Tebow impressing Chip Kelly, makes case for roster spot

Originally written on Gamedayr  |  Last updated 6/18/15
By Glenn McGraw

As to be expected when it comes to Tim Tebow, he’s been on and off since arriving in Philadelphia. However, latest word out of Eagles minicamp on Wednesday is that Tebow is charging hard for that No. 3 spot on quarterback depth chart.

Head coach Chip Kelly is impressed with his progression so far.

“Tim has progressed,” stated Kelly. “He’s really progressed. It’s tough on a first-year quarterback in this system. You saw a little bit of that last year with Mark (Sanchez). We throw our quarterbacks into the deep end. What we do here is different from anything (Tebow) has done in the past.

“But I’ve seen improvement from Tim from the day we got him in terms of his knowledge of what we’re doing, getting used to the way we do things. Each week you’ve seen an incremental bump and then some with him. I’m excited to see where that takes him as we move forward. It will be a good competition when we get to camp.”

According to NJ.com’s Eliot Shorr-Parks, Tebow proved his value while vying for a roster spot on Wednesday. Below is his latest take on the quarterback.

Tebow made a case to make the roster on Wednesday, even if he did have a few throws he would like to have back. In what is becoming a daily occurrence, Tebow sent one pass right into the ground as he tried to hit a receiver in the flat. What followed, however, is why it is hard to see Tebow being released. Tebow runs the ball plenty during 11-on-11 drills, and he said on Tuesday that is because the coaches are calling those plays. That seems to indicate the team is intrigued by what he can bring to the team with his mobility, should he at some point be forced into the game. Mobility is one thing Tebow can bring that the other quarterbacks can’t, even if he does have a poor pass every now and then.

It’s Tebow’s ability to give Kelly an added dimension in the red zone that makes his case so strong for a roster spot. Last year Philly struggled when near the goal line, but by inserting Tebow, the Eagles gain an advantage on the defense. Not only can he pound the rock, but his throwing ability is good enough that the opposition has to respect it.

Why sign a No. 3 quarterback that’s going to ride the pine when you can have one who contributes? Each roster spot is valuable, and Kelly clearly wants to maximize them.

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2 Responses to “Tebow impressing Chip Kelly, makes case for roster spot”

  1. Andrea says:

    I think the so called football experts are coming to the realization that Tebow is going to be on the Eagles team and are still trying to demean Tebow as much as possible.

    Looking forward to Tebow being the starting QB of the Eagles.

    Can’t wait.

    • brandi says:


      This is a league that has serious long-term questions. Including if it will even exist in a few years. Questions pointed out by some of the most respected Analysts & Commentators and acknowledged by league execs themselves. Yet, the bulk of NFL Media will make a couple quick comments when/if they can’t pretend to ignore it; then move on.

      We’re in what’s called by NFL Execs and Insiders the Post-Ray Rice Video Era. Let that sink in a minute. NOT Post-Ray Rice. Post the video. Meaning the TMZ video that showed Rice beating his wife unconscious and the follow-up…again by TMZ no less…even though it was shown some of the biggest names in NFL Media already knew it…that the NFL had this video when Rice was given an initial 2-Game Suspension. If you can wrap your head around the whole issue of a predatorial league THEN recognize it’s not the Rice beating his wife, it’s not Aaron Hernandez killing people in multiple states or any of the other things that has the NFL the only league with a Police Blotter listed by NBC Sports. It’s having been caught by TMZ at their usual Game of having character so bad half the people in the Country call it “sleazy”. (Following the survey by Street & Smith)

      The only time NFL Media gave any of this any serious coverage was when it looked like Roger Goodell was in trouble and might get fired. It was a feeding frenzy then. The second everyone realized the Owners weren’t going to fire Goodell the whole thing died down and went away as much as NFL Media could pretend it had.

      THIS is what NFL Media is. I’ve called them PigSheep. They follow each other around to whatever feeding frenzy there is at that moment and move on. Not wasting any time doing anything right. And by that I’m not just talking Reporting. It’s a group that is as sleazy as the league it covers and cowers when that league gets mad. Cancelling popular shows, quieting unpopular topics. The NFL Yells, NFL Media jumps.

      It is by far the worst in Sports. No sense getting upset about how they treat Tim. They treated Ray Rice’s unconscious wife like the real villain who had brought on the beating herself…until public outcry forced them to change their own “outrage”.

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