Tim Tebow gets mixed reviews after reporters watched him for the first time during an OTA practice

By Vito Stellino (Vito Stellino’s Blog) May 29, 2015 – 6:59am

  • Philadelphia Eagles' Tim Tebow smiles as he jogs onto the field for organized team activities at the NFL football team's practice facility, Thursday, May 28, 2015, in Philadelphia.  AP Photo/Matt Slocum
AP Photo/Matt Slocum
Philadelphia Eagles’ Tim Tebow smiles as he jogs onto the field for organized team activities at the NFL football team’s practice facility, Thursday, May 28, 2015, in Philadelphia.

Call it the Tim Tebow effect.

When Philadelphia reporters were allowed to watch an organized team activity (OTA) for the first time during the off season Thursday, they wrote about the fourth string quarterback.

That’s because the fourth stringer is Tebow and he’s always in the spotlight.

And the reviews were decidedly mixed.

Naturally, Tebow and coach Chip Kelly were pleased.

 “I think I’ve gotten better,’’ Tebow said.

In a reference to the fact he’s kept working on his technique even though he hasn’t played in the NFL in two years, Tebow said, “Hopefully, if you dedicate that much time, you will improve.’’

 “I think he looks better,’’ Kelly said. “You guys will see.’’

Reporters, though, had different opinions.

A reporter for nj.com said he “looked as good as you can look in an OTA.’’

He added, “His arm strength and motion looked just fine for May 28.’’

As far as making the team, he said, “All he has to do is beat out Matt Barkley, a fourth-round draft pick in 2013 who has not shown a lot in his two years with the team.’’’

Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez are the first two quarterbacks although Bradford is still recovering from a torn ACL.

A reporter for philly.com was much more negative about Tebow’s showing.

 “There have been reports that Tebow’s throwing motion and release had improved after his work with Tom House, but there doesn’t appear to be much difference than how he looked two years ago,’’ the reporter wrote.

 “I haven’t watched Tebow up close for his entire career, but it still takes a long time for him to [filtered word], load and throw,’’ he wrote. “There’s an unusual dip in his windup. Tebow has never been a good practice quarterback and he’s obviously still learning a completely new offense, so there shouldn’t be much stock taken in how he throws on one non-contact drill in May. But the guess here is that it will be difficult for Tebow to beat out Barkley for the third spot, even if you include his intangibles. He struggled to throw the ball downfield. He was working with a bunch of young receivers, but he often held the ball too long or would check down with a short pass. At one point late in the practice, he had a throw tipped at the line that fell into the arms of 6-foot-9 rookie defensive end Brian Mihalik.’’

Still,  Tebow probably has a shot because Kelly seems to be in his corner

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3 Responses to “Tim Tebow gets mixed reviews after reporters watched him for the first time during an OTA practice”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Tim Tebow Embraces The Competition: By Chris McPherson->


    “(Two years after competing for a roster spot at the NovaCare Complex, quarterback Tim Tebow has returned albeit in a different uniform.

    In August 2013, Tebow was a member of the New England Patriots, who participated in a series of joint practices with the Eagles prior to their preseason affair. Tebow did not win a spot on the Patriots’ 53-man roster and was out of the NFL until the Eagles signed him earlier this offseason.

    On Thursday, the former Heisman Trophy winner and first-round draft pick was leading an Eagles offense comprised mostly of rookie free agents on the same NovaCare Complex fields, but the objective remains the same as it was two years ago – earn a spot on the 53-man roster. Roster cutdown day and even the beginning of Training Camp are still off in the distance, but Tebow is enjoying the process of assimilating to a new team and a new offense.

    “I think you just go out and you compete and you try to earn whatever you can. It’s just about competing, trying to get better every day and that’s the goal,” Tebow said. “I’ve done some similar stuff in the past. I really enjoy it. It’s an offense that really keeps defenses on their heels in a lot of different ways – with tempo, with formations, playing fast. There’s a lot of different ways that you can take advantage of certain things in this offense.”

    Tebow was one of the most prolific quarterbacks in college football history as he was part of two BCS National Championship teams at Florida. His unique style as a dual-threat quarterback (he gained nearly 3,000 yards and scored 57 times on the ground) made him an unlikely fit for most offenses, but the Denver Broncos took a chance and selected him with the 25th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He guided the Broncos to a division title and playoff win in 2011, but became expendable when Denver signed Peyton Manning in the 2012 offseason.

    [Organized Team Activities: May 28]

    Tebow was traded to the Jets where he spent a season with Mark Sanchez before reuniting with Josh McDaniels, the head coach who drafted him in Denver, in New England in 2013. Since his last opportunity, Tebow has dabbled in television, but kept his football dream alive by working with pitching coach Tom House on his mechanics.

    “It was very helpful. When you get an opportunity to really just dig deep and train to get better, it’s always helpful,” Tebow said. “You figure out what you want to work on and work on it every single day and really have a process, not just one day or one week, but a process of going through it.”

    Tebow has also changed his body. He was bulkier with the Jets to help protect him as a rusher. Head coach Chip Kelly sees Tebow as a quarterback and nothing else. Tebow said that he’s “right under 250 pounds” which is where he wants to be at.

    There is nothing guaranteed, but Tebow will have every opportunity to win a spot on the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles. It doesn’t appear that Tebow was signed to be a two-point specialist. Kelly downplayed the notion of going for it more on Thursday. One thing that Tebow is certain of when it comes to Kelly is that the coach gets the most out of his players – especially the quarterbacks.

    “I really like him. He’s an innovator. Wherever he’s been, he’s changed how the game has been played in a lot of different ways,” Tebow said. “It’s fun to play for someone like that.”

    After two seasons away from the gridiron, Tebow relishes the opportunity to simply compete again on the field.”

    “Sometimes when things get taken away, you don’t realize how much fun it is to come out here and play this game,” Tebow said. “You can’t play it forever, so I’m going to enjoy it.)”

    • ck says:

      David O.: You have to commend him for having a great attitude no matter what and I hope we get to see him w/#1 string and getting reps too!!!:)

  2. FRANK COVIE says:

    TIM…..I’ve supported you from the start, issuing “what ifs” for the Jaguars to sign you as a true benefit for the Team AND the Fans. A natural fit. You may have seen some of them as I also sent them to your Foundation.

    The Eagles under Chip Kelly (from New Hampshire….me too…. but now living full time on Amelia Island Plantation) are a natural for you . an aggressive offense that you WILL fit into IF……IF……IF you look at the “read option”…decide and then IMMEDIATELY RUN or after a quick 3 steps back (assume your guys WILL protect you in the “pocket” FIRE a QUICK release to your PRIMARY receiver,…..let the opposition figure who that is. NEVER HESITATE. Everybody hates a QB that holds the ball too long. Study and imitate Tom Brady to see how …secondary receiver….well then throw to HIM first . Just DON”T hold the ball and “scramble” or THAT will be your downfall. Still in your corner and rooting for you. FRANK COVIE 904 277-4144 Amelia Island FLORIDA. I still like you for the Jags, if they can get rid of that Idiot Coach they now have.
    Buzzy Says : Welcome to the Tebowzone Frank.

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