Eagles minicamp: LIVE updates on Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow

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32 Responses to “Eagles minicamp: LIVE updates on Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow”

  1. Sage says:

    Lombardo doesn’t like Tebow, I’m pretty sure of that.

    • brandi says:

      Now how did you come to that conclusion? Just because a pass Tim threw just beyond the hands of a CB was called “Great” by every other Sports Media person there and Lombardo described it as almost intercepted?

      • David says:

        Notice Lombardo’s sweet way of saying that Barkley is playing worse.
        “Tim Tebow floats two of his last three passes. Matt Barkley’s giving him a slight opening today. He isn’t taking advantage.”
        Maybe Tebow is giving Barkley a slight opening.

    • ck says:

      Sage: You are right, again, and hope he finally gets to EAT his words real soon!

  2. Sage says:

    Ouch. It’s a pitty, because in the last 5 minutes of a close game, this kid is the very best.


    • Sage says:

      The same pressure that breaks a normal guy is what Tebow needs to be his best.

      • brandi says:

        The Eagles know he’s not a good practice Player. Sanchez is a good Practice Player but Chip has no faith in him because he’s seen what happens when the pressure is on. Barkley is a decent practice Player who knows the Eagles offense. But when he has Played he hasn’t done anything. Bradford is a sharp practice Player. But he’s never been able to help a Team Win and has an awful history against tough defenses with lots of pressure.

        What Tim needs to do is treat the Pre-Season games like actual Games and not practices or auditions. He needs to treat every series in those games like he’s driving for a Game Winning Touchdown. He’ll be fine.

        • Sage says:

          Lets hope he gets to play in preseason games.

          • brandi says:

            Hard to see a situation where he won’t. NFL has to know this can’t just blow up. Rex hated the pressure, from the league, from the Jets Organization, from the Fans. He threw a classic Rex Ryan hissy fit.

            Chip Kelly isn’t Rex Ryan. PLUS, he has wanted Tim for years. Y’all may hear some people say “if he wanted Tebow why did he not sign him in (pick your year)?” Those people are talking out of their hats. This is the first year Kelly has had control of personnel decisions. But the flipside is he’s now on-the-clock to produce.

            Every indication has been Chip Kelly and the Eagles Coaching Staff are all looking for ways to get the best out of Tim. And by most accounts they’re very happy with what they’ve seen. Reporters might say oh but he didn’t look good today. The Coaches are smarter than that. They already see Tim can do some things no other QB they have can do. If they can insert him in their standard offense great. But if they have to adjust somewhat to get the most I think they will.

            Eagles have the best Running Back corps in the NFL. Tim makes that group all the better. That’s not something Eagles are likely to just throw away easily.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Yeah, I like good news too and wish Tebow was flawless today.

      However, I saw another tweet earlier that Kelly spent a minute or so talking to/coaching Tebow after one play and then Tebow went over to the QB coach for more help. From this small bit of information, I see Kelly as invested in Tebow. I also love that Kelly seems completely immune from groupthink.

      I will be shocked if we dont see some Tebow this preseason.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        immune to

      • Sage says:

        Agreed, Kelly is not into group think. That’s really valuable.

        There’s an understandable bias against wild-looking passes, but the worst passes are the ones that get intercepted. After that, they’re all equal. From what I’ve heard, yards per attempt is the pass stat that strongly correlates with winning and holds up year after year.

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    Totally agree. It is hard to gage based on tweets. These guys are watching different things and may miss some of a QB’s good or bad plays. I get the feeling that Tim is doing better then the tweets would lead you to believe. Based on what he himself says he is confident in his arm. Most reporters agree he is improving. I do agree the pre-season games need to be like play-off games for him. He will blow it up big time under the lights.

    • David Oliver says:

      What Tim Tebow, himself has to say about his throwing motion Status:


      • David Oliver says:


        “I feel so much more confident,” Tebow said. “I feel so much more accurate. I feel quicker. I am able to trust a lot more.”

        “I’ve gotten so many thousands and thousands of reps,” Tebow said, “that it’s now something that is ingrained and is muscle memory.”

        “I’ve gotten so many thousands and thousands of reps,” Tebow said, “that it’s now something that is ingrained and is muscle memory.”

        • David Oliver says:

          Sorry for the stutter…


          In the practices that have been open to the media, the difference between Tebow’s motion then and now is clear. The quarterback now longer has the pronounced loop, and the ball does seem to be getting out quicker.

          “You always want to focus on your fundamentals,” Tebow said on if he thinks about his new throwing motion, “but when you get into seven-on-seven drills, or team drills, you want to just be a football player.”

  4. brandi says:

    The Baltimore Orioles are beating the Phillies badly. (17-3 right now) Phillies Fans started chanting for them to bring in Tim Tebow.

  5. Lynn B. says:

    “My good friend Shamus Clancy, who writes for the Daily News and Liberty Ballers, told me he heard one of the Eagles coaches yell “”C’mon, Coop! It’s Tebow time!!!” at one point during practice.”


    • brandi says:

      Several Eagles Beat Reporters tweeted that at the time. Eagles Coaches seem to have taken a liking to Tim. As have some of the Players.

  6. brandi says:

    It’s subtle. But there has been a gradual shift from Bradford-Sanchez-Tebow-Barkley to Bradford-Tebow-Sanchez. Like in this CBS Philly article on the Eagles 2015 Schedule Game-by-Game Breakdown.


    Check out Week 1 against the Falcons. This Game is critical for the Eagles as it sets the tone on National Television the week before Playing the Cowboys. Dan Quinn, Falcons new Head Coach came from Seattle where he was the Seahawks Defensive Coordinator. Every word out of Atlanta is it’s a whole new Falcons Defense this year and the Players are being let loose to be hard hitting and free to take big risks for the chance for big rewards…and the Players love it and are eager.

    This isn’t a Game to push Bradford’s knee to be ready for with a Falcons Defense that is already planning on headhunting Quarterbacks. Giving him an extra week to heal and focus entirely on being ready for Dallas is making more sense. But what the Eagles will face in Atlanta is precisely the intense pressure environment Mark Sanchez falls apart in.

    Tim Tebow as possible Eagles Week-One Starter makes more sense the more the Eagles Coaching Staff works with him and tries to see what extra things he can bring. With the NFL’s #1 RB corps, and Tebow at QB, they could jam the Ball down Atlanta’s throats and just pound away the whole night. It would be a strong way to start the Season.

    • Sage says:

      Always enjoy some optimism. Thanks.

      Shorr-Parks says in his “10 observations” column that the Eagles are calling plays where Tebow is permitted to run. That’s refreshing. Amazing how many zombies count that as a negative.

      Anyone think Chip will let Barkley go, even if he’s playing well? I’d quite like Barkley to have an opportunity with Rex Ryan and the Bills. Rex owes us one, or 50.

      • brandi says:

        One of the best comments I’ve heard was about Sam Bradford, talking about how quickly chip made a deal to get him and then turned around and tried to use him as trade bait. Bradford had a bit of a fit about that a month or so ago if anyone remembers.

        This is to say with Chip Kelly, there’s no guessing what he’ll do with any Player. He could be looking at Tim, he and his Coaches talking up how much better he was when he came into Camp than he was before and how he keeps getting better every week…while quietly looking to trade him.

        Barkley already was on the trade blocks. If he Plays well, that probably makes him easier to trade.

        What we can be pretty sure about is this. Kelly knows what he has in Mark Sanchez and will keep and play him under certain circumstances and when/if he has to. But he’s NOT Chip’s Guy. Kelly already has shown he doesn’t feel comfortable with Sanchez when the rubber meets the road. Matt Barkley is another Chip Kelly knows and doesn’t feel he can count on. Barkley is the guy Chip uses when everyone else on the Team is hurt.

        He doesn’t know much about Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow. But he’s liked Tim for a few years and he likes Bradford’s quick delivery. He can’t count on Sam Bradford because nobody can say he’ll stay healthy. What hasn’t come up much but you know Kelly knows it…Bradford has never shown he can QB a Winning Team in the NFL and he hasn’t done well against nasty Defenses. Every QB obviously shows less well against that kind of Defense. But a Team thinking Championship knows they have to have a QB who can stand up in those situations because you don’t Win them without facing a few really nasty Defenses.

        Tim has done so in College and a good case can be made he’s done it at least once in the NFL against the Steelers. (Others will say the Steelers were weakened and had a dumb Game Plan.)

        Objectively Tim has to be considered seriously as being the most viable QB Kelly has that he can count on when the going gets rough. But most would say I’m not objective with Tim. 🙂

        Barkely? It’s hard to see him being around unless Bradford is down for the Season or Sanchez is traded. (Which is possible.)–sorry to go so long. 🙁

        • David says:

          Bradford has never had a winning record even in a partial season.
          He has never scored more than 22 times in a season.
          In his last outing he had 14 TDs and 4 ints but 9 of his TDs were from playing Houston, Atlanta and Jacksonville. Those teams went 2-14, 4-12, 4-12 respectively.
          Sanchez has had 18-22 interceptions in 4 of his 5 seasons including last year when he had 11 ints and 3 fumbles in 8 or 9 games.
          Tebow played 13 plays and 3 games in 2010, about 20% of the season, and led the league for TDs per completion and was 5th for TDS per completion as a rookie.
          Orton scored 20 times in 13 games and Tebow scored 11 times in 3+ games.
          These quarterbacks threw the most TDs per completion in 2010.
          Tebow scored every 8.2 completions
          Brady scored every 9.0 completions
          Young scored every 9.3 completions
          Stafford scored every 9.6 completions
          Tebow was the fastest scoring QB in the league throwing a TD every 8.2 completions and running for a TD every 7.1 carries. 5 passing & 6 rushing.
          Tebow scored 2 passing TDs and 1 rushing against the number 1 Steelers defense in 2011.
          He also scored 2 passing TDs and 1 rushing against the number 1 SD Chargers defense in 2010 as a rookie.
          It wasn’t a fluke, he’s put up 299 AND 366 yards of total offense against the best defenses in 2010-2011.

          • David says:

            Correction. Tebow led the league for TDs per completion and was 5th for TDS per pass attempt as a rookie.

          • David says:

            In 2010, Tebow threw a TD every 8.2 completions.
            Bradford and Sanchez also played in 2010. Bradford threw a TD every 19.6 completions and Sanchez every 16.3 completions. Tebow scored twice as often per catch.
            Peyton Manning scored every 13.6 completions in 2010.

          • Sage says:

            Tebow is incredibly efficient. In engineering and finance, people are smart enough to identify and focus on what matters. Football? Not as much.

  7. David says:

    Chip Kelly’s evaluation of Tim Tebow’s progress today 6-17.
    Q. How do you assess QB Tim Tebow’s progress and where he is now?

    CHIP KELLY: It’s a good point. I think he has progressed. I think the one thing that’s difficult, especially on a first year quarterback, you kind of saw it a little bit with (QB) Mark (Sanchez) last year, is we throw our guys in the deep end and they get everything and then they’ve got to go. They may drop back ready to throw but they have a rookie receiver that ran the wrong route. They’re expecting a guy to be here, and when he’s at the top of his drop, the guy is actually on the other side of the field because he didn’t know what he was doing. You’ve got to deal with a little bit more variables when you’re working not with a bunch of guys that have actually been there, so it takes a little bit of time to get them on the same page.

    But I have seen an improvement from Tim since the day we got him in terms of his knowledge of what we’re doing, understanding where everybody is. There’s a whole process, and for him what we have done is different than what he’s done anywhere else, so in terms of learning our terminology and how we do things, I think each week you’ve seen an incremental bump in him, so excited to see where that takes him, and it’ll be a good competition as we get into August.

    I think mechanically he’s improved, but I think he did a lot on his own. Usually when we’re out here, the first phase of phase two, we do a little bit of mechanic work, but then once we really get into it, we’re talking about coverages, spacing, where the ball is supposed to go and all those other things. We’re not spending a whole lot of time, and especially with the quarterback, talking about where your arm slot is and any of those things.

    • Sage says:

      Like that reference to competition in August. Thanks!

    • brandi says:

      Let’s see how many Reporters catch that line about Rookie Receivers being in the wrong place the next time they see Tim throw a Ball that looks like he missed it badly.

      My guess is none…since they hear Coaches saying this kind of stuff every year and always ignore it. (Not just with Tim by the way.)

      I know I’ve said this a few times. And I don’t say it lightly. NFL Media is by far the worst of all Sports. They’re lazy, show almost no knowledge of the Game and even less interest in learning. The good Beat Reporters know the Team/Organization the cover every year. So getting that feel for what they think Coaches/GMs might be thinking is sometimes good. And locals are usually much better than the National NFL Reporters. But mostly…frustrating. Especially since they get all the resources and more time to do it right than most of the others. They just don’t.

    • ck says:

      David: Looks like a lot of positives and thanks for sharing.

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