Dave Caldwell Jaguars win loss record 9-39

Tebow – produced Caldwell’s million-dollar quote.

“Even if he’s released.

David Caldwell is shown at a Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, news conference in which Jaguars owner Shad Khan introduced Caldwell as the new general manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Bruce.Lipsky@jacksonville.com

2012 2 wins

2013 4 wins

2014 3 wins

How that working for you Davie

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18 Responses to “Dave Caldwell Jaguars win loss record 9-39”

  1. jon p says:

    When this bozo hit the scene I told a friend e reminded me of JR. coming
    to work for daddy and firing the mail boy to show everyone who is boss.
    Whats even funnier he thinks he landed another BiG Ben. The only thing worse than this clown is the Clown Owner that didn’t want 10000 to 20000
    more butts in the seats and 5 to 7 more wins because his football expert
    said no Tebow. Instead he built a giant megatron to show the highlights of the opponents because the the Jags don’t have any. Whats even more worse is Jack. Sports talk that backed the 2 Bozos and dissed Tebow. Even worse than the Denver Talk Morons

    • Sage says:

      Wow. Worse than Denver’s talk morons? Bad indeed.

      Although I can’t say sports talk on Sirius satellite radio is any good, there are at least enough music stations that I feel no compulsion at all to listen to the local gabbers. It feels good to just say thanks, but no thanks.

  2. Sage says:

    Just so. But of course with a new “franchise” QB, he’ll probably get two more years to make excuses. All in all, it will be another 7-year detour for the Jags.
    Buzzy Says : Their New QB BB has thrown 16 Ints 3 TDs in 13 games!
    How that working for you Davie.

  3. TheMascotArmy says:

    The Jag’s owner, GM, and fans deserve it.

    Two of the best teams in the league took a look at Tebow since the Jets’ sabotage, but the league bottom-dwellers are too good for that. They don’t know it, but their herd mentality is a large part of why they’re bottom-dwellers.

  4. brandi says:

    I like how Blake Bortles stood in, took the beating and kept getting back up and at it again without complaining. His record stinks. But he should get a chance to show if his record is a reflection of what’s to come. I feel the same with Gus Bradley.

    As for Caldwell, I have no idea if he has the slightest clue how to put a Team together or if he’s Rich McKay.

    But he clearly either has no idea how to deal with the Fans or he simply doesn’t care. Either way, I don’t care if he’s the greatest roster builder in the history of Football. He has no business in that job.

    As for Shad Khan, he has had as much to do with the Tebow tension in Jacksonville as anyone. he tried to convince Wayne Weaver to draft Tim. For Weaver’s part he attributed the Jaguars not drafting Tim to his Front Office & Scouting people having misread what round Tim would get drafted in and they wanted him and planned on drafting him.

    Khan has been on again off again about Tim since before he owned the Team. A team he bought, by the way 2 weeks after Weaver swore that not only wasn’t he planning on selling it he wasn’t even talking to anyone about it.

    Which brings me to my next issue. Shad Khan came into Jacksonville under a cloud of lies. He got a pass from Jax and it was all laid on Weaver because people in DUVAL! were already soiling their shorts that the Team was going to be moved and kissed Shad’s mustache to try to convince him not to. Just as it has continued to do. Shad has not had to ManUp on either of the two biggest issues that have encircled Jaguars Football. Tim tebow and Relocation.

    He hasn’t been made to say not signing Tim ultimately falls on him opting instead to hide behind his “experts who work for him”…ie Caldwell. And he hasn’t had to say in no way is he moving the Team.

    He’s been given a pass and allowed to give double-speak to everything because people in jax loathe admitting that deep down they think sooner or later the Team is moving.

    • jon p says:

      I like the way Tebow stood in took a beating and kept getting back up and not complaining and won big games…hs record is great

    • jon p says:

      Wow this Khan is one big double dealer. Seems like winning games is the last thing on his agenda. Maybe we will see the Jags in London or Calcutta

      • ck says:

        Jon P.: Can’t imagine a more deserving place for the JAGS than CALCUTTA!
        Now that is funny and who knows, it just might happen much to the chagrin of some of the JAX fans. When Tebow makes the roster and then plays the Jags on August 14th guess Caldwell’s look will be PRICELESS!!! 😀
        GO TEBOW!!!
        (Might have to get tickets to this one…what about u Buzzy?)
        Buzzy Says : Ther has been a change in the Sked the first game in in Alanta.

        • jp says:

          Ratings will go through the roof…
          Where is the game.. How about the jets or the broncos

        • ck says:

          Wonder why? In one day, the schedule changes? Guess the Jags will have to wait and The Eagles could have easily beaten them so, maybe that is the reason!:(

  5. ck says:

    Too bad the Jags didn’t get “THE MEMO” b/c they would be in a much better position…WIN W/TEBOW OR LOSE W/BORTLES & CO.!!!

  6. ck says:

    He fits the pic.

  7. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Caldwell did hurt T2 most other GMs pick up on if Jax didnot want T2 why should they I still say it was Tampering and the NFL should Have Busted the Jags.

  8. JJ Jones says:

    Caldwell was hired in 2013.

    Buzzy Says : Thats Correct I just like to stick it to Davie .
    Welcome to the TebowZone

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