Eagles OTAs: LIVE updates on Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow

Link to Live Update


Buzzy Says: Been here all day have not seen anything.

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  1. David Oliver says:


    Did just see this interesting comment..(Tweet?) (Bleeding Green Nation)

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ✔ @EliotShorrParks

    “It’s so clear how much more of a threat Tebow is to keep it on read-option than the other QBs #Eagles”.


    • David Oliver says:

      Also: same site…

      Jeff McLane ✔ @Jeff_McLane

      “No Sam Bradford during team drills, as expected. Mark Sanchez with ones, Matt Barkley twos and Tim Tebow threes”. #Eagles

      • David Oliver says:

        Also same site:

        Matt Lombardo @MattLombardo975

        “Best estimate is 45 media members here today on first chance to see Sam Bradford throw. 105 here for Tebow/Chip last week.”

  2. Sage says:

    Info always appreciated.

  3. tawk2 says:

    Hi all sorry I have not been around, been in a deep depression, I have clinical depression but it has been worse lately. I got good news from my surgeon, my bones are all healed, but tendons, muscles, nerves, ligaments are not there yet, I have months of pt coming to literally learn how to walk right again, I am weight bearing a little now, I am thankful, just tired of not being able to do what I want by myself.

    About Tebow I read most all the tweets at that story the majority in my opinion most were negative about Tim, some seemed to dwell on his overthrows or under throws and how badly his throwing motion is. Although I did see one reporter speak up and say he seen nothing wrong with his throwing motion. I also seen the few about Tim being the best read option qb on the team. If they are trading away Barkley why all the first team reps? Barkley threw some bad balls as well but reporters did not dwell on them, only when he did well.

    Also, this is what, Tim’s 2 or 3 time with the team, any other qb they always give leeway too, but not Tim. I just hope Chip brought Tim there to truly have a chance, I don’t know how many superbowls lately have either had a team win using the read option or be in it!

    Thanks for posting buzzy, and thanks to all for the extra links or news!

    GO TEBOW WE BELIEVE! I would buy a jersey but most of our money has been going towards hospital/doctor bills, maybe Santa will bring me one, lol!

    God bless you all!

    • David Oliver says:


      Praying for your complete recovery to “Whole Health”
      With you also with: Go Tim Tebow !! God has HIS path for him too!

      Dave O.

    • Sage says:

      A nice summer is here. Hope it does your spirit good, Tawk.

    • ck says:

      Tawk2: Hope, you continue to get good reports from the doctor and everything works out health-wise. We miss you around here! You are in my thoughts and prayers…God bless you/yours also! Sometimes, just sitting outside and looking at flowers can brighten one’s day.
      And, yes, on the same page when it comes to TEBOW!!! GBPT!

  4. bubbaelvis says:

    From following the tweets today it sounds like Tim had an awful day. However, in one guys’ 10 observations from today he said “The ball comes out quickly in a tight spiral and for the most part accurately. It is also very clear that Tebow is the only real threat the Eagles have on the read option.” This was Eliot Shorr-Parks. If you followed his twitter account today, you would think Tim did not look good, but his recap was favorable towards Tim. Go figure. I have a hard time following the accounts because they really magnify anything Tim does wrong. I still feel good about his situation in Philadelphia. We know he is busting it to make it. We shall see.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      All the Tebow detractors have an obvious case of confirmation bias. Unlike the rest, the ESP dude has been intellectually honest, and reports the good along with the bad. Here’s a link for ESPs ten observations from today.

      • David says:

        Trent Dilfer went out and watch Tim throw 100 passes in LA and said he was accurate. These reporters can’t find one accurate pass to talk about. It’s a smear job. When Tebow was in NE, I was looking for news on a intra squad scrimmage they held. I had to pool information from 3 different news articles to figure out that Tebow’s blue team won 17-14 against Brady and Mallett’s white team. No reporter would just give us the info. They were skirting around it.

    • LuitLipton says:

      Matt Lombardo is definitely not a fan of Tebow

  5. David says:

    2. This isn’t the analysis from a quarterback’s coach, but it’s hard to look at Tebow throw the ball and see anything wrong with his delivery compared to the other quarterbacks. The ball comes out quickly, in a tight spiral, and for the most part, accurately. It is also very clear that Tebow is the only real threat the Eagles have on the read option, something that will be taken into account when final cuts are made.


  6. Pamelot says:

    Get well, soon, Tawk2. Hang in there! 🙂

  7. tawk2 says:

    Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers, they mean the world to me!

    As for Tim the haters are going to hate and only spew negativity, if Tim won several superbowls these same haters would still demean him. I noticed all the qb’s did not throw well at times, but the haters did not focus on them, only Tim.

    If Chip can’t see the awesome talent and leadership and the It factor in Tim then he is blind and crazy!

    If given a true shot with offense built around Tim he will do amazing things, I am hoping Chip realizes the gem he has!


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