Tim Tebow Creating New Role?

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12 Responses to “Tim Tebow Creating New Role?”

  1. David Oliver says:


    Jackson Furst • 4 hours ago (120 Sports – Tim Tebow Creating New Rule?)

    Truth be told, not only does Matt Barkley not have the intangibles that Tim Tebow has in his arsenal, neither does Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford. That being said, IF Chip Kelly is going into the Philly training camp with an open mind and determined to see a fair and thorough competition between Bradford, Sanchez, and Tebow, then don’t be surprised if Tim Tebow doesn’t end up above the #3 slot. Anything can, and probably will, happen with Chip Kelly at the helm. This is a guy who sees talent that others are seemingly blinded to. Rex Ryan absolutely refused to let Tebow compete in a fair way with Sanchez, and the Jets.

    Harry Apol replies to Jackson Furst

  2. ck says:

    The “BIG PIC” is what Kelly sees and that can be a good thing for T2!
    Great post all.

  3. Bigfan says:

    NO ST junk! Timmy needs to get into rhythm with the game as the field general he is.

    All this extra point, ST stuff is the same minutia that was spewed by Rex Ryan and company and we saw how that worked.

    The “Tim Man” or the “Straw Man” will not make it through this season. Possibly one through camp or preseason and done.

  4. Bigfan says:

    Sorry for the sp typo should have been “Tin Man”

  5. Lynn B. says:


    At least “everyone” seems to be in agreement that Tim will make the roster even if we may disagree on where on the roster he sits.

    I just had this thought. Cleveland wants Sam Bradford but he does not want to go to Cleveland. If Sam stays healthy but Tim beats him out as starting QB he my get shipped to Cleveland whether he likes it or not and if he loses the starting job of his own doing it seems like he would have way less leverage in controlling his destiny. The thing is, Sam Bradford is a nice guy too, and although I would like to see him exit Philly I really do not want to see bad come to him in any sense of the word and Cleveland would be a bad deal.

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