Tim Tebow: Potential For Lots Of Upside In NFL This Year!

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  1. Yes, I still believe in Tebow. And, with the emergence of 2 pt conversions, I definitely feel Tebow will have a bigger role and more value to the NFL Game. Pushing the extra point line now back to the 15 yard line this year guarantees some additional attention to running a two point conversion play more often.

    Following a touchdown, teams will now have the choice of kicking an extra point from the 15-yard line or going for two points from the two yard-line.

    Broncos new head coach Gary Kubiak say there may be a role on the team for a two point specialist. Really? Do I hear someone calling Tebow’s number already.

    I to think there is more upside to Tebow verses Matt Barkley. And, for now Tebow is considered the third stringer at this point in the off season.

                  Sounds like a new fantasy football category to me!
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