Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and 10 observations from Eagles OTAs

by Eliot Shorr-Parks

After the threat of rain cancelled practice on Monday, the Eagles hit the field on Tuesday with the practice open to the media for the second time in less than a week.

The first time around was the debut of quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow, as well as running back DeMarco Murray and all of the other top acquisitions the team made this summer.

With the buzz of Bradford being in an Eagles uniform for the first time over, Tuesday was a chance to really take a look at the new team.

Here are 10 observations from Tuesday’s practice.

1. The big news of the day was Bradford taking part in seven-on-seven drills, the first time he has done so since the team began OTAs. Bradford was in there for a few reps, completing his first two passes before having his third nearly picked off. If Bradford wasn’t sporting a heavy knee brace you wouldn’t be able to tell he was recovering from a torn ACL, as he seems to move fine out on the field in the drills he does take part in.

2. This isn’t the analysis from a quarterback’s coach, but it’s hard to look at Tebow throw the ball and see anything wrong with his delivery compared to the other quarterbacks. The ball comes out quickly, in a tight spiral, and for the most part, accurately. It is also very clear that Tebow is the only real threat the Eagles have on the read option, something that will be taken into account when final cuts are made.

3. Second-year outside linebacker Marcus Smith once again didn’t take part in practice, working off on the sideline to recover from Kelly called a muscle injury. Smith has missed both practices open to the media. For a player that is fighting to make the team, that isn’t good news.

4. Joining Smith on the sideline was receiver Josh Huff, a surprising addition to the injured list. Huff was a full-go during the Eagles last practice, so it isn’t clear what or when he was injured. More to come on that.

5. Philadelphia-native Rasheed Bailey, a rookie undrafted wide receiver, was given the burden of wearing No. 18, which was Jeremy Maclin’s number last year. Bailey is a long shot to make the team, and didn’t help himself on Tuesday, dropping a pass.

6. Rookie receiver Nelson Agholor missed last week’s practice that was open to the media due to an NFLPA rookie event in Los Angeles. Agholor was out on the field on Tuesday and he was hard to miss, as he made a beautiful catch down the sideline. Agholor looks to be as good as advertised, as he is quick, has long arms and doesn’t look out of place for a rookie.

7. Whether he can play or not remains to be seen, but rookie tight end Eric Tomlinson looks the part. Tomlinson looks every bit of 6-foot-6, 263 pounds, as he towers over the other tight ends on the roster. He will have to hope Kelly is serious about his mantra that big people beat up little people.

8. There was plenty of Jay-Z blasting during the rain-filled practice. Tebow seemed to be a fan, as he bopped along to “Hard Knocks Life” while switching drills.

9. Inside linebacker Kiko Alonso is still recovering from a torn ACL, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, as he might already be the best athlete among the Eagles inside linebackers. He is so quick getting out to the edge, it is easy to see why he made so many plays during his rookie season in Buffalo. Getting Alonso in a trade cost the Eagles, but if he can be a playmaker for them on defense, he will be worth more to them than LeSean McCoy would have been.

10. Second-year receiver Jordan Matthews is one of the more accomplished players in the receivers room already, which speaks to the youth at the position. It doesn’t seem the success as gone to his head, however. During one drill, when the rest of the receivers stopped running after 20 yards, Matthews sprinted the extra 30 yards to the end zone.

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3 Responses to “Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and 10 observations from Eagles OTAs”

  1. bubbaelvis says:

    This reporter seems to be the most objective of the ones I have read. He also has an article about Tebow’s chances of making the team. It is funny because his Tuesday OTA tweets were overall negative on Tim. When he reports a missed pass or bad decision on Tim’s part he doesn’t add any snarky remarks or make it sound like he is awful. What appears to be the truth is 1. Tebow looks like the rest of the QB’s as far as mechanics, spinning the ball, accuracy, etc. 2. He is close to Bradford in arm strength. 3.He is by far the best QB in read option/QB runs. 4. He is still learning the offense. 5. He is working with 3rd team that is still learning the offense. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what anyone writes. It only matters what Chip Kelly and the other Coaches think.
    By the way, I would say his teammates think a lot of him. How many 4th string QB’s could get the receivers to stay after practice for more work?

    • tawk2 says:

      Amen to that!

    • brandi says:

      It’d be interesting what Buzzy’s heard but a couple Beat Reporters in Philly are saying Tim is very popular with the Eagles Players. The most popular of the “new guys”, including Bradford and Murray. Now how much of that last part has to do with losing Foles and McCoy…Players have a tendency to hold the new guys responsible for losing the old teammates they replaced.

      But still. From the time the Eagles signed Tim Fans and most Philly Media has been pretty good about, at a minimum, hoping good things come of it and some really positive. The first commentaries were talking about when not if Tim would be Eagles Starting QB. But that happened big time in New York and it didn’t take long for those same Media to turn on him for no other reason other than he wasn’t the new Jets Starting Quarterback. Cause he sure didn’t do anything wrong there.

      I don’t think the Philly Media will be as bad in doing an about face as NY. But there’s already some signs it could happen. Knock-Knock wood. 🙂

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