How Stupid Are People About Tim Tebow?

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For some time I’ve said my biggest concern about Tim Tebow is all of the Quarterback Training he’s gone through. This is particularly true of the work he’s done with Tom House.

Tim Tebow is a natural athlete and a natural Quarterback. But he has a problem in the NFL. That problem is…the NFL is filled with idiots and covered and followed by even more idiots. I’ve dealt with just about every aspect there is of how cultish NFL and much of Football is. It’s why I finally decided not to have “Football People” put ‘The League’ together.

They’re unteachable.

They’ve also been unteachable when it comes to Tim Tebow. MAYBE.

I say maybe because the Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Staff might, and I repeat, might have decided to make a new formula as it pertains to one Timothy Richard Tebow. That formula appears to largely be…let’s find his strengths and work to them. Simple enough. But most NFL Teams don’t do that and aren’t interested in doing so. They have their formulas and want the Players to be piece parts in them.

Where this is of particular concern with Tebow is…he has dyslexia. Dyslexia has been called by many a “learning disorder”. When Tebow’s dyslexia has been mentioned as it relates to Tim Tebow, Football Player and Quarterback, it always is treated as such. But it might not be a learning disorder at all. In fact, it might be one key reason why we had what was called “TebowTime”.

I’m not even going to pretend to be any sort of knowledgeable person when it comes to dyslexia. But from what I’ve read on the subject, dyslexic people learn via there own visual process and it breaks down in two ways.

One, converting “normal” learning and two, what is natural for them.

Think of it like playing 3 dimensional chess. A person who learns to play chess on a flat board tends to begin there and add steps when playing on a three-step board. Whereas a person who learns to play on the three dimensional board in the first place tens to either already be steps ahead of the game when playing on a flat board…or, steps back as they re-process. It all depends on the individual.

And so it goes, by the way, with learning for everyone about everything. But we like Learning Manufacturing Lines because it’s easier on the people who are told process numbers of students through the system. NOT because it’s the least bit good for any of the students. Because for many, it’s the worst thing we could do. We obliterate creativity and then throw them out on the streets where we say now imagine what you’re going to do with your life and go do it. Right after 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 or how many more years of killing the creativity that was in them from the beginning.

Y’all have already heard me rail about how the NFL Drafts Players because of their enormous athletic ability and then force-fits them into a structure that prevents them from using most of that ability. You’re the cog forge. You do this piece and do it over and over. I don’t care if you also are great at widgets. The Troy Polamalus are more rare for the opportunity to use every bit of their athleticism than they are for having it.

Dyslexics are said to be creative thinkers. Creative thinkers who think visually and think at real-time. Not at process time. Where this shows most in Tim Tebow is when he’s told to stand in the pocket. Ignore anyone who says his issues there are his arm. It’s his head. It’s how HE processes information. He throws better on the run specifically because he’s not “thinking”. It also is probably why he’s even better still when the Game is on the line and there is no other thought expect…”WIN”.

Tim Tebow will never be able to do anything about the way his brain processes information and neither will anyone else. But what has been tried on him is…don’t process it how you do naturally…Stop things, then convert them, then react. Besides the fact this adds steps to the process, it ignores the fact his brain is STILL going to process things the way it does. Forcing him to fit into traditional training methods also forces him to fight off fighting the results of that very likely ill-conceived training.

I hope Tim hasn’t been screwed up by the training because if he has, we MIGHT see a “better” Tim Tebow Quarterback at the pedestrian level. But does it cost us what we’ve already seen he can do when he’s not thinking and just playing? Hopefully not.

I will tell you what it almost certainly has cost Tim and every Fan of Football.

The opportunity to have seen how far an athlete with unique abilities could have taken that gift if he’d simply been left alone to play the Game the way it comes naturally to him.

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12 Responses to “How Stupid Are People About Tim Tebow?”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Again – seems to be some very significant INFORMATION to consider!

    Thanks Brandi for this input..

  2. David Oliver says:

    Another overview Opinion of Tim Tebow’s Current Eagle Status:

    Tim Tebow Makes It to Philadelphia Eagles (53 Man) Roster,
    Coach Chip Kelly Thinks He Has Improved ..

  3. gramma jeanie says:

    Thank you Buzzybuzzard and Brandi. Sometimes I feel all alone out here.(pardon any goofs, I’m on a kindle)

    • ck says:

      Gramma Jeanie: You found the right place then.:)

    • brandi says:

      Hi Jeanie,

      Tim Tebow is the only Athlete to be named a “Great Floridian”. He is the only NFL Player ever to be named Most Popular Athlete in the World. (Considering the NFL’s inability to build an International Market, there’s a very strong likelihood that he will never lose that distinction.)

      While the NFL was finding reasons not to find a place for Tim’s already overwhelming poll numbers with the Fans as a Person, a Football Player and an NFL Quarterback continued to climb. The more the “experts” said no to Tim Tebow, the more the average Fans said Yes.

      It might seem like “everybody” is against Tim. Absolutely NOTHING could be further from the truth. His stature among good ‘ole average everyday people is unprecedented. It is only with a very tiny and often angry few that Tim ever is held in dim light.

      So don’t feel alone. The people who don’t feel the way you do about Tim are few and generally not people you’d want to know anyway.

  4. ck says:

    Glad that Tebow is finally going to the SB w/a coach who B-e-l-i-e-v-e-s!!!!!!

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