedes the kill shot. It’s a little disingenuous.

Is Tebow a great passing quarterback? Perhaps not. However, he’s worked very hard with quarterback tutors the last couple of years to improve his throwing. We will see if it helps this summer in Eagles training camp and the preseason.

But you know what? The last time he started at quarterback in the NFL he took over the 1-4 Denver Broncos in 2011 and led them to the playoffs and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wildcard.

He hasn’t started a game since that season during stints with the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Yet even though we haven’t seen him truly quarterback an NFL game in three years, the cheap shots towards the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner just keep coming.

In April, former NFL placekicker Jay Feely called Tebow “the single-worst quarterback I ever saw in my career in the NFL ” on Jim Rome’s Showtime program.

Why such venom towards a guy competing for a backup quarterback job? Do you hear this kind of talk about the other quarterbacks around the league competing for reserve jobs? What is going on here?

“Maybe it has to do with religious beliefs,” tweeted Jets fan Kevin Langan after the Weatherford comment. Langan might be on to something, in the opinion of Larry Taunton, the executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the public defense of the Christian faith.

“Jake Plummer said on a Phoenix radio station that he would like Tebow more if he would ‘shut up’ about his faith in Jesus Christ. And with that little comment, the cat, as they say, was out of the bag,” wrote Taunton in USA Today about Tebow, an Evangelical Christian.

“Plummer said what the commentators wouldn’t say,” Taunton concludes. “Their dislike for Tim Tebow is not, as they would have us believe, about his throwing motion or his completion percentage; it’s all about his open professions of faith and his goody-two shoes image. When it comes right down to it, we don’t want heroes who are truly good. We want them to fail the occasional drug test or start a bar fight from time to time. It makes us feel better about ourselves.”

If that’s accurate, it’s a sad commentary on the state of our culture.

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  1. Pamelot says:

    It’s a good question, but more people love him than hate him. And even one of the guys who dissed him said he loved him. It’s just that the loud ones make the news, and the News loves drama, so they keep it going. They keep talking about Tim because it sells papers/readership.

  2. Andrea says:

    Well I’ve been posting for a couple of years now that the hatred directed toward Tebow is because of his Christian beliefs and have nothing to do with his football skills.

    Jake Plummer proved my posts have been correct.

    I also noticed that when 9/11 happened, the big ,strong football player named Jake Plummer stayed home with the children and gladly let farm boys and women take his place.

    • Sage says:

      Not to be disputatious, Andrea, but Jake Plummer is one of my favorite players ever. He was a gifted athlete and had a strong sense of indepenence that was easy to respect. Getting rid of him in favor of Jay Cutler in 2006 was when the Broncos went off track.

      Although he probably lives at a different spot on the cultural map than Tebow and evangelical Christians, I’ve always thought he had the virtues of integrity and courage. He’s still young and there’s no telling where those virtues will lead him. (Just sharing my opinion.)

    • ck says:

      Hi Andrea! It’s time for David O. to comment on being right also…what do u think? 😀

  3. ck says:

    Can’t argue w/that! Apparently we all know it is not PC and it puts a GREAT BIG TARGET ON U!!! Not to worry b/c “RIGHT MAKES MIGHT!”
    GO TEBOW!!!

  4. brandi says:

    I’m still not sold on the christian thing. For some people, it’s absolutely true. But for most other Tebow Detractors, I still think it’s politics. BTW, one thing it is NOT, is Tim Tebow, Football Player and Quarterback. If you look at the other things most of the loudest Detractors talk about it’s usually politics. Even calling Tebow Fans Teabaggers. They might as well hang a sign around their necks.

    Tim has been used by groups with political agendas…Groups on both “sides”. He gets seen as a political symbol by many even though I cannot recall even one word out of Tim’s mouth ever that had anything to do with any political anything. People within the Florida Republican Party had an interest in Tim for Governor even though, as far as I know, none of them have any clue if he has any interests in politics of any kind, let alone political party politics. Or, if he did, if he “leans” toward that Party.

    People just assume these things then attack Tim for it.

  5. Andrea says:

    Brandi you are right about the politics. Tim’s Christianity plays a role in that. Remember the pro-life Super Bowl ad? It drove the media bonkers that Tebow would even think of doing it. Tebow’s Christianity unfortunately is not at all viewed favorably by certain political groups.

    If I remember correctly Jake Plummer was good friends with Pat Tillman who did not believe in God. Funny but I have never seen or heard Jake Plummer say I would have liked Pat Tillman better if he just would have shut up about his belief there was no God.

    Just sayin’.

    • brandi says:

      That Super Bowl ad still drives me nuts. It wasn’t the least bit political. It wasn’t even “Pro-Life” or “Anti-Choice” in the neo-classic sense. It was just very simple. I don’t know how much being paid for by Focus on the Family had an impact.

      I’m really bad on these things cause I have no use at all for politics. So I don’t “see” the “hidden messages” so many others see whenever people speak, especially about anything that can get emotional.

      I saw a very simple “love note”. Others saw the start of world war 3.

      • Sage says:

        It’s exceedingly hard to figure out the left-wing heirarchy of values because the ranks change situationally. But I doubt there is anything they seek to defend with more vigor than abortion. If they have a highest priority, it’s probably this. Hence, disproportionate reaction to Tim.

        • Sage says:

          The left values the right to abortion not only because of the “choice” it provides, but very much because of the way the right was declared in Roe v. Wade. That case showed there is a short-cut for nationalizing liberal values.

          • ck says:

            They are ALL about short-cuts and look what the SC has recently passed down that was not popular w/majority and now seems that the “vocal minority” has rights that supercede the MAJORITYS! Agree w/the only justice that has the right mind set impo…SCALIA!!!
            (To add insult, the “IMPOSTERS” turned the WH into what is NOT representative of the people’s house–AN OFFENSIVE COLOR DISPLAY–and we are not allowed to visit? Unbelievable! Time to stop spewing and start backing it up w/action impo…”ALL EVIL NEEDS TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD INDIVIDUALS TO DO NOTHING!!!) Agree w/u too, Sage!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Did not know that about Tillman and bet he changed his mind when he was over there…as they say, “There are no atheists in fox holes!”

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