Eagles insider: Tebow ‘has a ways to go’ after Tuesday OTA

Originally written on Gamedayr  |  Last updated 6/3/15
By Glenn McGraw

According to Eagles insider Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly, Tuesday was not very kind to Tim Tebow. Mosher got a closer look at Tebow in action and walked away less than impressed. Following practice he tweeted that Tebow was “not very accurate” and he was “being kind” in his assessment.

The good news for Tebow? His arm isn’t what’s going to secure his spot on the roster. Sure, it’s an important piece of the puzzle, but it’s not why Chip Kelly brought him in. He doesn’t have to be deadly accurate, just a competent thrower, which he has proven he can be when called upon.

I’m not inside Kelly’s head and can’t tell you exactly what he’s thinking, but I have to imagine that he sees this as an opportunity to maximize a roster spot. While Matt Barkley is head and shoulders above Tebow when it comes to passing, barring an injury, he’s going to ride the pine all season. With Tebow, Kelly is getting a player that can contribute in certain situations, particularly on the goal line where the Eagles underperformed last season. Although it’s not as good as other quarterbacks, Tebow’s ability to pass, combined with his running, can give Kelly a schematic advantage in the red zone.

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23 Responses to “Eagles insider: Tebow ‘has a ways to go’ after Tuesday OTA”

  1. tawk2 says:

    So another naysayers, what a surprise. So many different reports from Tues practice some good some bad, but the coaches also said Tim is looking good and improving each day! How come Mariota is not under the microscope? Oh that’s right he’s not Tim and he gets time to learn and improve!

    I hope Tim at some point this year takes over and makes all his haters/naysayers eat crow!

    • David Oliver says:


      Thanks – that was some of the best comparative QB throwing videos
      that I have been able to see – Good Find!!

    • tawk2 says:

      Shaztah what a great article! It’s funny none of the naysayers, haters have posted this video from Tuesday! Just goes to show they will do everything they can to twist the truth to make Tim look bad. It makes me sick!

      Thanks for posting the link!

  2. Shaztah says:

    You can’t find videos because the media wants to hide the videos where he is doing better than Barkley AND Sanchez. They think if they “SAY HE IS DOING HORRIBLE” that will make it true LOL. I like how the coaches make the comments about he is a QB who hasn’t played in 2 years and is learning a new offense and needs time with it. What is Barkley’s excuse? he has been there 3 years. Or Sanchez, he has a full year under his belt. The part that baffles me the most is how can people say how great Bradford is. How do they know? His record does not reflect it. Why is he the undisputed starter? His perfect form, his pretty balls, what is it? I will laugh my butt off if Tim not only makes the team but is named the starter after Bradford gets hurt again.

  3. David says:

    There is a video here with Tim throwing at :57 to 1:10. Only 2 throws but he looks strong with a quick release.

  4. TheMascotArmy says:

    If Tebow gets to 55% completion rate in Kelly’s (much qb friendlier than Fox’s) system, I can’t think of what the detractors would have left for “evidence.” This is it, and they don’t even realize they’re nearly out of ammunition.

  5. Bigfan says:

    Gonna get interesting!

  6. Andrea says:

    Just sitting back waiting to hear that Tim Tebow will be the starting QB. Then watch the stupid talking heads on ESPN heads explode.

    Can’t wait.

    • brandi says:

      Barring a blockbuster trade that sends Sam Bradford somewhere..maybe in a bundle with Mathis…it’s hard to imagine Chip Kelly not doing everything he can to make Bradford Eagles #1 QB. Reports from the Rams on Foles have been really upbeat and Rams Fans already are getting more comfortable with him than they’ve been with Bradford for years.

      So just putting Bradford in a corner isn’t much of an option for Chip. The backlash in Philly would be massive.

      But in that same token, pushing him to be ready Week 1 is an enormous risk. If he has any kind of set-back Kelly is going to get crushed by Philly Fans and Media, especially as it would probably be attributed to pushing too hard and causing a delay.

      The Falcons are going to be an entirely different Team this year on Defense. Their new Head Coach was the Defensive Coordinator for the Seahawks and he’s implementing an extremely aggressive system with special emphasis on pushing Receivers around and hammering the Quarterback. This is NOT the environment any Coach in his right mind is going to start a Season…on Monday Night Football for everyone to see no less…trusting that Mark Sanchez won’t melt down. That type of defense is exactly what makes him crumble and make dumb Plays that cost Games.

      All of this is to say, an Eagles Team led by Tim Tebow on MNF and focusing on grinding Atlanta into the ground is a huge statement Game. Chip Kelly has to see this. IMO, don’t be shocked to see that happen. It wouldn’t mean making Tim Eagles #1 for the Season. But it’s a smart move that gives them the best chance of starting out right and lets Bradford have a little more time to heal. After that who knows what can happen.

      • tawk2 says:

        Yea Bradford is a good qb when he is healthy but, one good hit and I truly believe he will be out for the season again. A defender does not even have to hit him, if he falls wrong on that bad knee well then bearing a miracle his knee will be gone again. So I truly believe if given a true chance Tim will be the starting qb at some point this year. Also I know the Rams have been a very bad team, but so were the broncos and Tim and his it factor and born leadership skills ignited a fire under the whole team. So I really feel Bradford is lacking in those areas, you are born with the it factor and also born to be a leader, Tim is both! Only time will tell.

        Go Tebow!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: You said it and can’t wait to see that too, lol!

  7. ck says:

    Think Buzzy is breaking records at 554 views! 🙂

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